Installation of Board of Directors and Announcement of 2015 Quotarian of the Year!


Quota International of Grand Rapids announces the installation of the following Quotarians to the Board of Directors for the 2015/16 fiscal year

President                     Martha Herman, Empowered Consulting, LLC

Vice President            Pam Howland, Retired

Treasurer                     Maureen Martin, Home Repair Services

Directors –                  Sandi Aten, Retired

Kathleen Freeman, Hope Network

Rachael Owsinski, Fifth Third Bank

The Club also announces that Maureen Martin has been selected as the 2015 Grand Rapids Quotarian of the Year! This award is given annually to a local Quotarian who exemplifies the standards of Quota International and the organization’s motto, “We Share.” Maureen has been a member of Quota since 1981, currently serves as Treasurer and has also served as President, District Governor and in other leadership roles during her long tenure with the Club. Her dedication, experience and “voice of reason” continues to help guide the club as we move forward into the future.

Congratulations to Maureen and the newly installed Board of Directors.

2013 Installation Ceremony

As I mentioned in this post, Robin did a very nice job with the Installation Ceremony at our banquet. Since we all write on computers these days, it’s very easy to share with you what she said. Without further ado, here is the ceremony (and photos!):

This was another great year for Quota under the strong leadership of the outgoing board. We added new members, established our Junior Quota Club, made lots of money working on great fundraisers and continued to serve our mission to help the deaf and hard of hearing and disadvantaged women and children. A special thanks to Kim for her steady, strong leadership. We are lucky to have had her guidance over the last year and for another year to come. Our group is small but we are strong – and optimistic for the future of our Club and the good things we can do to help those we serve through our mission. We have had interesting programs and fun social get-togethers in a wonderful new location. We continue to move forward using efficient communication through technology. And we got some great PR this year!

And maybe most importantly, we have continued to have fun together.

Thanks to the new Officers and Directors

Leadership in Quota is a big responsibility. Our leaders give many hours to their roles. Thanks to each person for accepting the challenge. Each position carries unique and important responsibilities. You make a difference.


The Directors are charged with helping to lead the Club, acting as liaisons to all Club Committees and handling any other responsibility as requested by the President. Returning for the 2nd of two year terms:

Barbara Griffin (Barbara was unable to attend.)

Emily Uebbing joined Quota in January of 2007 and has served in many capacities, including as President. She agreed to be on the Board again because she enjoys knowing what goes on behind the scenes and being in the know is important because Emily’s also our blog editor! (Have you checked the blog lately??)

Emily has lived in West Michigan for a total of fifteen years – the first 8 years of her life in Niles and the remaining seven here in Grand Rapids with her husband, Bill. Emily current works as the Jr. High Youth Director, Wedding Coordinator and Support Staff for Adult Education at the First United Methodist Church of GR. And if that’s not enough, she will have a “summer job” helping a friend with her landscape business in Mt. Pleasant.  A little known fact about Emily? She’s is very afraid when crossing bridges!

New Directors:

New director Sandi Aten just joined Quota in February of this year. She agreed to step immediately onto the board so she can make new friendships, learn more about Quota and participate in activities that benefit others. She has lived in West Michigan for 47 years and she retired in 2011. In her free time, Sandi volunteers at Shawnee’s Oral Deaf School and for Gilda’s Club’s LaughFest. Little known fact about Sandi? She likes to garden.

Robin Keith – she has agreed to be a director for the next two years as well. She joined Quota in 1989 and have been on the board many times, including a stint as president (when she had the chance of a lifetime to attend the only international convention held in Singapore!) She has lived in GR for 35 years and currently work as the Community Relations Manager with Warner Norcross & Judd LLP. A little known fact about Robin? She could live on popcorn.


The Treasurer is charged with managing the financial condition, records and obligations of the Club’s operating fund and the Charitable Foundation fund and will be accountable to report our condition to the Board and the membership.

Maureen Martin joined Quota in 1981 and has been on the board many times, including a stint as president. She has also served our district as governor. She agreed to serve as Treasurer because a very good friend asked her to serve and she couldn’t say no! She has lived in West Michigan all her life and although she has traveled far and wide, she still loves coming home. She is the Finance Manager at Home Repair Services and has served on the boards of the Girl Scouts, Grand Rapids Ballet and Lake Michigan Academy. A little known fact? Maureen likes to play pool.


The Secretary is charged with keeping the minutes from all meetings of the Club and the Board and will handle all relevant correspondence of the Club.

Cathy Kaiser We have a very experienced board as Cathy has also served on the board a number of times and was president for an unprecedented three years! She joined Quota in 1981 and agreed to serve as Secretary this year because the loves knowing the inside scoop! She has lived in West Michigan since she was 13 years old and currently is the training coordinator for MISBTDC (ask Cathy what that stands for) at GVSU. A little known fact about Cathy? She once made a jacket out of a tablecloth!


The President Elect will act in the absence or inability of the President to serve and will perform such other duties as may be assigned by the President or the Board of Directors.

Martha Herman has only been a Quotarian since February of 2011 but has been very active from the start. She agreed to be in a leadership role to learn more about Quota and to use her energy and skills to help advance our Club. She has a master’s degree in leadership so she’s really prepared! She has lived in West Michigan her whole life and is currently self employed as a government contractor helping small businesses learn how to get long term contracts with federal, state and local governments. A little known fact? At the age of 26 she wrote a high school curriculum for blind and physically handicapped students to finish high school at home. One of her graduates was a gentleman with multiple sclerosis who was bedridden.


The President is responsible to preside at all meetings of the Club and the Board, generally supervise the interests and welfare of the Club in the community, appoint committees, represent the club at District and International meetings and generally set the direction, with the Board, for the next year.

Kim Savoie joined Quota in 1995, the same year she got her first hearing aids. She agreed to lead our club now because her current employer, Stifel Nicolaus, allows her to do so (her previous employer would not due to industry regulations). She’s lived in West Michigan her whole life bout wouldn’t reveal how long that is! For 29 years Kim has been a personal financial planner – which she considers being the best job in the work because she helps empower people financially! She has been active with Hudsonville High school, were her daughter Katie attends school – Kim will be a prom chaperone and also volunteers with the Hudsonville Band and Winter Color Guard. She’ll have an empty nest next year when Katie flies off to college. A little known fact: Kim uses her left hand for some tasks and her right hand for others – but she’s not truly ambidextrous!


At this point, the new Board was installed.

Please look for photos of the new board (to be posted soon, here on the blog) to help you recognize them. We are here to serve you and we want to hear from you. And we also want to thank you, the members, for your support of this club. We do make a difference!

Here are some photos from the evening.

Sandi, Maureen and Martha pose for a picture before eating dinner.

Gwen, Diane and Eleanor sharing laughter and smiles.

Kath and Pam share a hug before the program started.

Emily, Sarah, Anna Moore, Pam H., and Robin enjoying another Installation banquet.

The 2013-14 Board Members: Emily, Barbara (not pictured), Robin, Sandi, Maureen, Cathy, Martha, and Kim (look for mugshots, er, I mean head shots/close ups to be posted in the next few weeks).

2013 Installation Banquet

We missed many of you at the Installation Banquet. For those who are sick, we hope you are feeling better. For those who are traveling, we hope you have fun and return home safely. For those who just missed it, we missed you. But we don’t want you to miss out on everything. That’s why we post on this blog. To keep you up-to-date, informed, and on the up-and-up (you know, the haps -it’s what the kids are calling it these days).

Robin did a wonderful job as Mistress of Ceremonies. Cathy gave a wonderful invocation. The club continues to impress us with their delicious food. Robin introduced the new Board (check back for some entertaining information on your incoming Board). Emily presented the Quotarian of the Year (check back to read all about the deserving Quotarian). Kim then shared her insight to the new Board. Here’s what she told us,

Sloth, like rust, consumes faster than labor wears, while the used key is always bright.  Benjamin Franklin.  These people are all bright keys.  

“Maureen” is a Celtic name that means – Great. In Quotarian, Maureen means a great vision.   Maureen can easily see “the big picture” and lends her vision to the Board and the Club readily.  In the coming year, she will be Maureen the Great, conquering the financial reporting for the Club and Foundation.

A Latin-American name, “Patricia” means – of noble descent. In Quotarian, Patricia carries our Club’s reputation nobly forward with our Service Projects and our Hospitality.

“Martha” is an Israeli name with the meaning – lady. In Quotarian, Martha is the lady with enthusiasm for all our projects, especially the Duck Walk.

An Irish name, “Kathleen” means – pure, virginal. In Quotarian, the name Kathleen (or Kathy with a K) means pure passion for our service projects and know-how to squeeze extra money out there for our cause.  And this up- coming year, she’ll no longer be a virgin to heading the Service Committee.

The meaning of “Sarah”, an Israeli name is – princess. In Quotarian, Sarah has been not just the princess, but the Queen of Programs and RSVPs for our meetings.

In Latin-American, the name “Emily” means – admiring. In Quotarian, her name is especially fitting because we all get to admire Emily’s handicraft when we look at the blog every week.  We’ll get to continue to see her work displayed for admiration in the new Quota year as she continues to work her magic with the blog and bring her knowledge to the board as a Director.

The meaning of “Cathleen”, an Irish name is – pure, chaste. In Quotarian, this Cathleen (or Cathy with a C) means purely ambitious for our members and their numbers, and in the next year, a desire for pure minute- taking for posterity.

A Greek name, the meaning of “Pamela” is – honey. In Quotarian, Pamela Goebel did a honey of a job in discovering our financial weak spots and then worked to make them run smoothly.

In English, the name “Robin” means – famous brilliance. In Quotarian, it’s the same in that Robin gives a famous brilliance to our efforts through the publicity covering our results.  She’s also brilliant at taking all the conversations and detail discussed at meetings and putting them so succinctly in the minutes.

“Barbara” is an English name taken from the Greek “barbarous”, meaning traveler from a foreign land.  The name became popular in medieval Britain after the 3rd century martyr St Barbara.  In Catholic custom, St. Barbara is a protectress against fire and lightning. In Quotarian, even though Barbara travels frequently, as a Director she protects our Board from the storms of bad decisions and will continue to do that in 2013-14.

As you know, the Greek meaning of “Pamela” is – honey. In Quotarian, Pamela Howland is as sweet as possible in coaxing extra funds out of folks to further our cause and will keep it going for another year as the Fin/Fun Committee Chair.

The name “Sandi” originated as a Greek name that means – defender, helper of humanity. In Quotarian, Sandi will be a helper of all who we serve for the next two years as a Board Director.

French in origin, the mythological ancient Roman divinity, Diana, or “Diane”, was noted for beauty and swiftness; often depicted as a celestial huntress. In Quotarian, Diane will apply her beauty and swiftness to advancing the membership of Quota of Grand Rapids.

Now, I didn’t know this until I searched my name last in this list, but the meaning of “Kimberly”, in English is – ruler. In Quotarian, with everyone’s continued support and help, I will do my very best to lead our group for one more year, and I thank you for the privilege!

Installation Ceremony

Join us as we Install our new Board for the 2013-2014 year. If you haven’t received your invitation, please click here to view it. PLEASE NOTE: rsvp is due by April 8th.

The new slate of Officers will be:

President: Kim

President Elect: Martha

Recording Secretary: Cathy K.

Treasurer (General Fund): Maureen

Directors (2-Year Terms): Sandi, Robin, Barbara, and Emily