President’s Message for June 25, 2015

Quotarians – YOU are amazing people!  You have embraced our mission, our vision and our new format so well.  We are making extraordinary progress in accomplishing our goals to improve our Club!!  We are moving forward with energy, enthusiasm and strength.

I was emailed a copy of our credits toward the Hear For Good program.  I recently had a meeting with Gillian Borkowski at Hear USA.  Some of you may know her from past years in Quota.  She is an outstanding audiologist who continues to share our quest to help the deaf and hard of hearing. Her clients recycle their old hearing aids with her company.recyclesymbol

She graciously gave us a box filled with used parts, totally a donation of 1,237 points!!  We are now at 1,974 and I couldn’t be more proud of the progress we have made!  FABULOUS!

More good news will be coming.  I’m doing these messages in smaller bites rather than one message a month.

Thank you for your support!


October ’14 President’s Message

Even though we didn’t make our financial goal for the Duck Walk by about $1000, I think we made tremendous strides in connecting with the Northview Total Communications staff and the GROD staff, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services and their staff, the Meijer Hearing Center, Elder’s Helpers and others that we don’t usually have as participants.  That was one of my goals from the Summer Celebration.  I want to thank the committee for their hours of work and generous time spent making the Duck Walk a success!

Undoubtedly a positive relationship is blooming with Quota and our agencies, schools, and community members.  From here, I think we will find more people spreading the word, attending and, hopefully, donating.

The Quota Advisory Council met last week at DHHS with a small group, who are very engaged, in identifying the unmet needs of our community.  Cathy Kaiser led with an excellent tool for each entity to respond.  You can find the information by clicking here.  The minutes are also included by clicking here.

My relationship with Ashlee Dowley is growing even further.  One day when I was pitching the Duck Walk, I mentioned that we didn’t have enough money to support a Spanish interpreter for the Mother’s Group at Ken-O-Sha.  This group meets once per month for 2 hours and discusses issues related to the struggles of having deaf and hard of hearing children.  Many of the children are from Hispanic homes where Spanish is the only language spoken.  With an interpreter, those moms would be able to  understand and be confident that their children are in the correct program.  Ashlee told me that she had just hired a young man, just out of college at GVSU who majored in medical interpretation with an emphasis in Spanish!  She set aside part of his work schedule to attend the meetings. Chris Ward started at Ken-O-Sha last Friday with his first group.  He was definitely excited to put his skills to work and meet the moms, with enthusiasm!  And all of this didn’t cost anyone any money!!  Thank you, Ashlee!

Now to the Make A Difference Day.  I started to put together the registration information yesterday and found that the event does HAVE to occur on the 4th Saturday of October, Oct. 25th this year.  So… I thought we could still participate.  People would drop off old, unused, or broken hearing aids to be repaired and given away to those persons who cannot afford them.  They would be distributed through DHHS and other agencies.   Proposed hours are from 10 – 4.  I will let you know what’s happening along the way.  If you’d like to spend some time assisting on Oct. 25th, please let me know.

2014 Quotarian of the Year

As presented at the April 2014 Installation Banquet:

It is my sincere pleasure to recognize and applaud Quota Club of Grand Rapids’ Quotarian of the Year.

She has been a very active member of our club for several years and continues to attack each task given to her with gusto, perseverance and attention to detail.  She is conscientious, dedicated and considerate of our members, their guests and all who have had contact with her in her Quota life as well as her personal life.

Undoubtedly, she goes above and beyond to ensure that her duties as former Treasurer, Secretary, committee member of Program, Service and Finance are consistent, well prepared and managed in a thoughtful, creative and hospitable manner.

Her countless contributions have impacted several people in our club as well as the community of people with whom we serve.  She can always be counted on to do a terrific job and is one of the members who rarely misses a meeting.  Her behind-the-scenes work illuminates her kindness, her passion and her caring attitude.

She has shared what Quota means to her with us, and now we would like to honor her with this award after so many years of giving.

We recognize our Outstanding Member for 2014….

 Sarah Glover!

May 2014 President’s Message

Before I post the President’s Message, I want to take a minute to congratulate Martha on her new appointment! I also want to say thank you to Kim for sharing two years worth of thoughts here on our blog. As Martha takes over please continue to check back at the beginning of each month for her message. Stop by more often for other news and information. For instance, check back after this weekend to see the special post about our 2014 Quotarian of the Year. -Emily

Without further ado, here’s the first message from Madame President:

My theme, Moving Forward, reflects some changes in the focus of Quota International. I will continuously communicate with you and expect that you will communicate with me.

Here are some of the highlights of what to expect from me as we grow and develop our Club:

  1. Challenge – learn how to improve and expand our Club
  2. Discover – learn how can we encourage others to join, volunteer, donate
  3. Innovate – learn how to think outside the box, and get measureable results
  4. Prioritize – our goals and reduce the obstacles
  5. Collaborate – with other agencies and build lasting relationships
  6. Synergize – the community w/ Quota
  7. Build – on small progressive steps to positive change and personal fulfillment
  8. Move Forward and create a WAVE of CHANGE, not only for others, but for a stronger sense of purpose for ourselves as leaders of our communities

Let’s all move together to create a fabulous, intriguing effort for success.

Not any one of us can do it. It must be a collaborative effort.

I thank you, I appreciate your insights and suggestions, and I trust that we can make a difference in the lives of those we serve, collectively. -Martha

January 2014 President’s Message

January 2014

Take a look at these statistics on New Year’s Resolutions:

Top 10 New Year’s resolutions for 2012
1.Lose Weight
2.Getting Organized
3.Spend Less, Save More
4.Enjoy Life to the Fullest
5.Staying Fit and Healthy
6.Learn Something Exciting
7.Quit Smoking
8.Help Others in Their Dreams
9.Fall in Love
10.Spend More Time with Family

Length of Resolutions Data
Resolution maintained through first week 75%
Past two weeks 71%
Past one month 64%
Past six months 46%

People who explicitly make resolutions are 10 times more likely to attain their goals than people who do not explicitly make resolutions

Source: University of Scranton. Journal of Clinical Psychology
Published: 12.13.2012

Successful or not, this tells me that people have good hearts and want to improve their situation and others’ as well. And the fact of the matter is that we don’t have to wait until the beginning of each new year to focus on that goal; every morning presents an opportunity to begin anew!

ps: check out our club in the news!