Installation of Board of Directors and Announcement of 2015 Quotarian of the Year!


Quota International of Grand Rapids announces the installation of the following Quotarians to the Board of Directors for the 2015/16 fiscal year

President                     Martha Herman, Empowered Consulting, LLC

Vice President            Pam Howland, Retired

Treasurer                     Maureen Martin, Home Repair Services

Directors –                  Sandi Aten, Retired

Kathleen Freeman, Hope Network

Rachael Owsinski, Fifth Third Bank

The Club also announces that Maureen Martin has been selected as the 2015 Grand Rapids Quotarian of the Year! This award is given annually to a local Quotarian who exemplifies the standards of Quota International and the organization’s motto, “We Share.” Maureen has been a member of Quota since 1981, currently serves as Treasurer and has also served as President, District Governor and in other leadership roles during her long tenure with the Club. Her dedication, experience and “voice of reason” continues to help guide the club as we move forward into the future.

Congratulations to Maureen and the newly installed Board of Directors.

Spring In Grand Rapids

We welcomed the first day of spring with a meeting at Sunnybrook. We were happy to see Nicki who brought a guest, our interpreter, and sixteen Quota members in attendance. We sent good wishes to our healing Quotarians Kim and Kath. We enjoyed dinner, which was breakfast!

We celebrated Diana and Peggy’s birthdays by singing to them. Peggy shared a delicious cake that her husband Joe bought for her (even though he’s the cook in the family, he knows her fondness for Arnie’s cakes).

Before we decorated dinner bags for Kids Food Basket, as our Quota Cares project, we held our annual election of officers.

We unanimously elected our new officers and directors for the upcoming 2014/15 fiscal year. Congratulations and thank you to the following Quotarians who have agreed to serve in leadership positions. Even though we are a relatively small group in terms of members, these Quotarians spend a significant amount of time taking care of business for our Club.

President – Martha Herman

President Elect – Pam Howland

Secretary – Cathy Kaiser

Treasurer – Maureen Martin

Director (2 yr. term)  – Sarah Glover

Director (2 yr. term) – Kathy Freeman

Director (1 yr. term) – Sandi Aten

Director (1 yr. term) – Robin Keith

The officers and directors will be installed at our annual Installation Banquet to be held on Thursday evening, April 17 at Sunnybrook Country Club. The Gavel Club will be sending an invitation to you to attend this very special evening. We will also have the chance to say thank you to those outgoing officers including our fearless leader, Kim. Please make every effort to attend the Installation Banquet and show your support for these Quotarians.

 Also at the Installation Banquet, we will announce the 2014 Quotarian of the Year! We need your nominations. Please complete and email this form to Martha, Pat, or Peggy by March 31. (Or just send an email including why you think your nominee deserves to be selected.)

Then we picked our favorite fundraisers and service projects we hope to work on in in 2014-2015. We used to choose these via “Quillionaire”, but Pam used her creative juices and came up with “Quota is Blossoming”. There were lovely green bookmarks with stems drawn on each one. As each Quotarian chose which activity she would like to help coordinate and participate, she placed a flower sticker on her green stemmed bookmark.

Pick your favorite Fundraisers and Service projects.

The Quotarian with the most stickers won a prize. The prize was an organizer (which will come in handy since she just signed up for all those activities). The winner, with five stickers, was Pat!

Pat picked the most!

Then we got to decorating the bags for Kids Food Basket. We decorated around fifty, 8 lb. bags (extra large). The kids who receive sack suppers often keep these bags. They decorate their rooms with them, simply because these bags were given to the student and is now something the student owns. Over six thousand sack suppers are delivered every day in West Michigan.

You don’t have to be creative to decorate a bag. We used stickers, stencils and had fun coloring.

What I love about this picture is the window behind Barbara, it’s still light outside! Happy Spring!

-Robin & Emily