Holiday Book Fair Nov 7 2015

Holiday_Bookfair_Save_the_Date 2015


Grand Rapids, Mich., October 19, 2015 – Quota International of Grand Rapids is teaming with Barnes & Noble to host a fundraising Book Fair on Saturday, November 7 at the Woodland Mall retail store. The event will run all day from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. A portion of all purchases made in the store on Saturday, or online at from November 7-14, will be donated by Barnes & Noble to Quota for use in service projects to help the deaf and hard of hearing in West Michigan. On-line or in-store customers need to give Quota’s special Book Fair ID number 11704269 at checkout.
The Saturday event will include several special activities including Hearing Screening for Adults by Hear USA, Paws With a Cause service dogs, Fingerprinting with Trooper Martin Miller, story reading with sign language interpreters, and bookmark crafts for kids. A Mini Makers Faire will also be part of the fun – an all-ages gathering of tech enthusiasts, crafters, educators, tinkerers, hobbyists, engineers, authors, artists, and students exhibiting what they create. Santa also arrives the same day with the toys he has made.
Questions about the Book Fair can be directed to Lisa Braendle via email at

Hear for Good Hearing Aid Donations Nov 2, 2015


Quota International of Grand Rapids is pleased to announce




Monday, November 2, 2015

4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services

4328 Kalamazoo St. S.E., Grand Rapids, MI

Hearing aids are collected, remanufactured and

provided to people with lower incomes.

Quota Club of Grand Rapids supports

the deaf and hard of hearing in our community.

Hear For Good Hearing Aid Collection Nov 2, 2015


Quota International of Grand Rapids is pleased to announce




Monday, November 2, 2015

4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services

4328 Kalamazoo St. S.E., Grand Rapids, MI

Hearing aids are collected, remanufactured and

provided to people with lower incomes.

Quota Club of Grand Rapids supports

the deaf and hard of hearing in our community.

President’s Message Oct 4, 2015

marthaPresident's message poster.pdfCONGRATULATIONS, QUOTA CLUB OF GRAND RAPIDS!!

We have united our spirited talents for the best results on the 2015 Duck Walk!!  So many of you participated in one way or another to raise a new record of donations and sponsorships!!  Wonderful work!

Another thought…..

I believe we have all encountered some challenges in our lives.  We struggle and think about them, but we face those, hopefully, with positive energy knowing that we can move forward.  Our deaf friends experience those challenges on a daily basis.  Our lives are simple compared to the hurdles that they have.

Let’s remember that they need our help, support and promises to keep them moving forward, too.  Think what it’s like to walk in their shoes for a day.  Imagine life without the ability to hear, understand and comprehend life.  It isn’t easy, but it’s worth it.

Thank you for being you!

President’s Message 8.24.15

President’s Message, August 24, 2015

Over the past several months, I have discovered the unique culture, practices and principles of the deaf community.

From my experience, they are

bold and shy,

strong and vunerable,

intense and involved,

broken and collected

misunderstood and knowledgeable

depressed and suppressed.

They display pain with humor,

Laugh with a freedom only known to them

Discounted from society yet deeply involved in their own

Comforting to each other

Cautious with strangers, and

Unconditionally supportive

It’s a tightly woven community with skills, insights and challenges all very unique.

I understand so very much more than I did a year ago, and I’m so happy I’ve had the opportunity to acquire new life long relationships.

I would like to invite you, too.

Thank you, friends!


Quota International Service eNewsletter July 2015


A personal message from the Board to increase awareness and understanding about Quota’s three core areas of service: World Service; Women and Children; Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing, and Speech-Impaired.
Celebrating Quota International with President Karen
A whirlwind of love, experiences, and community insight, encompassed much of Quota International’s first year of regional meetings. From California to the Philippines, Quotarians shared projects and helpful tips that can increase the impact our organization has on the world at large. This year, the Board attended these meetings, and returned to their home clubs with a renewed love of Quota and respect for all of the volunteers working tirelessly to make a difference. Read the full accounts from President-elect/ Treasurer Marie, VP Jeanette, VP Cindy, and VP Emile at
Development and Growth with VP Marie
Quota International members around the world are always interested in learning new ways to positively impact their communities. After an exciting visit to some of Quota’s first regional meetings, President-elect/Treasurer Marie offers up another great project idea for Quotarians to enjoy around the world!  READ MORE
Delivering World Service with VP Jeanette
 “Dress a Girl” is a service project the members of Quota International of Whakatane, New Zealand started to support young girls, by hand sewing simple dresses that grow with the child. These Quotarians discovered that there was an extreme need for girls living in impoverished countries to have their own dresses to wear on a daily basis. When too many girls living in impoverished countries do not own more than a ragged t-shirt, these handmade dresses are invaluable, especially in the places where young girls are taken from their villages to be used as sex slaves every day. READ MORE
Investing in Deaf Resources with VP Cindy
Over the last few months, while attending many of the regional meetings, I have been so impressed and proud of the wonderful service work that is being done in your local communities in the name of Quota! One very worthwhile service project, “Quota’s Hear for Good” by Quota International of Grand Rapids, MI, United States stood out to me because it can easily be duplicated in many of our communities around the world. READ MORE
Empowering Women and Ensuring Child Development with VP Emilie
It was an overwhelming pleasure to witness the QuoCKa reading project, managed by Quota International of Beenleigh, Queensland, Australia during the Region 13 meeting. This outreach project, where club members, Junior Quotarians, and local police read to 3rd graders at a local primary school, generates an interest and loved of reading in children at an early and critical age. READ MORE
Quota International, 1420 21st Street, Washington, D.C. 20036


Advisory Council news July 28, 2015

News about the Advisory Council

On July 28th, the Advisory Council met. Several members could not attend, however, I thought you’d like to know that we now have the following people on the Council:

    • Jeannette Johnson, DHHS
    • Pam Howland, Quota
    • Kathy Freeman, Quota
    • Nancy Cluley, DHHS
    • Trish Lopucki, Northview
    • Mary Kay Kolber, GROD
    • Todd Sprunger, MRS (Kent County)
    • Brenda Jones, Hope Network
    • Deb Atwood, DHHS
    • Hannah Cluley, student
    • Marcia Patrick, Senior Neighbors
    • Kirsten Kramer, Director of Audiology at Spectrum
    • Cathy Cronick, MRS (Ottawa County, by email)
    • Someone to be selected by Area Agency on Aging

At our recent meeting, we discussed the lack of reading and writing skills of the deaf and employability issues that restrict employment in the community. Both of these issues were expressed by Todd Sprunger and Brenda Jones, both of whom deal with the deaf on a daily basis. Todd and Brenda attended along with Deb Atwood, Jeannette Johnson and Nancy Cluley along with myself.

President’s Message July 28, 2015

marthaWhat a great summer it’s turned out to be! I hope you are all enjoying it.

Last week, I volunteered at KidSign Kamp sponsored by DHHS. Forty-one children attended from 3 to 14 years of age. They were a very, very busy crowd!! Monday MSU Cooperative Extension showed them the importance of healthy eating and how to grow their own vegetables. They each got to make their own salsa and left with some, too. On Tuesday, we visited Karin’s Horse Connection in Caledonia. What a great place!! The kids each got to ride and groom horses, learned how to do some tricks on them and played some cool games. The faces and smiles were as big as the horses themselves!! Wednesday was Hero Day. Police, firefighters and ambulance personnel visited and showed us their equipment and the importance of safety. Oh, to ride in a cop car with the sirens blaring….nothing better for any of the kids!! Thursday we went to Star Theatre and toured the projection room and watched the movie “Ant-Man”. The movie was the first captioned film offered in GR, with popcorn, too. Friday we were entertained by a cool Clown at Jester’s Court, a bouncy playground, and signed our song for the week, “Roar” by Katy Perry.

Kids Kamp 2-3Kids Kamp 1 Kids Kamp 2 - 4Kids Kamp 9 Kids Kamp 12Kids Kamp 2 -1


The kids were fabulous!! Each day we learned some new sign language and some even signed sentences.

This experience reminds me of the wonderful work we do to support the children who love life so intensely. One mom told us that she saw her child bloom from a shy little girl to one who enjoys every minute, every opportunity to express herself and deal with barriers yet to be. The world is all new every day.

We make this happen by supporting financially as well as personally. I’m proud to be a part of it. I hope you can join me in giving long lasting memories for these children.

Kids Kamp in Action!  Kids Kamp 5 Kids Kamp 2 Kids Kamp 2 -1 Kids Kamp 13 Kids Kamp 14 Kids Kamp 15  Kids Kamp 8

Hear For Good box locations

Hear for Good Martha at DHHS
Martha Herman, President of QuotaGR and Martha Guenther, Volunteer at DHHS, donating hearing aids.


Hear for Good boxes locations

These locations will accept used hearing aids. The hearing aids will be recycled and provide refurbished hearing aids to low income individuals. Thank you for helping Quota International help the hard of hearing in our community.


    • DHHS, 4328 Kalamazoo, SE. Contact Deb Atwood 732-7358
    • Elder’s Helpers, 500 Cherry SE. Contact Dusty, 454-8305
    • Mercy Health Physician Partners Family Medicine – 300 Lafayette SE, Suite 4000 and 4200. Contact Dr. Stanford 685-6921 or Miguel Mesa 685-6267
    • St Mary’s Hospital, 200 Jefferson Ave, SE -Sue Scharf
    • Clark Retirement Home, 1152 Franklin Street S.E. Contact Michele Lipka
    • Sunrise Senior Living, 3041 Charlevoix Dr. SE. Contact is Deb Rost 942-7200
    • Immaculate Heart of Mary, 1935 Plymouth Ave SE. Contact is Nancy Cluley 581-9068.
    • Kaczmarski Hearing Services, 3333 Deposit Dr. SE. 949-3313.
    • Kaczmarksi Hearing Services, 4540 Kalamazoo Ave SE. 818-7856


    • Northview’s West Oakview Campus, 3880 Stuyvesant NW, Contact Kate, Audiologist
    • Holy Spirit Parish, 2230 Lake Michigan Drive NW, Contact Deb or Mary 453-6369
    • Covenant Village, 2510 Lake Michigan Drive NW
    • Kaczmarski Hearing Services, 523 Wilson Ave NW. Contact Beckie


  • Fulton Farmer’s Market, 1147 Fulton St E, Contact Kathy Freeman


The Commons of Evergreen, 480 State Street. Contact is Barb Visser 616 396 7100

  • Lakeview
  • Lakeview Terrace Assisted Living, 9494 Paden Road, Lakeview. Contact Carmel Slebodnick 989-5550