Financial Aid to Individuals

Individuals requesting equipment – Quota currently receives help from DHHS (Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services) in evaluating an individual’s needs and what equipment or resources may best meet those needs;  if you are requesting hearing assistance equipment:

  • Download form here (our form is currently unavailable while it is updated) or contact DHHS (V: 616-732-7358;    VP:616-828-0186;    Fax: 616-732-7365)
  • DHHS can assist with completion of the form
  • Submit completed form to:
DHHS (Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services)
P.O. Box 8112
Grand Rapids, MI 49518-8812
  • DHHS will make a recommendation to Quota

Other Individual Requests – if you are Deaf or Hard of Hearing and you wish to request assistance for any needs other than equipment – please submit a letter detailing the need and any other information which would assist us in making a decision

  • Submit the request in advance of quarterly deadlines either by email or  US Mail to:


US Mail address:

Quota Club of Grand Rapids
PO Box 230782
Grand Rapids MI 49523-0782 

Quarterly deadlines for 2014 are forthcoming. Please check back after January 9, 2014 to find more information or email us at:

All requests will be evaluated at the Service Committee’s meetings and a response sent shortly thereafter.