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What’s New at Quota International?

Our Q.I. headquarters has been busy this winter (they must have a lot of snow too) and they have created this amazing blog! What’s so great about it, you ask? It’s much easier for you to share this with your friends and family (just like sharing our blog). Q.I. is constantly updating it with news from around the world so we can see what great things our friends are doing all over the world. Why wouldn’t you want to share this with your friends?

Go check out their blog today. It will be linked permanently for you on our blog under Community Partners.

Go on, check it out!

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The FINAL Central Area Meeting

October 11-13, 2013

The weekend weather was gloriously beautiful.  The hotel was on a harbor with salmon leaping through the air every few minutes.  I walked to the lighthouse each morning to see the sunrise.  There was a wonderful farmers’/craft market within walking distance.  Oh, to have a GR Quota friend to share it with!  Oh well, I survived, sat with district friends at the meetings and dinner and learned so much.  Nice weekend!

Eighty attendants included big groups from North Dakota and Wisconsin.

Laura Lehman, International President, opened the Saturday proceedings by explaining several concerns the Board had about moving headquarters to Dallas; after one meeting there, they have changed their minds so QI headquarters will stay in Washington DC.

Regional candidacy is open so the web site has all the candidates with their information.  Votes must be to governors by October 15. This does not concern our club because we are unique in that we remain the same six clubs currently in our District will also be in our new Region. Yvonne Babe is running unopposed so she will continue on as Regional Director.

There are more than 50 JQ clubs invited to convention and being asked to submit a video for convention.

There will be a “Draw Down” at convention.  Tickets are $100 and must be purchased by March 1.  (They may be bought as a group.) 400 will be sold and the winning ticket will be worth $10,000!!!!!

Members are not reading the online version of the Quotarian online as was hoped, so there a hard copy of the publication will be mailed to all in February.

Barbara Schreiber was introduced.  She is a young 45 years old with a bundle of energy.  I was impressed with her new outlook, quick thinking and commitment to Quota.  By the way, she asked again that everyone email her with one reason why you love Quota (she only had a very few respond to her first request—maybe that shows how very few read online!)

Karen Murphy spoke next.  She said that Central Area has the highest average member per club in the world – 27 (helped by 52 members in Flint and 51 in Iosco County). Karen is challenging other clubs to match us.

She did say that an average of 87 members worldwide are leaving each month.

Quota’s fiscal year is being changed to the calendar year, which should make many things easier for all.

Karen also said that her club’s JQ has raised $5,000 and will be raising $15,000 next month.  Wow!

She announced that this year was NOT a deficit budget year!!!!!!!!!

$1.5 million was donated by Quota worldwide.

There were “reports” by all the district governors.

Yvonne wore her frog hat and she did a great job promoting our Duck Walk!

The 6th district raised $81,000 last year!!!! Yikes!

Julia Witherspoon was the guest speaker — she spoke about her Cops ‘n Kids program and said “I love Quota!” about 600 times (sincerely each time!).  She has two new extensions called “Book ‘em” (books for prisoners that they receive right after being booked) and “Books at Birth” which are given to new moms when they leave the hospital.  She was presented with an honorary membership in Quota —there were many tears by presenter and presentee.  It was quite touching and she is such a wonderful person—so inspiring and loving!  (We might want to plan ahead for our March project and think about doing a version of either of her two new projects so we can buy books at the Book Fair in November ????).  Just a thought…………

Concluding the afternoon was a panel discussion with the board members. Many attendees had questions about the new structure but I think we have most of the information that was covered and we were promised to receive much more.  Possibly the biggest concern was the fiscal calendar change re:  dues/taxes.  There is no definite answer at present, as the board will have to wait until the Regions make singular decisions in January.  We were reminded several times about the time involved in making this major structural change.

This is wordy, I know, so I will just say further that there was a nice banquet on Saturday night when I sat with the Flint contingent and had a very enjoyable time.  I bought a Q pendant from the Silent Auction, which raised $1466 for the Wanda Frey Joiner foundation.  Sunday involved lots of talk about Cincinnati:  cost of the registration is $360 per member. The good news about that is that you can pay in 4 installments.

We split up into Regions to discuss the future.  Our Region 4 discussion was about how we can use the new structure to change the way we do things as one entity going forward.  For example, our yearly conferences could still move from club to club but without a “host” so that each club contributes in a different way.  Also, communication within the Region will become more important, actually, necessary.

That’s it in a nutshell (maybe a big Brazil nut?).  Please contact me if you have any specific questions.



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Another way we share

For me, one of the best parts of Quota has been making friends from all around the world. As the digital age reduces the size of our planet, we are able to connect with friends half-way around the globe quicker than ever before. We can send them a quick message on Facebook, a birthday wish on Twitter, or post a picture of time spent with them on a blog.

That’s what I wanted to share with you today.

Well, that and Kim took a picture on her phone, figured out how to email it to me, and I’m sharing it with you. Seriously, if Kim can figure out how to do that (and post her president’s messages on the blog), you don’t have an excuse!

Our incoming Quota International President, Karen Murphy, is making her way across North America with her husband Brian. They are visiting clubs, cities, Area Meetings, and Quota members. As Karen and her husband head toward Milwaukee to the last Central Area Meeting, Kim extended the invitation to our club via email and Robin, Cathy and myself joined three members from Kalamazoo (Betty, Judi and Suzy) Thursday evening. We had dinner at Watermark Grille.

(Kim’s phone photo)

I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we all enjoyed our time with Karen and each other (I’m not leaving out Brian; he was also interesting, he was also mostly quiet, like any good Quotarian husband).

Here’s the entire group

Karen is fascinating; a forward-thinker, a superb leader, funny, a good listener, a proud Quotarian, and Australian so she has that great accent.

Pat is currently at the Central Area meeting as I type this. I’m sure she will have news to share when she returns. We will be sure to post it on here so you can keep up with the latest from Q.I.

I want to leave you with this reminder. Quota is about sharing and caring. We help others, we make a difference. We also make friends and strong connections that bring us closer. When we make a difference, it ripples through so many more people than we can ever hope to reach. But it’s when we get together, sit down, and have a meal. It’s the thanksgiving of our new friendships, lasting friendships, and laughter. I have learned this through experience. There is great joy in our service and there is great joy in our gatherings. Yes, I am plugging meetings. Every meeting. Conference, Area meetings, Conventions, and club meetings. Dinner meetings with future Q.I. presidents are a bonus. And don’t forget committee meetings.

These are the connections that make us stronger. These are the connections of Quota.


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IMPORTANT Update from Quota International

Quota Quick Update
5 July 2012
Important Update on Structure and Governance Proposal
The Quota International Board of Directors announced today that they have made some changes to the proposal for Quota’s future structure and governance system. Immediately reviewing results from member feedback provided at 2012 District Conferences just ended, the board:
  • Changed the regional assignment of some districts.
  • Will “Grandfather” existing club branches that don’t reach the 7-member minimum club charter number by December 31, 2012, thus permitting them to become a club. (This applies only to branches not located in a country where the law of the land requires a specific minimum number.)
  • Restricted the number of international board nominees from one Quota club to one per election.
  • Proposed a new ballot counting system to be used at international elections that would promote diversity on the board of directors and limit to three the maximum number of board members from one country.
The revised structure and governance proposal will be discussed at the Convention 2012 Town Meeting and voted on at the Bylaws session, both scheduled for Thursday, July 12, 2012.
Writer and Designer: Nancy Fitzpatrick, Deputy Executive Director
Occasional Quota Quick Updates are sent to members with e-mail addresses in the Quota International membership database. At no time is e-mail information sold or loaned. Delete, change, or add your e-mail address online or contact kyle@quota.org for assistance.

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Quota Quick update

Did you receive an email from Quota International? Check out their website for updates, information and more! Also, be sure to read what President Chris blogged about! It’s as easy as clicking here.

Plus, Quota is issuing a “Q-pon”!!! Want to check it out? Click here.

Be sure to stay updated with our blog and Q.I.’s. Information is added weekly to our blog. Have something you want to share? Contact Emily and she will post it right here! Don’t forget to check back soon for some photos of the 2012 Cool Cats skiing adventures!

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to BRANCH or not to BRANCH

Please read the guide (below) to learn more about a BRANCH opportunity. We will be discussing this at the February meeting.


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Central Area Meeting Newsletter

Click to here to read the newsletter from our Central Area Director, Judy Walthers. You may have received the newsletter via email!

Q.I. has been given our new email address quotagr@gmail.com, as suggested by Judy.

She also mentions the changes being proposed. If you missed those, click here. Don’t forget to read President Chris’ message (you can find a link to it on Q.I.’s website).

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Quota Quick Update – November 2011

Quota Quick Update
10 November 2011
New President’s Message Published
2011 Quota Area Meetings and now over, and President Chris Tracey-Patte, has announced results from 2011 strategic discussions in a new President’s Web Message. President Chris was joined by President-elect Laura Lahman in presenting the proposal for Quota’s future structure and governance system at all meetings. Following each presentation, small discussion groups rated the proposal and provided written feedback, which the board will reflect upon at their 2012 Mid-term Board Meeting in February. Consider sharing the complete strategic presentation at a future club meeting by downloading the presentation script, PowerPoint slides, and handout.
Quota Clubs Care
Prepare to be inspired! 2011 top winning Quota Cares Month projects are now profiled online.  Sixteen clubs were selected as winners:  five top winners, including QI of Penticton in British Columbia, Canada, pictured here promoting breast cancer awareness with their “Cups for the Cure” project, and 11 honorable mentions.
Winning projects enriched their communities in ways both large and small, and they all stand out as excellent examples of Quota’s mission of caring and sharing.
Convention Fun…For ALL Ages
Quota’s International Convention won’t be all work! Come, take some time to play in Hawiian paradise.
TOURS GALORE.Thirteen optional tours and group events are being offered before, after, and during our meeting—the most EVER at a Quota convention. You’ve told us travel and personal connections are important to you, and we listened! Come see what Oahu has to offer and have fun with Quota friends.

JUST FOR CHILDREN. Bring the whole family on this trip of a lifetime. The Sheraton Waikiki, the post-convention island cruise, and many of our other optional tours are very kid-friendly. Children of all ages will have a great time from start to finish.
RELAXATION, HAWAIIAN STYLE. How’s your Hula? Our off-site fellowship event is open (via paid ticket) to all convention attendees and YOUR guests—relax and socialize after a day of Quota business at our Hawaiian Sunset Luau.
Don’t Forget…
·November 30 is the deadline for receipt of 2012 International Board of Director nomination forms.
·December 1 is the last day that bylaw proposal changes can be submitted to the QI Office in Washington, D.C., U.S.A., for consideration by the 2012 Bylaws Committee.
Writer, Editor, Designer:  Nancy Fitzpatrick, Deputy Executive Director
Occasional Quota Quick Updates are sent to members with e-mail addresses in the Quota International membership database. At no time is e-mail information sold or loaned. Delete, change, or add your e-mail address online or contact kyle@quota.org for assistance.

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Proposal for Quota’s Future Structure and Governance System

Presented at 2011 Area Meetings

For reasons including increasing the membership satisfaction and organizational effectiveness of a non-profit of Quota’s current size, and to attract future generations of members, in July 2011, the 2011-2012 Quota International Board of Directors approved a first draft proposal for changes to Quota’s future international structure and governance system. The decision by the board was unanimous. A by-product of the proposal is some cost-savings for  both QI and members. This proposal is being presented at 2011 Area Meetings. Feedback obtained will be discussed by the board at their February 2012 meeting. A final proposal will be unveiled at 2012 District Conferences. Bylaw changes required to implement the final proposal will be voted on by delegates at the Convention 2012 Bylaws Session, Thursday, July 12, 2012 in Honolulu Hawaii, U.S.A.


Reason 1

Quota’s structure is complex and costly and no longer makes sense in the age of technology.

  • 40 years since the last structure change (districts added in 1933; areas added 1971)
  • Current 3-tiered organization (clubs, districts, areas) and 9-member board complicated, no longer appropriate or effective for organizations in the 21st century.
  • Increasingly difficult to fill district and area leader positions. Serving as a leader increasingly more expensive, more labor-intensive. Expectations of leader responsibilities need to be more realistic and appealing.
  • Communicating through leaders in “tiers” in inefficient, labor-intensive, not always successful. Doesn’t make sense now that technology connects members to Quota instead of layers or leaders.
  • Areas and districts vary widely in geographic and membership size. Areas and districts provide boundaries that divide members, not connect them.
  • Not all clubs, districts are located in an area; not all members have leadership path.
  • Area directors elected by area members, but represent all Quota members on board.
  • Quota’s structure not sustainable without change. Too expensive to administer. Every level requires support by members, volunteers leaders, staff.
  • Reducing complexity will help members; members currently pay dues at every level, pay to travel to meetings. Most expensive part of Quota affiliation often NOT international dues.


    Reason 2

    New generations want a simpler, more flexible Quota experience. Many current members do, too!

  • Want to ensure a welcoming experience for all generations of Quotarians – current, new, future.
  • Every year, lose more members than we gain. 2010-2011 fiscal year – organized 8 new clubs but lost 8 clubs. As become smaller, lose significant amounts of momentum and revenue.
  • 2010-2011 fiscal year – ended with net gain of 4 branches. Reaffirms organizing smaller groups doable.
  • Learned from Listening Tour: younger generations of members want significantly more flexible experience; do not want rules/regulations; not interested in attending meetings for a get-away; meeting needs a purpose; care about making a difference in their community and want impact on world – but want to do it their way when convenient for them. Learned term “community service” has negative connotations.
  • Bottom line: Quota’s future dependent on offering experience valued by current and future members. Existing structure NOT providing that experience to potential members and some current members.

Proposal for a New Structure and Governance System

  • Positive, bold, exciting, and invigorating
  • Keeps Quota connections in place
  • Offers flexibility
  • Good News: There IS something we can do about it – a plan that keeps Quota connections solidly in place yet offers flexibility future generations (and probably, some of you!) would appreciate.
  • Three-part plan makes participating in Quota more affordable experience.

Proposal Part 1: Create Regions, Eliminate Districts and Areas


  • Start in 2014
  • 20 Regions – approx. 300 each
  • Board determines composition
  • Existing districts combined, where possible
  • Will continue with districts, areas through 2013.

Regional Director

  • Elected by region – begins 2014
  • Appoints own leadership team
  • Serves one 2-year term coinciding with biennial Convention
  • Who can run? Past club presidents, past district governors, and past area directors
  • Board will create basic guidelines for regional director in operating, creating team.
  • Because regions larger than current districts, leadership pool larger.
  • Past governors will continue to be honored as past leaders in Quota, invited to past leader events.
  • Current district and area funds: District/areas distribute as they wish in 2013.

Regional Director Position

  • Encourage development & growth in region
  • Communicate with/encourage members within region
  • Plan annual regional meeting (with host team)
  • No club visits, no club officer installations
  • Regional director duties streamlined, reduced version of area director and district governor.
  • Regional directors will be encouraged to follow the “Lazy Leader” model of leading.
  • Costly, time-intensive leadership tasks currently carried out will be eliminated (club visits, installations).

Regional Meetings

  • Self supporting
  • Held March, April, or May
  • International representative assigned by president attends meeting/gives international message
  • Meeting registration fees cover cost of meeting.
  • Quota will pay international representative’s travel to meeting.
  • Tradition of club (Circle) serving as host, assisting with logistics, to be continued.
  • March added and June eliminated as months available for meetings; June difficult for international representatives, particularly in a convention year (Convention held in July).

Regional Dues

  • U.S. $10.00 per year, per member
  • Dues fund:
  1. Region’s communications costs
  2. Regional director’s convention participation (attend training, vote)
  3. Upfront costs of annual regional meeting
  • Dues set at U.S. $10.00 – lowest amount to accomplish region’s goals.
  • Replaces current district, area dues and assessments.
  • No public fund-raising activities planned; therefore regions will not need to be incorporated.

Proposal Part 2: Create Quota Circles

  • Need 7 to charter
  • Minimal rules/requirements
  • Meet in person and/or virtually
  • Members pay full QI/regional dues
  • Pays full advance convention fee
  • Has one vote in elections, bylaws
  • Must elect/select president & treasurer
  • Known as “Quota Circle of _____”
  • Currently have 3 ways to belong: club member, branch member, member-at-large.
  • Circles equal in stature to clubs; operate with minimal requirements; meet in person, virtually, or both.
  • Benefit: fewer members needed to start. Can serve as host team for future regional meetings.
  • Circle members pay same dues, liability insurance as club members; circles pay same fees as clubs.
  • Why “Circles”? It’s a forward thinking and innovative approach for the future and a familiar concept to older generations (i.e., groups with like interests).

Create Quota Circles

  • Circles start chartering August 2012

-Only circles can charter; no new clubs can charter

-Branches must become circles

  • Your club can choose

-Continue permanently as a club… OR

-Become a circle

  • The training of Club and Circle Presidents beginning in 2014 will be determined by the board.
  • The process of branches transitioning into circles will begin in August 2012. QI will work with all branches in existence at that time in electing officers, collecting and paying dues, setting up bank accounts, insurance. Mentoring clubs no longer will do those jobs for branches.
  • New club organization efforts underway as of August 2012 will result in new circles only.

Proposal Part 3: Restructure Quota International Board of Directors

  • 5 board officers: president, president-elect/treasurer, 3 at-large board members
  • All board officers represent all Quota members
  • All board officers serve 2-year terms coinciding with biennial convention
  • Elections: (1) held biennially at convention; (2) permit absentee ballots; (3) use preferential voting
  • Reduced board size increases effectiveness, reduces costs.
  • President retains current role – as president of board of directors and primary liaison with staff.
  • President-elect/Treasurer (one person, one position) oversees development and growth and finances – doable according to past leaders who have held both positions.
  • 3 At-large board members assigned specific responsibilities by president; may include service, communications, strategic planning, or other areas president views to be most pressing.
  • At-large board members (and all board members) represent all Quota members, not specific constituencies.
  • Title of at-large board members still under consideration. Under consideration: Board Member, Vice President, Board Director.
  • All board members take office at the same time; all serve two years. Continuation of 2 of 5 board members sufficient to provide experience needed during board transition.
  • All Quota members in every Quota country will have a path to Quota board leadership.

Transition of Officers – 2012-2014

  • 2012-2013 president & president-elect serve TWO years (2012-2014)
  • 2012-2013 treasurer serves ONE year; treasurer function incorporated in president-elect position in 2013-2014 year
  • 2011-2013 area directors (East, Central, South Pacific) serve one extra year (2013-2014)
  • 2012-2014 area directors (Canada, South, West) serve normal 2-year term
  • President and President-elect installed at Convention 2012 serve 2-year term.
  • Treasurer installed at Convention 2012 serves only one 1-year term, 2012-2013. President-elect assumes Treasurer responsibilities in 2013-2014.
  • 2011-2013 Area Directors will serve one extra year; all have agreed.
  • 2012-2014 Area Directors serve normal 2-year term.
  • This transition provides the greatest support to QI during the period that it is moving to a new way of operating.
  • Board members who participated in creating the proposal for Quota’s future structure “on board” to see transition through to completion.
  • At 2014 Convention:

-2012-2014 president-elect/treasurer automatically becomes 2014-2016 president

-Elections held for 2014-2016 president-elect/treasurer and 3 at-large board officers

  • Who qualifies to run?

-For president-elect/treasurer: past area directors and, in the future, past at-large board members

-For at-large board members: past governors and, in the future, past regional directors

  • Transition completed at Convention 2014 in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. All officers installed at convention will serve 2-year terms starting and ending at the same time.
  • Election held at that convention for four positions: 2014-2016 President-elect/Treasurer and three 2014-2016 At-large Board Members.

Proposal for a New Structure and Governance System

  • Board of Directors UNANIMOUS in its support of proposal
  • Quota’s situation requires a bold move NOW
  • The proposal…

-protects YOUR local Quota experience

-opens up Quota in new ways for new members

- takes down boundaries that divide members

-opens doors to a more flexible & sustainable future

  • Enormous thought and discussion went into proposal creation by both 2010-2011 Board and 2011-2012 Board. Many different scenarios considered.
  • THIS 3-part proposal considered superior to all others.
  • Quota’s situation requires a bold move.
  • Proposal protects your local Quota experience while at the same time opening up Quota for new members (and current members) who want to experience Quota in a new way.
  • Proposal enables your club to continue as it always has – if you want it to.
  • Proposal provides for a regional connection for members who value that.
  • Time for Quota to move forward, to take down boundaries that divide members AND open doors to more flexible, sustainable future that benefits all members.
  • These changes are not “nice to do”; they are “need to do”.


This proposal will be published on the QI website www.quota.org after all the 2011 Area Meetings are completed. Please direct any questions to President Chris Tracey-Patte and Executive Director Kathleen Treiber as follows:

Quota International

1420 21st Street NW

Washington DC





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Greetings from Dubuque, Iowa

Hello Quota of Grand Rapids! We hope this finds you doing well. (Oh wait, I’ll write this more like a postcard, it’ll be shorter!)


Hi! Pat and I are having a great time. Dubuque is a lovely little city. We’ve heard lots of exciting news from Q.I. We’ll be sure to tell you all about it when we get home. Hope you’re doing well! See you soon

Emily & Pat

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