Quota Cares First Walk

Thanks to all who participated by walking or gathering pledges for our first (annual?) Quota Cares Walk on Sunday. The weather was gorgeous and the venue was ideal. Thanks to Kath for all her hard work in getting us organized.

We are still waiting on a few pledges to actually arrive, but assuming they do – here is the grand total raised for this fundraiser thus far… drum roll please…


This is amazing with only a couple dozen walkers – but goes to show what we can do when we all work together.

If you thought about pledging and haven’t done so yet, it’s definitely not too late. We won’t finalize our numbers for a couple of weeks so just let Robin know if there are pledges still hanging around out there.

Great job Kath and everyone else who helped make our Quota Cares Walk a success. I can’t wait to hear how the other clubs in our district did on their events!

Quota Cares Walk

Quota International of Grand Rapids will be holding our first Quota Cares Walk.

It will be held on September 27th at Riverside Park, and on site registration will begin at 12:30 pm.

We would love to have your support to further our cause of assisting the hard of hearing, deaf and disadvantaged women and children.

Register by clicking here, it will help make the registration process run more smoothly.

Please consider a donation showing your support by participating. For more information you can view our brochure.