October 2014 Minutes

These minutes are published to help you remember what we discussed or to keep you informed if you missed the meeting!


Quota International of Grand Rapids

Membership Meeting, October 16, 2014, 5:30 pm

Sunnybrook Country Club, Grandville, MI

Present: Sandi Aten, Peggy Bishop, Lisa Braendle, Pat Cook, Kathy Freeman, Sarah Glover, Martha Herman, Pam Howland, Cathy Kaiser, Maureen Martin, Rachael Owsinski, Gwen Powers, Kim Savoie, Kathleen Slagal, Emily Uebbing.

15 members and 1 guest attended.

1. Call to order: 6:15 pm by President Martha Herman. Quota Collect

2. Consent Agenda: September meeting minutes were approved as sent.

3. Recognition of Guests:Bobbi Bach, interpreter for our guest attended for a short time until we determined that Kiara Garrison would not be able to join us.

4. Updates and news

Amazon Smile – Maureen shared information about this super secret portal. When you sign into Amazon via Amazon Smile to make an online purchase, 0.5% of your purchase will be sent to Quota of GR. A link to the site will be sent to club members.

Barnes and Noble Lisa updated us on the Book Fair coming on November 8, 10 am – 6 pm. Save the date notices, vouchers, and a template to email to friends/family have all been sent to members. This event is also listed on the blog. Chef Del will be there, along with Pause With a Cause, Hearing Screening, Children’s Finger Printing, Mrs. Claus and Johnathan Rand, young adult author. Please sign up for a volunteer slot via Kath S. Wear your logo clothing on the date. Lisa will send weekly updates to get the excitement going, and an agenda of the day’s activities. (Lisa thanks everyone for concern over her Mom’s recent surgery.)

Thank you letters from agencies and service – Kathy F gave update on service activities: $1,000 sent to Indian Trails; $1,250 to DHHS for partial funding of 5 hearing aids; $90 for pilot caps for GROD; $100 for pilot caps for Northview; $500 scholarship at GRCC; $450 to Quota World Service; $1,000 to GROD for classroom supplies: $100 to each of 7 classrooms, $100 to the audiologist, $50 to each Teacher Consultant; $1,000 to MRS (Michigan Rehabilitation Services) Kent County and $1,000 to MRS Ottawa County; these funds will leverage federal match monies so that each $1000 contribution becomes $3,700 for MRS clients. Deb Buckley is working on the Christmas party for DHHS clients on December 9 at noon. It will be a potluck this year. We served coffee at the Farmers market this past summer and are on the schedule for 2015 – the first Saturday of the month for great awareness building.

New Membership Packets – Martha announced that Diane and Membership Committee updated the new member packets and Martha will send to members. Lisa requested that we have Membership packets at all events, especially the Book Fair. Ashlee Dowley has sent in her membership application and will be installed soon.

People Unlimited – Pam announced our club’s new membership in Cynthia D’Amour’s People Power Unlimited program. All members are encouraged to register and attend her online events and learning opportunities (live and archived), focused on making our club stronger.

Advisory Council – Martha reported on the first meeting of the Advisory Council held at DHHS with hearing related agencies and community members. We drafted a list of unmet needs so that we can coordinate with each other. Next meeting is Nov 6, 3:30 – 5:00 at DHHS.

Koeze Nut Sale – Maureen distributed new Koeze catalogs and order formsfor holiday and year round orders. Funds from these sales go into the General Fund to help will club operations.

Make a Difference Day – “Hear for Good” Martha announced that October 25 we’ll launch this campaign to compete in the Make A Difference Day. We will be collecting used hearing aids at various sites around the community and give them to DHHS where there will be refurbished and distributed to hard of hearing folks who can’t afford new aids. This can reduce the cost by 90%. Martha will distribute boxes with plastic bags for collection. If you have locations to suggest, let Martha know (churches, senior facilities, etc.)This campaign will be written up and submitted to the Make A Difference Day organizers (USA Today). If our event is selected, Quota wins $10,000. We’ll call it recycling hearing aids. Press release is scheduled to go out Monday.

Strategic Planning – Cathy updated the group on the Board’s Strategic Planning initiative. We have held two discussions to identify Key Issues and Strengths/Weaknesses, Opportunities/Threats, Definition of Success – in order to provide input for setting the future direction of our club. All are welcome to participate in the next meeting after the Board meeting on Nov 17. The group concurred that we need to let people know what Quota is and what we are doing to make a difference.

Very Special Guest – Kiara Garrison – our GRCC Scholarship recipient who was planning to join us and share her story. While she was unable to join us, her delightful thank you note let us know that she is 21 years old, has 3.5 years in at GRCC, and is focused on completing her degree – Special Ed Teacher for Deaf elementary students.

Other – Emily reminded us all to Read the Blog! And if you have information to share send it to her. One suggestion is: A Who We Help category on the Blog would be great. Our most recent brochure is on the Blog! Gwen is considering offering treasures from her Mother’s jewelry collection for a fundraising auction. Ginny Ebers sent along a “Hello!”

Martha adjourned the meeting at 7:45 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Cathy Kaiser, Recording Secretary

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September ’14 Meeting Minutes

Quota International of Grand Rapids Membership Meeting

Sunnybrook Country Club, Grandville, MI

September 18, 2014 

Present: Sandi Aten, Debra Buckley, Elaine Carr, Pat Cook, Diane Friar, Sarah Glover, Barbara Griffin, Martha Herman, Cathy Kaiser, Robin Keith, Maureen Martin, Rachael Owsinski, Gwen Powers, Sue Scharf, Kathleen Slagal.

15 members and 3 guests attended.

1. Call to order: 6:00 pm by President Martha Herman. Quota Collect

2. Consent Agenda: August meeting minutes were approved as sent. 

3. Recognition of Guests:Ashlee Dowley, Meijer Hearing Centers; Trish Lopucki, Northview, Supervisor; Total Communication Program; Nicole Kragt, Teacher, Northview

4. Review of Duck Walk: Great turn out! Quackers, the Duck, was a hit!! Donations were down a bit from last year. Schools and agencies participated which is wonderful! Finally we have connected with them!!

5. Committee Reports:

Communication – Robin: Completed PR for the Duck Walk; waiting on info for PR on the recipient of GRCC scholarship; Rachael will be handling PR for the Barnes & Noble book sale.

Membership – Diane: Awarded gifts to all guests

Program – Barbara: On October 16, we will hear from 2 audiologists, keeping with our theme of education about deaf and hard of hearing.

Service – Sandi: Showed samples of the 9 pilot caps we provided for young GROD students, to help keep their cochlear implants and hearing aids in place. Ashlee will provide one of her employees who speaks Spanish to help with parent meetings at KenOSha.

Fin/Fund – Pat: Barnes & Noble book sale is Nov 8 at Woodland Mall. Committee will meet to discuss spreading out fundraisers throughout the year. Robin will provide information on Amazon Smile – a program that shares a % of each Amazon purchase with your favorite charity: Quota.

Treasurer – Maureen: Thank you for sending in your dues payments.

6. Advisory Council – September 23, at DHHS, 3:30 – 5:00; Members to date: Cindy Cafmeyer, Jeannette Johnson, Ashlee Dowley, Trish Lopucki, Martha, and Kathy F. and Sue Scharf. Cathy K. will facilitate the discussion. This is an introductory meeting to identify unmet needs of the community and how we can collaborate with each other.

7. Strategic Planning – Cheers; The Board has approved an investment in Cynthia D’Amour’s Chapter Leader Lounge program for insight, group coaching experiences, succession planning and Strategic Thinking; Tons of Resources and expertise. This will assist us in a structured, goal oriented process along with landmark decision points and tools for measuring our success.

The next Board meeting will be Oct. 9, 5:30, Diane Friar’s condo. We ENCOURAGE you to join in on the discussion. Please let Martha know who else will be joining us. Robin encouraged all to attend as Strategic Planning will be a key part of this meeting. How do we Engage current members, Attract new members and not burn out?!

8. Other – Martha will write up a submission about the Duck Walk to Make a Difference Day, a chance to win $10K from USAToday newspapers. Robin and Gwen will provide editing.

Pat will investigate the ASL (American Sign Language) program at Forest Hills to see if they would be available to present at a future meeting. They have 3 classes running. Northview has 9 sections running also, with 420 students enrolled.

Quota received a thank you note from Kelly Cleveland for the pilot caps. “I can proudly give these to our new families to help ease the stress of teaching their little ones to refrain from pulling off their equipment.”

Travel raffle was won by Elaine Carr – a specially selected gift from Rockford purchased by Pam Howland.


Trish Lopucki, Supervisor Total Communication Program for Northview Public Schools

Northview offers a Total Communication program (oral and signing) for 60 students, age 2 – 18.

Eight teachers and 19 interpreters are amazing in making this Center based program work – it is recognized throughout the state. The Northview program is special because of the relationships of this family within a family. One key program is their monthly Deaf Connect Days – an opportunity for the students to get to know deaf culture from one another.

Martha adjourned the meeting at 7:10 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Cathy Kaiser, Recording Secretary

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August 2014 Meeting minutes

All the excitement from the Duck Walk led to a delay in posting our minutes from August. Have no fear, here they are! A huge thank you to Cathy for doing such a fabulous job.

Quota International of Grand Rapids Membership Meeting

Sunnybrook Country Club, Grandville, MI

August 21, 2014


Present: Barbara Griffin, Martha Herman, Pam Howland, Cathy Kaiser, Robin Keith, Maureen Martin, Rachael Owsinski, Kim Savoie, Sue Scharf, Emily Uebbing.

10 members and 4 guests attended.

1. Call to order: 6:00 pm by President Martha Herman. Quota Collect

2. Consent Agenda: July meeting minutes were approved as sent. Robin was awarded a prize for uncovering the false line in the minutes. (Sorry – no fundraiser for the Australia Convention).

Martha announced the updated Finance & Fundraising Chairperson’s job description. It was determined that membership does not need to approve this. It will be finalized at the next Board Meeting.

Travel raffle: All agreed to follow Emily’s suggestion and designate travel raffle funds for World Service projects. This will be implemented beginning with the 2015 -16 budget year. Travel raffle netted $22 and the gift was won by Jeannette Johnson, an edible treat brought back from convention by Kim and Emily.

3. Recognition of Guests: Jeannette Johnson, the new DHHS Development Director, with her interpreter Roberta Schultz, Kenzee Daniels, guest of Rachael Owsinski, and Kathie McFarlin, guest of Martha Herman.

4. Leaders Survey: Conducted by QI before convention, the survey revealed interesting facts about Quota worldwide, including: The average number of years of membership is between 10 and 19 years; average size of the clubs is 16-25; average age 51-64. The synopsis is attached. If you would like the complete results, contact Martha or Robin.

5. DHHS and collaboration: We will be collaborating with DHHS and other agencies to enhance fundraising efforts. On August 23, guests had the opportunity to duck tape Jeannette Johnson to the wall. Join the DHHS Fundraiser at Logan’s Road House on Alpine, Wednesday, September 3, 5 – 9 pm. Cathy will buy drinks for any Quotarian who arrives after 6 pm. On September 25 at 7:30 “No Ordinary Hero” will be playing at Celebration Cinema at Rivertown.

More to come! See the attachments.

6. Duck Walk update: Martha sent and passed around the sign up list of duties the day of the event. Sign up! Meijer Hearing Centers want to participate. They want to provide a sponsorship for the walk. A hearing screening booth will be available at the walk. Martha is coordinating the purchase of “Quota Blue” t-shirts that all members can purchase to wear at the Duck Walk and other events. Cost is $9.00. She will send the ordering/size information. A new duck costume will be ordered for Bruce Savoie, our duck mascot. Robin provided Duck Walk brochures/pledge form for all to recruit walkers. She also e-sent the brochure with electronic donation connection (www.quotagr.org) to all Quota members, last year’s walkers, celebration attendees, Quota alumni, and shopping event vendors. Cathy will send brochures to anyone without an email address. We have received our first $250 sponsorship plus a $100 donation from Peggy Frank, Audiologist from Newaygo. Barbara Griffin has also sponsored the Walk from her team. Martha sent information about the Duck Walk to 43 hearing centers and audiologists.

7. Barnes & Noble update: Pam announced that Lisa Braendle is Co-Chair and anxious for a Quota member to step up and Co-Chair with her at this fun event. The book sale is Nov. 8 at Woodland Mall, the same day that Santa arrives there. We will have crafts for kids, guest authors and more!

8. Daytime tours of Ken-O-Sha: Sandi is coordinating a visit to the GROD school. Watch for details of this school-time event.

9. Guest Speaker: Jeannette Johnson, Director of Development, DHHS.

Jeannette delivered a very interesting overview of DHHS services and deaf culture, with the assistance of her interpreter, Roberta. DHHS was established in 1996 and has grown to provide services for 3,000 individuals, with an annual budget of $750,000. Their biggest service is providing interpreters within a 15 county area; 250 jobs per month. DHHS has an ADAPT program for senior citizens. DHHS offers ASL sign language classes. ASL is the official language of deaf in this country, originating in the 1960’s through Gallaudet. DHHS also offers a kids sign program to provide socialization and deaf role models for young people. They also held summer camp for 40 kids this year. Any organization can request cultural and sensitivity training. Anyone can stop into DHHS Monday – Friday, 9am – 4pm. Deaf see the world through their eyes – they are very visual and tend to be blunt. Look at the deaf person when you speak – not at the interpreter. For more information contact Jeannette: development@deafhhs.org.

Martha adjourned the meeting at 7:15pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Cathy Kaiser, Recording Secretary



Leaders Survey 2014

Quota International sent out a survey to 242 Club Presidents and 20 Regional Directors. 52% were returned and here is a synopsis of its results.

  • There are 68 clubs in the U.S., 44 in Australia, 7 in Canada, 6 in the Philippines, 3 in New Zealand, 2 in Aruba and India, and one each in Curacao, Suriname and The Netherlands
  • In our region, there were 4 respondents.
  • The average number of years of membership is between 10 and 19 years.
  • Most members have served as Presidents for 2 years.
  • Average size of the clubs is 16-25; average age 51-64.
  • 100% of the clubs serve Disadvantaged Women and Children; 94% serve the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and 72% provide World Service
  • There are several pages depicting the primary focus of each club.

I found the statistics to be quite interesting. Lots of ideas and projects were given in the comments and goals sections.

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News for you

Here is a link to our new International President’s message. Please take a moment to read what Karen Murphy has to say. She shares her goals, the direction the Board is going and the changes we can look forward to with our new structural system (we are in Region 4, “leaping 4-ward”).

I’ve also included the July Minutes as approved at our August meeting.

Quota International of Grand Rapids Meeting

Sunnybrook Country Club, Grandville, MI

July 24, 2014 Minutes


Present: Sandi Aten, Peggy Bishop, Deb Buckley, Pat Cook, Ginny Ebers, Kathy Freeman, Sarah Glover, Barbara Griffin, Martha Herman, Cathy Kaiser, Robin Keith, Maureen Martin, Rachael Owsinski, Gwen Powers, Kathleen Slagal, Emily Uebbing.

16 members and 29 guests attended. Guest list is attached.

1. Call to order: 6:00 pm by President Martha Herman.

Sandi raffled off fun summer baskets of goodies throughout the meeting.

2. Consent Agenda: June meeting minutes were approved as sent. Robin and Sarah were awarded prizes for uncovering the false line in the minutes.

3. Introductions: Martha asked each group of guests to introduce themselves: Quota members, Alumni, Agencies, Volunteers, School staff, Supporters and Special Guests

Quota Collect

4. GR Quota History: Kath Slagal presented a delightful review of Quota’s founding in 1945, significant accomplishments, and notable events. Recall that we raised $40,000 for Cameron Weston’s cochlear implant under Peggy Bishop’s presidency. Remember our first male member, Mike Friar in 1989? How much fun we had with the Cool Cats at camp and cooking school! Quota means friends who will be there when you need them. Thank you to all contributors for your time, talent and donations.

5. Where are we now, and where we’re going: Martha shared plans for the future including strategic planning that will provide more focused services, an Advisory Council to help the club and partners collaborate more effectively, attract new members, and seek out more funding. Although some of us are wearing out, and our lives are busy, our hearts are big.

6. Slide show: Emily Uebbing presented an excellent video collection of Quota activities, including the Cool Cats, Convention, Kids Food Basket bags, and gift bags for Sisters in Support.

7. Quotations from our Partners – David Overeen, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services, GR, and Todd Sprunger – MI Rehab Services, Kent County described their services and the types of needs their clients have, including hearing aids, and other equipment.

8. Special announcements and recognitions

a. Kath Slagal recognized the top tickets sellers in the 50/50 raffle (Martha, Robin, Kim).

b. Kathy Freeman – Service Committee Chair in recognition of the Helen David Service Award for the sign language interpreters at Northview’s theatre performance of ‘The Miracle Worker”. Kathy also described our service projects for this year.

c. Sarah Glover – Quotarian of the Year, 2014

d. Chris Kaiser – aka, Gertrude; aka, Theodore sang a special song for Quota

9. Special Guests – Renee, and her son, Easten Johnson with Grandma Grace. We are considering the many ways we could assist Easten who has a cochlear implant.

10. Upcoming Events: Martha announced these opportunities to support Quota:

            Duck Walk, September 14th, Millennium Park, 1 pm – 3 pm

            Koeze Nut Sale – Order those great nuts for any occasion at any time!

            Barnes & Noble Book Fair – November 8th, Woodland Mall

11. Other Announcements: See you at the Duck Walk!

Martha adjourned the meeting at 7:30pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Cathy Kaiser, Recording Secretary


Summer Celebration 2014 – Guest List

# First Name Last Name Organization attended but no RSVP
no show
1 Sue Allen Deb Buckley
2 Dave Aten Barbara Griffin
3 Sandi Aten Mary Kaiser
4 Deb Atwood Rachael Owsinski
5 Yvonne Babe District 4 Director Steve Owsinski
6 Joe Bishop Grace Johnson
7 Peggy Bishop
8 Deb Blackmore
9 Judy Clarke
10 Joe Allen Cook
11 Pat Cook
12 Jack DeBoer
13 Kathy DeBoer
14 Amy Docter
15 Summer Docter
16 Ginny Ebers
17 Kathy Freeman
18 Sarah Glover
19 Tom Glover
20 Martha Herman
21 Karen Hooker
22 Easten Johnson
23 Jeanette Johnson
24 Renee Johnson
25 Cathy Kaiser
26 Chris Kaiser
27 Bill Keith
28 Robin Keith
29 Maureen Martin
30 Kathie McFarlin
31 Nicki Mumford Quota Club of Kalamazoo
32 David Overeem Deaf & Hearing Services
33 Mary Peterson
34 Gwen Powers
35 Heather Reuth
36 Misti Ryefield Deaf & Hearing Services – interpreter
37 Dusty Scheuerman Elders Helpers
38 Jessica Scheuerman
39 Kath Slagal
40 Colleen Smith
41 Todd Sprunger Michigan Rehab Services
42 Emily Uebbing
43 Martel Walker
44 Patty Watson AMBUCS
45 Cameron Weston
46 Renee Weston
47 Gertrude
48 Theodore


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6.19.14 Minutes

Quota International of Grand Rapids Meeting

Sunnybrook Country Club, Grandville, MI

June 19, 2014 Business Meeting Minutes


Present: Sandi Aten, Peggy Bishop, Diana Bittrick, Lisa Braendle, Deb Buckley, Elaine Carr, Ginny Ebers, Kathy Freeman, Sarah Glover, Barbara Griffin, Martha Herman, Pam Howland, Cathy Kaiser, Robin Keith, Maureen Martin, Kim Savoie, Kathleen Slagal, Emily Uebbing.  18 members and 3 guests attended.

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm by President Martha Herman.

Quota Collect

Consent Agenda: May meeting minutes were approved as sent.

Guests:  Virginia VanRaalte, Kathie McFarlin, guests of Martha Herman; Sue Allen, daughter of Ginny Ebers.

Fashion Models:  Kim and Emily modeled the award winning aprons that Kim and Rachael wore at the District Conference, winning First and Second Place!

Active Agenda: The proposed budget for the General Fund was accepted as sent. The proposed budget for the Charitable Foundation was accepted as sent.


a. Grocery Bags are still available.  We have sold about 55.  Garden basket raffle took in about  $75 at the conference.

b. Pat Cook will be our liaison with Northview Public Schools Total Communication program, and  Sandi Aten will be our liaison with GRPS for Ken-O-Sha, for now. Deb Buckley will be our liaison with DHHS.

c. Travel Raffle was run by Kim. Congratulations to Sue Allen who won a delicious collection of chocolate goodies brought back from Las Vegas by Emily. If you have any special items, please pass them along to Pam Howland for future travel raffles.

d. Summer Celebration, July 24 – Pam, Sarah, and Sandi have been busy preparing for this activity now known as ‘Blossoming with Quota’.  Sarah distributed the very creative Save The Date cards. Please send people’s email addresses to Martha of those special people who you want to attend from agencies, personal contacts, etc.  Kath S. will give us an overview of our Quota history and Martha will address the future plans of our Club.  Certificates of service and our award for our involvement with ‘The Miracle Worker’ will be presented.  We would like old scrapbooks available, pictures of events and any videos you may have.  We will be showing the past few years’ videos of the oral deaf children’s concert at the event.   There are 110 on the invitation list so far, plus Quota alumni. You are welcome to invite up to two people (family, friends) as your guests, in addition to the names you supply to Martha. Please let Martha know the names of your guests.

e. Duck Walk – September 14, Millennium Park, 1 pm; Koeze Nut sale is year round; Barnes & Noble tentative date is November 8 and we’re hooking up with Miracle Ear in the mall at the same time.

The Business Meeting was adjourned by Martha at 6:17pm.

We had great fun, entertainment, and prizes, playing Bunco, with very creative Bunco award certificates, name tags and score cards created by Sarah.

50/50 Raffle: Thank you to the audit team of Bishop and Howland for tallying the results of our raffle. The winning prize of $1,230 was won by Judy Clark of Newaygo. Top ticket sellers were: Martha in first place, Robin in second place and Kim in third place. Thank you to all for selling and bringing in the largest pot yet.

Respectfully Submitted,

Cathy Kaiser, Recording Secretary

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May 2012 Minutes

Quota Business Meeting

May 17, 2012



Present: Peggy Bishop, Anna Moore Butzner, Ginny Ebers, Kathy Freeman, Jan Gauthier, Sarah Glover, Pam Goebel, Barbara Griffin, Martha Herman, Pam Howland, Robin Keith, Maureen Martin, Gwen Powers, Kim Savoie, Sue Scharf, Kathy Slagal, Joyce Snyder, Emily Uebbing


The meeting was called to order by President Kim Savoie at 6:10 p.m.


Consent Agenda

The financial reports were moved from the Consent to the Active Agenda. The remainder of the Consent Agenda was approved.


Active Agenda: It was noted that the year-end financial reports cannot be included on today’s Consent Agenda since they have not yet been reviewed and approved by the Board. This will happen at the June Board meeting.


Guests:  Rachael Owsinski (present); It was noted that Rachael will be installed at our business meeting on June 21, 2012.


Travel Raffle: Kim introduced a new concept for our Travel Raffle. When traveling, Quotarians are encouraged to bring something back from their trip to donate to the travel raffle. The item will be placed in the new locked box Kim provided which the Club agreed would add an element of mystery and fun to the raffle. Tickets are purchased for $1 each for a chance to win the prize. Proceeds will go to our General Fund for operating expenses. This month Kim brought back a gift from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.


Red Apple:  Kim explained that the Red Apple is a voluntary fine donated by Quotarians for sharing a personal or professional announcement, a funny story, etc. At our business meeting on June 21 we will ask for suggestions for a new name for the Red Apple fund. Voting will take place via the “applause-o-meter.”


May/June Birthdays:

Maureen Martin – May 7                                  Sarah Glover – June 9

Diane Friar – May 12                                       Carol Karr – June 17

Eleanor Roberts – May 29



Lisa Braendle’s father-in-law recently passed away after a long illness; her brother is also very ill. Due to these pressing family maters, Lisa is not able to be as active as she would like. Please consider sending Lisa a card to let her know we are thinking about her during this difficult time.


District 20’s annual conference is this weekend, May 18-20, in Kalamazoo. Three Quotarians are attending (Kim Savoie, Emily Uebbing and Maureen Martin.) Yvonne Babe is incoming Lt. Governor and sent a message to our Club saying she is looking forward to working with us in the coming year.


Kim Savoie distributed an interesting article on team-oriented work styles.


Junior Quota/Cool Cats Picnic: We will host a picnic for members of our Junior Quota Club/Cool Cats on the deck of Centennial Country Club at our business meeting on Thursday, June 21. At this meeting we will give them gifts to help keep them occupied during the summer. We ask that volunteers who select a name limit the value of the gifts to $15 so it is fair for everyone. Emily distributed a sign up sheet.


It was announced that Quota will host a summer camp for the Cool Cats at Pat Cook’s home. The date will be confirmed soon but it will likely be either Saturday, August 4 or Saturday, August 11. Helpers will be sought as we draw nearer to the date of the event.


Quota International of Grand Rapids Blog: Pictures of our new leadership team are now posted on the blog. Kim will be using the blog more extensively to share news, publish minutes, etc. Every Quotarian is encouraged to check the blog on a regular basis. It was suggested the Quotarians consider setting a reminder in their calendars.


Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services: DHHS is hosting a lunch and learn program on Friday, May 18 from noon-1:00 p.m. The subject of the lunch and learn will be how to communicate with a deaf person.


Barnes & Noble Book Fair: Emily Uebbing announced that Pam Howland has agreed to co-chair this fundraiser with her. The event will be moved to the store at Woodland Mall and a date will be announced soon. It will likely be on a Saturday in November.


Show Me The $$: Pam Howland and Martha Herman led the club in a few rousing games of bingo. Prizes were won by Rachael Owsinski, Pam Goble, Sarah Glover and Kim Savoie.


The 50/50 Raffle was then held. Robin Keith sold the most number of tickets (and was given a beautiful tiara.) Martha Herman sold the next highest number of tickets and earned a bling ring.


We raised a total of $1,600 in ticket sales. The winner of the raffle was Teresa Kaulback (Martha Herman’s niece) and she won $800.00. The Club made $800.00 on this fundraiser and our goal was $700. Peggy Bishop noted that the Club will need to send the winner a 1099 since the prize was valued at over $600.


Kim Savoie adjourned the meeting at 7:05 p.m.


Submitted by:


Robin L. Keith

Recording Secretary





Upcoming Events

Friday-Sunday, May 18-20     District 20 Conference in Kalamazoo

Thursday, June 7                       Board Meeting @ Stifel Nicolaus

Thursday, June 21                      Business Meeting @ Centennial Country Club

Junior Quota/Cool Cats Summer Send Off

Thursday, July 19                       Summer Gathering @ Joyce Snyder’s house

Thursday, August 2                    Board Meeting @ Stifel Nicolaus

Thursday, August 16                  Business Meeting—Who Wants To Be A Quillionaire?—Choosing our service projects and fundraisers for the coming fiscal year

Sunday, September 16               Quota Cares Walk @ Riverside Park


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Protected: March 2011 meeting minutes (unapproved)

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Protected: February 2011 meeting minutes

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