Quota Fund/Friend Raisers for 2015

Quota is working hard to raise funds that will be used to help the deaf and hard of hearing and make a difference in the lives of many people in our community.

Our Fin/Fun committee has proposed three major 2015 fundraisers for Quota this year. Planning for the first one is already underway. Our popular ‘Show Me the Money” 50/50 raffle is back!  Chair Pam H. has applied for the raffle license and is busy making plans with her committee. Ticket sales will start on March 19 and continue until April 16 when a winning ticket will be drawn at our annual Installation Banquet. We hope all members and Quota friends will support this great event by buying tickets.  You never know–one of you might be the big winner this year!!

Our annual Duck Walk will be held in September. Co-chairs Martha H. and Sandi A. have plans for some new and exciting changes this year. And our final major fundraiser will be our annual Barnes & Noble Book Fair which will be held in November. Chairs Lisa B. and Pat C. are sure to have fun things planned. So watch the blog for more details as planning begins!

Please remember that Koeze’s products can be purchased year-round and the proceeds help us fund our service projects. Valentine’s Day is a great time for a Koeze treat.

And finally, Amazon Smile is always a great way to help out by just hitting a key on your computer. Visit www.smile.amazon.com, select Quota Grand Rapids Charitable Foundation as your chosen charity and a portion of all your Amazon purchases will help us help others.

Your support in all fundraising endeavors is much appreciated! Leave a message for us if you would like to join in the fun!

October ’14 President’s Message

Even though we didn’t make our financial goal for the Duck Walk by about $1000, I think we made tremendous strides in connecting with the Northview Total Communications staff and the GROD staff, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services and their staff, the Meijer Hearing Center, Elder’s Helpers and others that we don’t usually have as participants.  That was one of my goals from the Summer Celebration.  I want to thank the committee for their hours of work and generous time spent making the Duck Walk a success!

Undoubtedly a positive relationship is blooming with Quota and our agencies, schools, and community members.  From here, I think we will find more people spreading the word, attending and, hopefully, donating.

The Quota Advisory Council met last week at DHHS with a small group, who are very engaged, in identifying the unmet needs of our community.  Cathy Kaiser led with an excellent tool for each entity to respond.  You can find the information by clicking here.  The minutes are also included by clicking here.

My relationship with Ashlee Dowley is growing even further.  One day when I was pitching the Duck Walk, I mentioned that we didn’t have enough money to support a Spanish interpreter for the Mother’s Group at Ken-O-Sha.  This group meets once per month for 2 hours and discusses issues related to the struggles of having deaf and hard of hearing children.  Many of the children are from Hispanic homes where Spanish is the only language spoken.  With an interpreter, those moms would be able to  understand and be confident that their children are in the correct program.  Ashlee told me that she had just hired a young man, just out of college at GVSU who majored in medical interpretation with an emphasis in Spanish!  She set aside part of his work schedule to attend the meetings. Chris Ward started at Ken-O-Sha last Friday with his first group.  He was definitely excited to put his skills to work and meet the moms, with enthusiasm!  And all of this didn’t cost anyone any money!!  Thank you, Ashlee!

Now to the Make A Difference Day.  I started to put together the registration information yesterday and found that the event does HAVE to occur on the 4th Saturday of October, Oct. 25th this year.  So… I thought we could still participate.  People would drop off old, unused, or broken hearing aids to be repaired and given away to those persons who cannot afford them.  They would be distributed through DHHS and other agencies.   Proposed hours are from 10 – 4.  I will let you know what’s happening along the way.  If you’d like to spend some time assisting on Oct. 25th, please let me know.

Just so you know….

I (President Martha) will be sharing information with you periodically about what’s going on with our partners, people, and agencies as I meet with them. This is a follow up to the Summer Celebration to strengthen our relationship with the community. I will be meeting with GR Oral Deaf teaching staff, with Sandi, our liaison; Northview P.S. with Pat, our liaison; AMBUCS, Patty Watson; MI Rehab Services, Todd Sprunger; Miracle Ear manager in GR, Chad Barcheski; and others.

August 13, 2014 DHHS

I met with Jeannette Johnson, Development Director, Deb Atwood, Business Manager and David Overeem, Tech Support at DHHS to discuss how we can complement each other’s efforts in reaching the community. I did not indicate or promise any financial support in any way.
We discussed the services that they have to offer …. American Sign Language classes, Workshops, Interpreters, Cultural Sensitivity training, and counseling over 6700 clients per year. They have relationships with Hear Now at Spectrum Health, Area Agency on Aging, and are continuing to seek sources for funding through grants.

There are high schools, Wayland and Forest Hills Northern, that teach ASL for credit towards their Foreign Language requirement. Another good group to pull in.

They have several fund raisers each year including a May Fest at McFadden’s, a Silent Auction, a February Chocolate event, and a Silent Celebration in June with 200-300 people attending at Douglas Walker Park. They hold a camp for kids, and will be hosting a speaker, Trix Bruce, a well-known actress, humorist and speaker in November.

I indicated that I would like them to participate in our activities as well. They are more than willing to assist us in our effort to attract more people to OUR fundraisers. They would like to be a part of our Duck Walk, our B & N bookfair and anything else. They have offered to supply equipment for our FREE hearing screening at the Duck Walk, distribute our flyers and direct people to our website.

Here’s my thinking on this.
We reach a larger group of people for the same cause. We are just supporters
We may increase club membership.
We increase awareness through partnership using their databases.
We could collaborate on a grant to raise money for our pet projects with fewer efforts to drum up ideas, making our time more efficient and effective.

We would have to establish a statement such as ‘we do not endorse any agency’…etc.
If we did participate in a fundraiser with [DHHS], we would have to weigh the pros and cons of support, time and effort. There may be some political ramifications as well.

Overall, DHHS truly appreciates all we do as a club to provide funding and support. Together I think we can have a positive impact.

Our 2013 Duck Walk results…

Thank you all for the whopping great results to all of our efforts during the Duck Walk!  I would like to applaud our special committe members who have been working on this project for the past 4 months:  Pat Cook, Robin Keith, Cathy Kaiser, Kathy Freeman, Diane Friar, and Rachael Owinski!

Additionally, I would like to thank you, the Club, for your unending support.  We ALL pulled together with
99% of the Club participating.

This is what we are best at doing  — combining our efforts for a terrific result!

I give you all a standing ovation!!  Congratulations!!!!

PS- We have made over $3,300 thus far!!!!

Martha J. Herman

2013 Duck Walk

Please join us for our 4th Annual Walk. This is a fun way to share with your friends, neighbors and family who Quota is and what we do. To sign up, please visit our home page.


You can donate via debit/credit card at the Walk! We’ll have a Square available. Forget the checkbook, we’ll take plastic. Don’t forget to collect checks or cash from neighbors and friends (checks can be made out to “Quota Grand Rapids Charitable Foundation” and will be 100% tax deductible).

This will be held at Millennium Park (1415 Maynard SW). Click here for a map.

The walk and fun activities for ALL ages will be from 1:00-3:00pm. There are raffle prizes, games, face painting AND MUCH MORE!

Click the link for the brochure and more information: 2013 Duck Walk Brochure