Pilot Cap Project


Quota Grand Rapids works with the Grand Rapids Oral Deaf Program (GROD) within the Grand Rapids Public Schools.

One aspect of their program is working with new born (diagnosed at birth) to 2 years of age, deaf or hard of hearing children.  Several teachers are responsible for spending time with the children and their parents and families.  As the children receive their hearing devices (hearing aids or cochlear implant) they have to get used to wearing them.  As any young child would do, they try to remove them!

The staff that works with these children found a resource of ‘pilot caps’ for the children.  The caps are fashioned like an old pilot cap, a skull cap that ties around the chin.  They are made of a light weight, cotton material that is not heavy on the child’s head and is washable.  The caps help keep the hearing devices in place.

Quota Grand Rapids purchased 10 of the pilot caps and donated them to the Grand Rapids Oral Deaf Program.  The GROD staff is able to ‘loan’ the caps to the families till their child gets used to wearing their hearing devices. Then they return them to school staff.  We estimate that 15-20 students were able to use the pilot caps already.