Installation of Board of Directors and Announcement of 2015 Quotarian of the Year!


Quota International of Grand Rapids announces the installation of the following Quotarians to the Board of Directors for the 2015/16 fiscal year

President                     Martha Herman, Empowered Consulting, LLC

Vice President            Pam Howland, Retired

Treasurer                     Maureen Martin, Home Repair Services

Directors –                  Sandi Aten, Retired

Kathleen Freeman, Hope Network

Rachael Owsinski, Fifth Third Bank

The Club also announces that Maureen Martin has been selected as the 2015 Grand Rapids Quotarian of the Year! This award is given annually to a local Quotarian who exemplifies the standards of Quota International and the organization’s motto, “We Share.” Maureen has been a member of Quota since 1981, currently serves as Treasurer and has also served as President, District Governor and in other leadership roles during her long tenure with the Club. Her dedication, experience and “voice of reason” continues to help guide the club as we move forward into the future.

Congratulations to Maureen and the newly installed Board of Directors.

Pediatric hearing loss and cochlear implants

Please join us on Thursday evening, November 20,at Sunnybrook Country Club  for our monthly membership meeting. Networking with a cash bar begins at 5:30 and our meeting with dinner begins at 6:00. Our presenter that evening will be Kirsten Kramer. She is an audiologist from Spectrum Health and Kirsten will share with us what she does at Spectrum, how they work with pediatric patients and update us on what is currently happening in the field of cochlear implants. Guests are welcome!

6.19.14 Minutes

Quota International of Grand Rapids Meeting

Sunnybrook Country Club, Grandville, MI

June 19, 2014 Business Meeting Minutes


Present: Sandi Aten, Peggy Bishop, Diana Bittrick, Lisa Braendle, Deb Buckley, Elaine Carr, Ginny Ebers, Kathy Freeman, Sarah Glover, Barbara Griffin, Martha Herman, Pam Howland, Cathy Kaiser, Robin Keith, Maureen Martin, Kim Savoie, Kathleen Slagal, Emily Uebbing.  18 members and 3 guests attended.

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm by President Martha Herman.

Quota Collect

Consent Agenda: May meeting minutes were approved as sent.

Guests:  Virginia VanRaalte, Kathie McFarlin, guests of Martha Herman; Sue Allen, daughter of Ginny Ebers.

Fashion Models:  Kim and Emily modeled the award winning aprons that Kim and Rachael wore at the District Conference, winning First and Second Place!

Active Agenda: The proposed budget for the General Fund was accepted as sent. The proposed budget for the Charitable Foundation was accepted as sent.


a. Grocery Bags are still available.  We have sold about 55.  Garden basket raffle took in about  $75 at the conference.

b. Pat Cook will be our liaison with Northview Public Schools Total Communication program, and  Sandi Aten will be our liaison with GRPS for Ken-O-Sha, for now. Deb Buckley will be our liaison with DHHS.

c. Travel Raffle was run by Kim. Congratulations to Sue Allen who won a delicious collection of chocolate goodies brought back from Las Vegas by Emily. If you have any special items, please pass them along to Pam Howland for future travel raffles.

d. Summer Celebration, July 24 – Pam, Sarah, and Sandi have been busy preparing for this activity now known as ‘Blossoming with Quota’.  Sarah distributed the very creative Save The Date cards. Please send people’s email addresses to Martha of those special people who you want to attend from agencies, personal contacts, etc.  Kath S. will give us an overview of our Quota history and Martha will address the future plans of our Club.  Certificates of service and our award for our involvement with ‘The Miracle Worker’ will be presented.  We would like old scrapbooks available, pictures of events and any videos you may have.  We will be showing the past few years’ videos of the oral deaf children’s concert at the event.   There are 110 on the invitation list so far, plus Quota alumni. You are welcome to invite up to two people (family, friends) as your guests, in addition to the names you supply to Martha. Please let Martha know the names of your guests.

e. Duck Walk – September 14, Millennium Park, 1 pm; Koeze Nut sale is year round; Barnes & Noble tentative date is November 8 and we’re hooking up with Miracle Ear in the mall at the same time.

The Business Meeting was adjourned by Martha at 6:17pm.

We had great fun, entertainment, and prizes, playing Bunco, with very creative Bunco award certificates, name tags and score cards created by Sarah.

50/50 Raffle: Thank you to the audit team of Bishop and Howland for tallying the results of our raffle. The winning prize of $1,230 was won by Judy Clark of Newaygo. Top ticket sellers were: Martha in first place, Robin in second place and Kim in third place. Thank you to all for selling and bringing in the largest pot yet.

Respectfully Submitted,

Cathy Kaiser, Recording Secretary

Picnic with our new Junior Quota Members (gift ideas & list of students)

We have asked the Cool Cats and several other students to join together to form a JQ!!  We have invited all of them (there are eighteen students) to join us at our June meeting (click here to see the invitation). This will be a picnic at Centennial.

As we have in the past few years; we will be providing them with summer activities. They often are lonely and bored during summer vacation. We want to support their continued education and to give them fun and exciting activities to keep them stimulated!

Below is the sign-up sheet. Thank you to everyone who volunteered!! We are only looking to spend $15.00 to keep it fair to everyone. Kim will be bringing fun extras for all of the students.

If you need more suggestions for gift ideas, please contact me. We just ask that you remember their reading level is around 1st-2nd grade, so age-appropriate items may not be the best gift. If you aren’t sure, ask me!

Please let me know who you would like to sign up for by June 7th.

Gift ideas:

  • year subscription to National Geographics for Kids is ($15.00)
  • seed starter indoor kit w/ a variety of seeds that could be split up & given to each
  • any type of word search activity book

Click here for more gift ideas.

Names of students:                                Names of Quotarians:


Christopher *(boy)                                                          Kathy F.

Zedin * (girl)                                                                         Pam G.

Almina * (girl)                                                                      Pat

Brija * (girl)                                                                            Martha

Megi * (girl)                                                                            Diane

Carlos *(boy)                                                                          Sue

Allison * (girl)                                                                         Peggy

Marsalais (boy)                                                                        Kath S.

Martel  (boy)                                                                            Kathy F.

Nicole  (girl)                                                                            Robin

Summer (girl)                                                                          Anna Moore

Anastasia (girl)                                                                        Sarah

CJ (boy)                                                                                  Emily

Quoc Viet (boy, into guitars)                                                  Cathy

Sanel (boy, into cars)                                                              Maureen

Grace (girl)                                                                              Pam H.

Anna (girl)                                                                               Elaine

Amy (girl)                                                                               Rachael

*denotes new “members” of JQ (are not part of the Cool Cats classroom, but are mainstreamed. May have attended school with the Cool Cats).