District 20


Yvonne Babe, Director of Quota International Region 4, was at our Quota meeting on March 19 to share the great news of the speaker coming to our Region 4 Conference to motivate us in the upcoming year!

Thanks to the generous support of Kim’s firm, Stifel Nicolaus, the featured speaker at our Conference will be Dr. Sherene Mchenry, author of Pick: Choose to Create A Life You Love.

Pick is designed to empower readers to create a life they love and to overcome what’s holding them back. Anchored on awareness, acceptance, action and accountability Pick helps readers develop the mindset and skills they need to build the life they desire. Highly conversational, each chapter starts with a true story, shares lessons learned, helps the reader identify where they currently are and offers suggestions if they want to pick up the pace on realizing their potential and dreams. Apathetic or Energetic? Reactive or Proactive? Naysayer or Yeasayer? Dreamer or Doer? Hassle or Humor? Chaotic or Calm? Tolerate or Terminate? Lollygag or Launch? Pick shows readers how to choose beliefs and behaviors that help them be happy and create a life they love.

The Conference will be held on May 16-17 in Mt. Pleasant. Details and the registration form were in the Leap Pad sent to all Region 4 Quotarians. But if can’t find your copy or you need more information, please contact Maureen Martin.

Let’s all go, have some fun and get fired up!!!!


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A message from Yvonne

At our meeting last Thursday night, Yvonne Babe (our District 20 Governor) spoke about three ways to rev up our club. She is very proud that Grand Rapids is already doing these, but urged us to strive to find news ways to follow these three tips.

Launch A JQ (Junior Quota) Club

We have one of 43 JQ clubs in the entire Quota organization! Saturday, we held a “day camp” experience. Check back to see pictures of the fun we had sharing with our JQ members.

Spice up Club Service projects

Create new interest in the club by both current members and recruits by planning new service projects. Clubs around the world are doing this. Yvonne spoke about a couple of clubs, one in the Netherlands that changes their service projects every five years!

Don’t forget to check out www.quota.org. Our international website has many ideas and anyone can check it out! Each Quota member was assigned a special sign-in (Emily has that information or you may request it through Q.I.) but don’t be afraid to go to the website and search on your own. The Quotarian news magazine archives are a great place to search for new ideas. Our club is always open to new ideas. Contact Kim or Kathy F. to find out how you can share your brilliant service project!

Keep it Simple and Flexible

Quota clubs are changing and being proactive pays benefits in the form of happier members, more recruits, and a club with a brighter future. Finding ways that our club can become simplified and flexible may help improve retention of members, increased recruitment, and a happier club!

Quota has its eyes on the future. The way we volunteer, communicate and stay involved in our community is changing. We need to be open to change and think about how we can reach out to people who are too busy for regular meetings, want to volunteer to make a difference, and have fun.

Quota of GR

We are working hard to find new ways to reach out; this blog and our Facebook page are two ways you can share what we do with friends and family. They don’t have to be living in Grand Rapids to keep up with our fundraisers or service projects.

Be sure to invite friends to our monthly meetings. We are making a difference and we need to be sure that we are letting everyone we know how big of a difference we make!

And remember, if you can’t make it to a meeting, check here to see what you missed! This is a quick and easy way to see what’s going on in our club!

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District 20 Conference Report

Quota International District 20 Conference report

May 18, 19, and 20, 2012

Radisson Hotel, downtown Kalamazoo, Michigan


In attendance from the Grand Rapids club were Kim Savoie and Emily Uebbing, delegates, and Maureen Martin, alternate.   There were 44 in total attendance of which 16 were voting delegates.  Grand Rapids sold one Quota Event sign for $25 at the club sales area.  The check from the Flint Club was mailed to our treasurer.

Friday night was registration and the Kalamazoo club hosted us at a spa retreat.  We enjoyed facials, neck wraps, cooling eye pads, foot rub treatments, and lots of enjoyable refreshments and conversation with members from the other clubs around Michigan.

Saturday was a time of ceremony and welcome greetings.  Then we heard from Bill Hop of Hearing Loop Systems of Holland, Michigan.  I followed up with an email to the club representatives, attaching the article from MLive.com on the Loop Systems which Robin Keith had forwarded to our members recently (and you can read by clicking here).

We had reports from the Credentials Committee, approved minutes from last year’s conference, heard the roll call of delegates and then the Nominating Committee presented the slate of district officers: Kathleen Holt from Flint will continue as Governor, Yvonne Babe from Iosco County was elected Lt. Governor, Ann Kraft from Flint will continue as Secretary/Treasurer, Lisa Kent from Traverse City, and Rebecca Roth from Port Huron were elected as directors.

We heard from Shiela Morris, our International representative.  Her presentation was “Go for the Gold”.

Next were the Standing Committee Reports.  The Audit Committee proposed that a mid-year audit of the District’s financial records be done so that any problems or questions might be identified and corrected before the end of the fiscal year.  The Budget was accepted with the words Revenue deleted from the total line, and removal of the line item for expenses for the host club of the district conference because the host club covers any expenses they have for fun night, and the conference itself is supposed to be as close to breakeven as possible, with any gains sent to the District as miscellaneous revenue.   That $700 line item that was listed as expense for the host club for conference was added to the line item for Governor’s travel since $1700 is more representative of the actual expenses; this leaving no change to the total expenses.

Lunch ended with the Past Governors collecting funds for Hand-In- Hand World Service.  The Collection raised $411.00 and the Governors decided to contribute that to the club in Iloilo, Philippines.

The conference adjourned for the day.  As is typical however, there was an important strategy session after the conference closed for the day.  The group reviewed the proposals to be voted on at the International Convention in July that would change the structure of Quota International.  More on that later in this report.

The Installation banquet was held Saturday evening.  District Awards were presented:  the Helen David award went to Traverse City; the Kathryn Homan award went to Kristi Hazard from Port Huron, the Vivian Ingraham award went to Kate Sawhill of Traverse City.  Lisa Kent accepted on her behalf. The Jane Peth award went to Marian Charters from Iosco County, the Betty Hollingsworth award went to Yvonne Babe from Iosco County.  The District Quotarian of the Year was awarded to Barb Rumbel from Flint.  The Entertainment for the evening was Bill Hoffman, Mental Magician who presented Fact, Fiction, and Fakery.  It was a fun time.  An honorarium will be presented in Bill’s name to the Quota International We Share Foundation.

An impromptu auction was held after the Banquet which raised $575.  (The proceeds of which were understood to be used to fund the coffee break at the International Convention in District 20’s name, per the budget approved earlier.)

On Sunday, we heard reviewed the clubs’ longevity: Flint, 68 years, Grand Rapids 67 years, Kalamazoo 67 years, Port Huron 60 years, Iosco county 58 years, and Traverse City 35 years.  Traverse City was awarded the Mileage Award.  Marilyn Doyle received the Intrepid Traveler Award.  The 50/50 raffle raised $175, half for the District and half for the winner whose name I did not note.

We had some final business to conduct.  A proposal was made that the District add $425 to the auction proceeds to donate $1,000 to the Wanda Frey Joiner fund in District 20’s name so that it carries on even after the expected change in Quota International’s structure that will not include districts.  After the second, there was much discussion.  The budget which was approved the day before had $500 revenue listed to fund the International Convention coffee break along with a matching expense for the same.  It was understood that the revenue would come from the auction held at the Installation Banquet.   During the discussion, it was discovered that the $500 listed on the budget as an expense was actually meant to come from the general fund balance which included money that was raised at last year’s district conference for the coffee break.  So that revenue item was removed from the budget and revenue reduced to $7549.00 with the total ending balance being $2,989.  It was voted that the district would send $1,000 to Quota International for the Wanda Frey Joiner fund in the District’s name.

We received an invitation from Traverse City for the District Conference which they are hosting in 2013. (We have a video/link that we will be sharing, for now, pack your bags for the cruise of a lifetime!)

I received details on a Trivia Night fundraiser that was successfully used by the Flint and Kalamazoo clubs.  I will pass this along to the Fin/Fun Committee.

Regarding the Bylaws proposals to be voted on at the International Convention in July, there are 3 proposals to consider.  This information is assuming that no change to the proposals have been suggested at other District Conferences and then forwarded to International, as we are doing after our Conference.

Proposal 1 will create Regions and eliminate the Districts and Areas.  Our District members agreed that we did not feel a likeness or cultural kinship with the other District clubs with which we are currently grouped.  We can, and voted that we will, petition International to allow us to move to Region 2 which is made up solely of clubs from Ohio.  The Ohio District has been asked their feelings on this request and they welcome us to join their Region.  Also, according to the International representative at our Conference, there is no reason to assume that International will not grant this request.

Proposal 2 changes the club establishment requirement to 7 members.  It also establishes a Member-At-Large category to anyone interested.

Proposal 3 restructures the International Board of Directors.  It currently reads that it will be a 5 members Board consisting of a President, President Elect/Treasurer, and 3 Vice Presidents.  District 20 is forwarding advance notice to amend the proposal to read: The elected officers of Quota International shall be President, President Elect, and 3 Vice Presidents.  The Vice Presidents shall be made up of one representative each from North America, The South Pacific, and all other areas of the clubs of Quota International.  One of the Vice Presidents will be appointed by the Quota International President to oversee the financial activities of Quota International.

We believe this amendment will open up the President position to a persona who is not necessarily interested in the treasurer position and skill set.  It will also allow for diverse representation on the Board from the entire world represented by Quota International


Kim Savoie, President

Quota International of Grand Rapids


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Proposal for Quota’s Future Structure and Governance System

Presented at 2011 Area Meetings

For reasons including increasing the membership satisfaction and organizational effectiveness of a non-profit of Quota’s current size, and to attract future generations of members, in July 2011, the 2011-2012 Quota International Board of Directors approved a first draft proposal for changes to Quota’s future international structure and governance system. The decision by the board was unanimous. A by-product of the proposal is some cost-savings for  both QI and members. This proposal is being presented at 2011 Area Meetings. Feedback obtained will be discussed by the board at their February 2012 meeting. A final proposal will be unveiled at 2012 District Conferences. Bylaw changes required to implement the final proposal will be voted on by delegates at the Convention 2012 Bylaws Session, Thursday, July 12, 2012 in Honolulu Hawaii, U.S.A.


Reason 1

Quota’s structure is complex and costly and no longer makes sense in the age of technology.

  • 40 years since the last structure change (districts added in 1933; areas added 1971)
  • Current 3-tiered organization (clubs, districts, areas) and 9-member board complicated, no longer appropriate or effective for organizations in the 21st century.
  • Increasingly difficult to fill district and area leader positions. Serving as a leader increasingly more expensive, more labor-intensive. Expectations of leader responsibilities need to be more realistic and appealing.
  • Communicating through leaders in “tiers” in inefficient, labor-intensive, not always successful. Doesn’t make sense now that technology connects members to Quota instead of layers or leaders.
  • Areas and districts vary widely in geographic and membership size. Areas and districts provide boundaries that divide members, not connect them.
  • Not all clubs, districts are located in an area; not all members have leadership path.
  • Area directors elected by area members, but represent all Quota members on board.
  • Quota’s structure not sustainable without change. Too expensive to administer. Every level requires support by members, volunteers leaders, staff.
  • Reducing complexity will help members; members currently pay dues at every level, pay to travel to meetings. Most expensive part of Quota affiliation often NOT international dues.


    Reason 2

    New generations want a simpler, more flexible Quota experience. Many current members do, too!

  • Want to ensure a welcoming experience for all generations of Quotarians – current, new, future.
  • Every year, lose more members than we gain. 2010-2011 fiscal year – organized 8 new clubs but lost 8 clubs. As become smaller, lose significant amounts of momentum and revenue.
  • 2010-2011 fiscal year – ended with net gain of 4 branches. Reaffirms organizing smaller groups doable.
  • Learned from Listening Tour: younger generations of members want significantly more flexible experience; do not want rules/regulations; not interested in attending meetings for a get-away; meeting needs a purpose; care about making a difference in their community and want impact on world – but want to do it their way when convenient for them. Learned term “community service” has negative connotations.
  • Bottom line: Quota’s future dependent on offering experience valued by current and future members. Existing structure NOT providing that experience to potential members and some current members.

Proposal for a New Structure and Governance System

  • Positive, bold, exciting, and invigorating
  • Keeps Quota connections in place
  • Offers flexibility
  • Good News: There IS something we can do about it – a plan that keeps Quota connections solidly in place yet offers flexibility future generations (and probably, some of you!) would appreciate.
  • Three-part plan makes participating in Quota more affordable experience.

Proposal Part 1: Create Regions, Eliminate Districts and Areas


  • Start in 2014
  • 20 Regions – approx. 300 each
  • Board determines composition
  • Existing districts combined, where possible
  • Will continue with districts, areas through 2013.

Regional Director

  • Elected by region – begins 2014
  • Appoints own leadership team
  • Serves one 2-year term coinciding with biennial Convention
  • Who can run? Past club presidents, past district governors, and past area directors
  • Board will create basic guidelines for regional director in operating, creating team.
  • Because regions larger than current districts, leadership pool larger.
  • Past governors will continue to be honored as past leaders in Quota, invited to past leader events.
  • Current district and area funds: District/areas distribute as they wish in 2013.

Regional Director Position

  • Encourage development & growth in region
  • Communicate with/encourage members within region
  • Plan annual regional meeting (with host team)
  • No club visits, no club officer installations
  • Regional director duties streamlined, reduced version of area director and district governor.
  • Regional directors will be encouraged to follow the “Lazy Leader” model of leading.
  • Costly, time-intensive leadership tasks currently carried out will be eliminated (club visits, installations).

Regional Meetings

  • Self supporting
  • Held March, April, or May
  • International representative assigned by president attends meeting/gives international message
  • Meeting registration fees cover cost of meeting.
  • Quota will pay international representative’s travel to meeting.
  • Tradition of club (Circle) serving as host, assisting with logistics, to be continued.
  • March added and June eliminated as months available for meetings; June difficult for international representatives, particularly in a convention year (Convention held in July).

Regional Dues

  • U.S. $10.00 per year, per member
  • Dues fund:
  1. Region’s communications costs
  2. Regional director’s convention participation (attend training, vote)
  3. Upfront costs of annual regional meeting
  • Dues set at U.S. $10.00 – lowest amount to accomplish region’s goals.
  • Replaces current district, area dues and assessments.
  • No public fund-raising activities planned; therefore regions will not need to be incorporated.

Proposal Part 2: Create Quota Circles

  • Need 7 to charter
  • Minimal rules/requirements
  • Meet in person and/or virtually
  • Members pay full QI/regional dues
  • Pays full advance convention fee
  • Has one vote in elections, bylaws
  • Must elect/select president & treasurer
  • Known as “Quota Circle of _____”
  • Currently have 3 ways to belong: club member, branch member, member-at-large.
  • Circles equal in stature to clubs; operate with minimal requirements; meet in person, virtually, or both.
  • Benefit: fewer members needed to start. Can serve as host team for future regional meetings.
  • Circle members pay same dues, liability insurance as club members; circles pay same fees as clubs.
  • Why “Circles”? It’s a forward thinking and innovative approach for the future and a familiar concept to older generations (i.e., groups with like interests).

Create Quota Circles

  • Circles start chartering August 2012

-Only circles can charter; no new clubs can charter

-Branches must become circles

  • Your club can choose

-Continue permanently as a club… OR

-Become a circle

  • The training of Club and Circle Presidents beginning in 2014 will be determined by the board.
  • The process of branches transitioning into circles will begin in August 2012. QI will work with all branches in existence at that time in electing officers, collecting and paying dues, setting up bank accounts, insurance. Mentoring clubs no longer will do those jobs for branches.
  • New club organization efforts underway as of August 2012 will result in new circles only.

Proposal Part 3: Restructure Quota International Board of Directors

  • 5 board officers: president, president-elect/treasurer, 3 at-large board members
  • All board officers represent all Quota members
  • All board officers serve 2-year terms coinciding with biennial convention
  • Elections: (1) held biennially at convention; (2) permit absentee ballots; (3) use preferential voting
  • Reduced board size increases effectiveness, reduces costs.
  • President retains current role – as president of board of directors and primary liaison with staff.
  • President-elect/Treasurer (one person, one position) oversees development and growth and finances – doable according to past leaders who have held both positions.
  • 3 At-large board members assigned specific responsibilities by president; may include service, communications, strategic planning, or other areas president views to be most pressing.
  • At-large board members (and all board members) represent all Quota members, not specific constituencies.
  • Title of at-large board members still under consideration. Under consideration: Board Member, Vice President, Board Director.
  • All board members take office at the same time; all serve two years. Continuation of 2 of 5 board members sufficient to provide experience needed during board transition.
  • All Quota members in every Quota country will have a path to Quota board leadership.

Transition of Officers – 2012-2014

  • 2012-2013 president & president-elect serve TWO years (2012-2014)
  • 2012-2013 treasurer serves ONE year; treasurer function incorporated in president-elect position in 2013-2014 year
  • 2011-2013 area directors (East, Central, South Pacific) serve one extra year (2013-2014)
  • 2012-2014 area directors (Canada, South, West) serve normal 2-year term
  • President and President-elect installed at Convention 2012 serve 2-year term.
  • Treasurer installed at Convention 2012 serves only one 1-year term, 2012-2013. President-elect assumes Treasurer responsibilities in 2013-2014.
  • 2011-2013 Area Directors will serve one extra year; all have agreed.
  • 2012-2014 Area Directors serve normal 2-year term.
  • This transition provides the greatest support to QI during the period that it is moving to a new way of operating.
  • Board members who participated in creating the proposal for Quota’s future structure “on board” to see transition through to completion.
  • At 2014 Convention:

-2012-2014 president-elect/treasurer automatically becomes 2014-2016 president

-Elections held for 2014-2016 president-elect/treasurer and 3 at-large board officers

  • Who qualifies to run?

-For president-elect/treasurer: past area directors and, in the future, past at-large board members

-For at-large board members: past governors and, in the future, past regional directors

  • Transition completed at Convention 2014 in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. All officers installed at convention will serve 2-year terms starting and ending at the same time.
  • Election held at that convention for four positions: 2014-2016 President-elect/Treasurer and three 2014-2016 At-large Board Members.

Proposal for a New Structure and Governance System

  • Board of Directors UNANIMOUS in its support of proposal
  • Quota’s situation requires a bold move NOW
  • The proposal…

-protects YOUR local Quota experience

-opens up Quota in new ways for new members

– takes down boundaries that divide members

-opens doors to a more flexible & sustainable future

  • Enormous thought and discussion went into proposal creation by both 2010-2011 Board and 2011-2012 Board. Many different scenarios considered.
  • THIS 3-part proposal considered superior to all others.
  • Quota’s situation requires a bold move.
  • Proposal protects your local Quota experience while at the same time opening up Quota for new members (and current members) who want to experience Quota in a new way.
  • Proposal enables your club to continue as it always has – if you want it to.
  • Proposal provides for a regional connection for members who value that.
  • Time for Quota to move forward, to take down boundaries that divide members AND open doors to more flexible, sustainable future that benefits all members.
  • These changes are not “nice to do”; they are “need to do”.


This proposal will be published on the QI website www.quota.org after all the 2011 Area Meetings are completed. Please direct any questions to President Chris Tracey-Patte and Executive Director Kathleen Treiber as follows:

Quota International

1420 21st Street NW

Washington DC





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Greetings from Dubuque, Iowa

Hello Quota of Grand Rapids! We hope this finds you doing well. (Oh wait, I’ll write this more like a postcard, it’ll be shorter!)


Hi! Pat and I are having a great time. Dubuque is a lovely little city. We’ve heard lots of exciting news from Q.I. We’ll be sure to tell you all about it when we get home. Hope you’re doing well! See you soon

Emily & Pat

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Central Area Newsletter, September 2011

Click the link to read the latest news from Central Area (this was emailed out, if you didn’t receive it we make it convenient for you to check here on our blog!).


More exciting news is to be announced at the Central Area Meeting this weekend in Dubuque, Iowa. Pat and Emily will be attending and will share this news on our facebook page as soon as they hear it! Stay tuned…

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Central Area Newsletter – August 2011


Please click the link above to read the newsletter from our Central Area Director. We hope you’ll join us for the Central Area Meeting in September!! Contact Pat for more information.

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Walk Reminder

Fellow Quotarians,


I just wanted to remind you that time is closing in on our 3rd Annual Quota Cares Walk.


Click here for details


Remember, our walk is unique because there are no rules!  You can walk a quarter of a mile, or four miles.  It’s up to you and your group.  So, everyone is welcome and can participate.


This is one of our major fund raisers, so please invite your friends and family to support you and the wonderful work that Quota does in our community.


Put on your walkin’ shoes and I will see you on the 18th.


Kath Slagal

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thank you (from Betty and District 20)

Hello District 20 Members:

I wish to thank everyone who participated in our 65th District 20 Conference.   You came from far and wide to have fun plus participate in the governing of your District 20.

This was a heartwarming weekend for me, meeting up once again with long time Quota Friends, new Quota Friends and our President Elect Laura Lahman.  I trust all attendees felt the same way.

Our conference opened with the Parade of the Quota Flags followed by the “Cool Cats” in their rendition of the National Anthem of the United States of America.  Their performance was so heartwarming and received an overwhelming applause.   We also recited a poem written by E. Vera Hall, QI Past International President 1968-1969 from Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Our guest speaker, Julie Pioch, presented us with challenges on our knowledge of Quota and Parliamentary Procedure.  My thanks to Julie for such an interesting presentation and having us answer with buttons allowing us all to always be correct.  From the Flint Club, Connie Rau and Renee Keswick drove up especially to present a group discussion on Membership Retention.

The nominating committee worked tirelessly this year.  They presented the slate of Kathleen Holt, Governor and Jeanette Gravlin, Lt Governor.  The election was unanimous.

We breezed through the reports, due to the efficiency of our Committee Chairs.

Our buffets were fit for the Queens we are.  At lunch we heard from Laura Lahman on her passion, Junior Clubs.  She was accompanied by Shelley Warwick sharing with us the formation of our first Junior Club in Port Huron.  Our banquet was full of excitement also.  President Elect Laura conducted a grand Installation Ceremony with gifts for all of us.  Susan Schneberger and her elves entertained us, in  their own special way, with a successful auction.   We attained our goal of monies for the District 20 Coffee Hour sponsorship at the International Convention, 2012. “Thank you everyone!!!!!!!!!!”    On Sunday our Celebration of Life was once again an emotional and heartwarming presentation.  The Listening Tour for District 20 was then shared with us by Brenda Chadwick.

I would be remiss by not overwhelmingly Thanking QI Grand Rapids for the extremely delightful FUNnite!  Also, thank you, for their organization in giving us an excellent weekend.  We will be looking forward to the possibility of a Quota Club in Holland in the near future.   I am sure Laura Lahman would do the International honors.

It has been my pleasure serving you the last two years.  Each Club received me with warmth and friendship. I will be joining the ranks of the has-beens (past Governors) but know that these women are always ready and able to assist when called into action.

My fellow Quotarians—always remember — DISTRICT 20 is the best!!!!

May your walk through the Hall of Fame continue to keep you on the path of fulfilling your life long dreams.


Kind Regards,   Betty

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District 20 Newsletter – March 2011

Click the link below to read the District 20 newsletter

District Newsletter March2011



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