Treasure Hunt

I really had fun going through the treasure hunt on the blog. I hope others have done it, too. If you did you, too, discovered lots of great information on our blog – which will only continue to get better and better. Thanks to Emily and Maureen for helping us turn to the blog for our Quota news!

PS – My total points are 150.

Rosemary Scott

Rosemary Scott

Diane Friar sent me this very interesting speech made by our own Rosemary Scott on February 23, 1995. As most of your know, Rosemary broke many barriers as one of the first women lawyers in Grand Rapids. Whether you knew her or not, I think you will find her speech to be very interesting. And it provides a side to Rosemary that we didn’t always see.

Thanks for sharing this, Diane!

Peggy’s White Chicken Chili

Wondering why this is called Peggy’s White Chicken Chili? It’s because it’s SO EASY that even Peggy could make it! (ha ha!)

One jar Northern Beans

One jar salsa

One can chicken

Heat all together on stove top (in pot, Peg) until warmed through. Serve in bowls with shredded cheese on top and a side of tortilla chips. (If you use low fat cheese and baked chips, this one is REALLY good for you!)

Submitted by Robin

Quota Cares First Walk

Thanks to all who participated by walking or gathering pledges for our first (annual?) Quota Cares Walk on Sunday. The weather was gorgeous and the venue was ideal. Thanks to Kath for all her hard work in getting us organized.

We are still waiting on a few pledges to actually arrive, but assuming they do – here is the grand total raised for this fundraiser thus far… drum roll please…


This is amazing with only a couple dozen walkers – but goes to show what we can do when we all work together.

If you thought about pledging and haven’t done so yet, it’s definitely not too late. We won’t finalize our numbers for a couple of weeks so just let Robin know if there are pledges still hanging around out there.

Great job Kath and everyone else who helped make our Quota Cares Walk a success. I can’t wait to hear how the other clubs in our district did on their events!

2009 Quotarian of the Year!

Emily Uebbing

Quotarian of the Year

Congratulations to Emily Uebbing who was named Quotarian of the Year for 2009! The nomination committee voted and I’m sure the membership will agree. Emily is a very deserving candidate. Some of her accomplishments include:

  • Chairing the Membership committee
  • Board member
  • Incoming President Elect (Best seat in the house according to Cathy Kaiser)
  • Helped to Create and maintain our Blog
  • Started a new fund raising tradition with Lia Sophia
  • Developed our Quota Dollars Program-recognized By Central Area as an innovative program that increases member participation
  • Works with the Cool Cats to help with their classroom terrarium.

Please join me in congratulating Emily!

Book Recommendation

I am reading a very interesting book entitled “Hands of My Father” by Myron Uhlberg. It’s a memoir about a young hearing boy growing up with deaf parents in 1940s Brooklyn. Uhlberg recalls the time his uncle told him he saw his nephew as cleaved into two parts, half hearing, half deaf, forever joined together. I am really enjoying this book about the personal challenges he faced of bringing the hearing and deaf world together – especially as a young child who has to quickly grow up to become the translator for his parents and caregiver for his siblings. Thought you might be interested in reading this, too…. -Robin