Fin/Fun June 2010 update

Quota-Fin/Fun committee update

June 2010

Fundraising Events

The fin/fun committee has not met, but Emails went out to the chairs of our fundraising projects.

Quota walk-Kath Slagal will be chairing the walk in September and plans on securing Riverside Park when she returns from vacation.

Barnes & Noble-Kim Savoie is chairing the Barnes and Noble event and has a committee meeting scheduled for July 20 at 5:00 p.m. at her office.  Our mall date has been set for January 8, 2011.  Kim has many exciting ideas to share with her committee.  Stay tuned…

Holiday shopping extravaganza-Peggy Bishop is heading this project up and has a committee meeting scheduled for July 22 at noon at the downtown Holiday Inn.

Conference sales-A big thanks to Maureen Martin for coordinating club sales at District Conference. We have a small supply of Koeze nuts available for your immediate purchase. Please contact Maureen.

Financial update

Final year end reports for the Club and Foundation have been finalized.  Peggy Bishop will file the required 990-N forms with the IRS.

Diane Friar has volunteered to do our internal inspection of the Club and Foundation this year.  Thanks Diane, we look forward to your report.