Quotarian of the Year

Installation of Board of Directors and Announcement of 2015 Quotarian of the Year!


Quota International of Grand Rapids announces the installation of the following Quotarians to the Board of Directors for the 2015/16 fiscal year

President                     Martha Herman, Empowered Consulting, LLC

Vice President            Pam Howland, Retired

Treasurer                     Maureen Martin, Home Repair Services

Directors –                  Sandi Aten, Retired

Kathleen Freeman, Hope Network

Rachael Owsinski, Fifth Third Bank

The Club also announces that Maureen Martin has been selected as the 2015 Grand Rapids Quotarian of the Year! This award is given annually to a local Quotarian who exemplifies the standards of Quota International and the organization’s motto, “We Share.” Maureen has been a member of Quota since 1981, currently serves as Treasurer and has also served as President, District Governor and in other leadership roles during her long tenure with the Club. Her dedication, experience and “voice of reason” continues to help guide the club as we move forward into the future.

Congratulations to Maureen and the newly installed Board of Directors.

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2014 Quotarian of the Year

As presented at the April 2014 Installation Banquet:

It is my sincere pleasure to recognize and applaud Quota Club of Grand Rapids’ Quotarian of the Year.

She has been a very active member of our club for several years and continues to attack each task given to her with gusto, perseverance and attention to detail.  She is conscientious, dedicated and considerate of our members, their guests and all who have had contact with her in her Quota life as well as her personal life.

Undoubtedly, she goes above and beyond to ensure that her duties as former Treasurer, Secretary, committee member of Program, Service and Finance are consistent, well prepared and managed in a thoughtful, creative and hospitable manner.

Her countless contributions have impacted several people in our club as well as the community of people with whom we serve.  She can always be counted on to do a terrific job and is one of the members who rarely misses a meeting.  Her behind-the-scenes work illuminates her kindness, her passion and her caring attitude.

She has shared what Quota means to her with us, and now we would like to honor her with this award after so many years of giving.

We recognize our Outstanding Member for 2014….

 Sarah Glover!

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2013 Quotarian of the Year

Drumroll please…

Pat was supposed to be here to present this award. Due to some travel logistics, she was unable to attend (it’s difficult to make the trip back from China). However, she wrote this beautiful speech to present the winner of the 2013 Quotarian of the Year:

She came to us with a big smile.  She came to us like a ball of energy.  She had resources that she was anxious to share and she had unique knowledge that she was anxious to impart.  She raised her hand and signed her name to volunteer requests as thought they were going out of style.  We all wondered if she was real or just a figment of our wishful thinking.

Then, we wondered how long would this enthusiasm last.  Surely, not too long, but she proved us wrong there.  She comes to each and every meeting or event with ideas and plans.  She was an impetus for our Junior Quota initiative with her camp plans that evolved into a big hit with and two great experiences for the young hearing impaired people in our midst.  She jumped right in to our first conference with her ever present positive attitude.  She joined the walk committee and took off with the Duck theme.  And now, she is on her way to a position of leadership. It may be safe to say that she will be our first and only juggling club President.

Cathy Kaiser, we thank you for bringing to us your friend Martha.

Martha Herman, we thank you for sharing yourself and we happily honor you with our 2013 Quotarian of the Year award.

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Quotarian of the Year 2012

The Quotarian of the Year is presented each year to someone who personifies the principles of Quota and has played a special role in our Club in the last year.

Our 2012 Quotarian of the Year has exceeded these goals and has done so much for our Club in a quiet, but determined manner. She most definitely lives out each of the Quota principles in all that she does.

She has led the way, selflessly, by example and deed, doing great things. She has served on the Board, and has been an active voice for Service. Her background and education has advanced how we help individuals.

She has traveled the globe far and wide. Each time she brought back photos and stories that touched our hearts and gave us a better understanding of how caring she is. She is full of wisdom, experiences, and advice. She always finds a gentle way to share her knowledge with anyone who is searching.

She has shared her dreams with us, as well as her gift of photography and gardening. When asked to describe her, a friend said this, “She is a caring and compassionate person… opening her home for gatherings. She is a good listener for [the Cool Cats]. They see her as someone who understands them and that they can open up with.”

Our Quotarian of the Year has taught life experiences to not only the Cool Cats, former Hearing Impaired Students, adults at DHHS, but to each of us. She is supportive of each of the roles we play in our club as well as our daily lives.

Even though she has officially retired, she continues to work with the hearing impaired in our community and look for new ways Quota can make a difference. After an extended stay overseas, she returned to her leadership role and continues to look for new opportunities.

Pat Cook is truly a strong example of the sharing and giving spirit of Quota.

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2011 Quotarian of the Year

The QoY is presented annually to someone who has provided an outstanding contribution to our club and community.


Some Quotarians distinguish themselves by totally immersing themselves in the club…from chairing a committee, volunteering on numerous projects, being a board member, to helping financially as well as continuing to be involved in all aspects of the club.


This person has distinguished herself in so many ways….for one, she has been a member for a very long time and is committed to the club, two, she has even served as President of our club and Quotarian of the Year.


Although employed in a very demanding career, (she works with numbers all day long!), she has managed to participate in many of the club activities and fund raisers, such as the walk, the Santa Parade, and the Holiday Shopping Extravaganza to mention a few, as time permitted.


She regularly attends business and Board meetings and has attended many District Conferences.  She helps us stay legal in process.


Recently she has served as a Director on our Board and was a Chair of a committee.


She supports and is involved in many local charities and community events.


She wears very hip and stylish glasses and is preparing to be a grandmother…this rock star has demonstrated professionalism and significant accomplishments this year and always,  Let’s congratulate Peggy Bishop as our Quotarian of the Year for 2011.

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Getting to Know You… Pam G. QoY 2010

Pam G. joined Quota in 2008. Her favorite snack is popcorn which she enjoys while watching “Thomas Crown Affair”.

Pam was asked is she has ever had something wrapped in her freezer and couldn’t figure out what it was? She said no.

Pam finished the following sentence: Just for the fun of it, before she dies she would like to…   Travel the world and hike mountains

Pam was asked: which would be better? Never having your computer crash again or never having your car break down again?  Pam thought this was a tough choice but chose her car, since her computer is not backed up.

What if what if aliens offered Pam a ride in their spaceship?  She thinks that would be “Cool!”

What is a phrase Pam over-uses? “I guess…”

Thanks to Pam G. for sharing a little bit about yourself and CONGRATULATIONS to our 2010 Quotarian of the Year!!!

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Quotarian of the Year 2010

It’s that time already. Time for you to nominate the best Quotarian. Who do you think deserves the award?

Click the following link to see this year’s letter and form. Print it out from here or check your email. We will also have hard copies available at the February and March meetings.

Q of Y 2010

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2009 Quotarian of the Year!

Emily Uebbing

Quotarian of the Year

Congratulations to Emily Uebbing who was named Quotarian of the Year for 2009! The nomination committee voted and I’m sure the membership will agree. Emily is a very deserving candidate. Some of her accomplishments include:

  • Chairing the Membership committee
  • Board member
  • Incoming President Elect (Best seat in the house according to Cathy Kaiser)
  • Helped to Create and maintain our Blog
  • Started a new fund raising tradition with Lia Sophia
  • Developed our Quota Dollars Program-recognized By Central Area as an innovative program that increases member participation
  • Works with the Cool Cats to help with their classroom terrarium.

Please join me in congratulating Emily!

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