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Mark Your Calendars!

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services is holding it’s annual Silent Celebration on Saturday, June 6 from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at Pinery Park Lodge.

Mark your calendars for this very special event!

Silent Celebration 2015 Flyer with price

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Quota’s Advisory Council Minutes

Here are the minutes of our last meeting. The Advisory Council continues to build the bridge between clients and agencies. We will communicate with you on a regular basis.

Minutes of the GR/Deaf and Hard of Hearing/Quota Advisory Council held Jan. 22, 2015

Present: Trish Lopucki, Deb Atwood, Pam Howland, Kathy Freeman, Jeannette Johnson, Nancy Cluley, Cindy Cafmeyer, and Martha Herman
Guest: Jean Silba from the Comprehensive Therapy Center.

Jean led us off with a rousing description of the CTC with all of its benefits, programs and cool things they are doing with the community schools. The CTC also has a summer program for children, Therapy and Fun, for children 1 – 14 years of age. It’s a relaxed, integrated and intensive program that achieves maximum therapeutic progress for children with disabilities. For more information on the program, go to has an abundance of information how Quota and other agencies and schools can maximize our potential in obtaining more assistance in the GR community. She mentioned that there is a program called Leadership GR that we might want to pursue in terms of gaining recognition, tapping into talents of the community and providing leadership training. She’s a keeper for us!!

DHHS – The organization is pleased to have Nancy Cluley join them in the interviewing of senior members who are in need of hearing aids. Money from the Senior Millage was earmarked to help this population. She’s really learning and understanding their struggles with low incomes. She’s on board with all of us looking for new sources of funding, collaboration and cooperation.

Upcoming DHHS Events:

  • Kids’ program, called KidSigns – There will be a rock climbing and swimming adventure on January 29, 2015 at Kroc Center at 2500 S. Division Ave., 5:30 pm to 8 pm.
  • March 28th, kids from KidSigns will be exploring the Children’s Museum from 10 – 11:30 a.m..
  • May Fest, May 9 at Ramada Inn, 28th and E. Beltline, local wine and beer, hors d’oeuvres, Silent Auction and FUN
  • May 31, KidSigns activities will venture to Binder Park Zoo. Children from DHHS and the Deaf Interaction group from the Kalamazoo area will be participating.
  • June 13 – Silent Celebration, June 6, 11 to 3 pm, Pinery Park Lodge
  • July – Field Day, Lamar Park Splash Pad, 1 – 4 pm
  • July 20 – 24 Kids Kamp

…and more!

Quota – Pam and Kathy explained where we are as a Club right now and the journey moving forward. Jean suggested that we explore Leadership Grand Rapids programs that might help and support our mission. Everyone is appreciative of the work we do for the deaf community.

KenOSha – Cindy reported that there aren’t many new things happening but she and the rest of the staff were thrilled to get a little bonus for supplies from Quota. You can do a better job of anything if you have support. We’re glad to help!

Northview – Trish reported on the special trip for some of the seniors to visit Gallaudet University this spring in Washington, DC. She will be taking these students to visit the campus and learn about what they have to offer. She still needs about $1000, or a private jet, to complete the trip! Trish also recommended that representatives from Michigan Rehab Services should join us on the Council. Word from a recent retiree is that the budget only allows for direct contact with clients, and we aren’t clients. Trish will be meeting with them shortly at Northview. Trish also indicated that some of her teachers would like to join Quota knowing that we are doing some changes.

JJ – The Facebook page is up and running. Put any news you’d like on the page for sharing. We’ll get in the habit of posting info. DHHS is raising money for a new server for their office. They still need some funding to reach their goal.

Trish will give us instructions on how to use Google docs next time. Please bring your laptops so we can practice. There will be a test. She also has all of our email addresses on a spreadsheet and will share that with us as well. First, she needs to go on vacation.

Martha talked about the continuation of the Hear for Good project. Starkey will refurbish the hearing aids Quota is collecting; we get points; after a number of points are accumulated, we can get free hearing aids. Older hearing aids will be distributed in third world countries. Quota will re-launch this program in March.

Our next meeting will be March 12th at 3:30, DHHS.

Respectfully submitted by
Martha Herman
January 26, 2015

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Quota – Service in Action

Thanks to Quota’s donation to Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services, two more people now have hearing aids.

One person emigrated to the US from Vietnam, however because of his lack of hearing aids, he has been unable to learn English and thus been unable to find employment. He is now taking English classes and is actively looking for work.

The second recipient is a gentleman in his early 50’s who is on disability due to other physical issues. With his new hearing aids he can now better communicate with his doctor.

Quota also assisted a deaf student who needed an alarm clock with a bed shaker to make sure he gets to school on time.

These are just a few examples of how Quota helps the deaf and hard of hearing in West Michigan.

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Service Committee Report

We received a thank you/quarterly report from Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS) in Ottawa County. Quota provided a $1000 grant to this agency for service to those who are deaf or hard of hearing in their county. Using our grant monies, MRS was able to capture an additional $2704 in federal matching funds. The goal of MRS is to help persons with disabilities obtain and maintain employment. To that end, MRS assisted two individuals whose employment involved constant verbal interaction to obtain hearing aids. One customer received $2200 in assistance, the other received $1000. In both situations there was no other source of financial assistance available and without the new hearing aids, these two individuals would have lost their employment.

By combining our funding and resources Quota and Michigan Rehabilitation Services were able to make a significant difference in the lives of these two people and allow them to continue to be contributing members of our community.


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Service Committee Update – December 2010

‘Tis the season to give and Quota has been busy doing just that.

Once again the Cool Cats will be able to have fun and hone their skiing skills with ski lessons funded in part by Quota.

Funds were also given to Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services in order for them to establish an equipment room for the public.  The room will be able to serve more individuals of all ages.  Each item in the room will be available for individuals to try and see what works best for them. Hopefully, once the equipment is purchased, DHHS will come to a meeting and demonstrate what is available.

You may recall that Quota recently provided funds to Kayla Denton in order for her to purchase a laptop to use for her studies at Gallaudet University. Everyone will have an opportunity to meet Kayla and learn all about her college experiences and how her laptop has helped.  She will be joining us at the Barnes & Noble bookfair January 8, 2011.  So, please introduce yourself when you see her.

Have a wonderful Holiday season everyone!

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It is so exciting to see everyone energized and participating in all the fundraisers.

The Service Committee can’t wait to distribute all the funds raised.

Our quarterly Service Committee meeting to review all the requests received so far will be 4:30 pm November 18, 2010 at the Radisson just prior to our regular meeting.

The next service project is the Santa Claus Parade November 20, 2010.  Sue Scharf is chairing this project.  So, get out your mittens and scarves and get ready to walk and hand out ear plugs.  Maureen just put out a notice on facebook about this so check it out.

Then, to get you in the Holiday spirit, plan on attending the Christmas luncheon at DHHS December 7, 2010 at noon.  You’ll be able to enjoy the company of DHHS’s Adult Foster Care Clients as you have lunch and watch them open all the presents provided by their Quota friends.  Maureen Martin is chairing this project and will be sending detailed information in the weeks to come.

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Now that fundraisers are up and running, I wanted to remind everyone of the Service Projects and the members that signed up as Leaders for them this year.


GROD Shawnee Park Courtyard Garden                  Cathy Kaiser

Healthy Hearing Ear Plug Distribution                       Sue Scharf

DHHS Coordinator                                                    Maureen Martin

GROD Cool Cats                                                       Emily Uebbing

Healthy Hearing Awareness Presentations                 Sue Scharf

Quota Legacy Scholarship                                          Kath Slagal

Metro Health Hearing Kits                                         Jan Gauthier

Grant Program                                                             Service Committee

Community Service                                                   Service Committee

International                                                                Service Committee

New Project Development                                         Service Committee

Service Committee members are:  Maggie Smedley, Pam Howland, Kathy Freeman, Sue Scharf, and Jan Gauthier, Chair.

If there is a project that you did not sign up for and would like to, just contact the Project Leader.

Get your hat and mittens out in anticipation of the Santa Claus parade coming up in November.  Let Sue know if you would like to help.

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The Service Committee was very excited to have granted funds for technology needs for an individual that is attending Gallaudet University in Washington D.C. this Fall.

Kayla Denton is profoundly deaf, a hard working student, an active member of her community as well as the Deaf community, and has overcome many barriers in her life.

We have invited her to come to one of our meetings when she is on break so she can share her college experiences with us.

Kayla  is a very impressive young lady and we applaud her for all her hard work.  We wish her much success in her college endeavors!

Be watching the Blog for more service projects this Fall from our Chairs, Cathy, Sue, Maureen, Emily, Kath,  and Jan.

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Service Committee Update – August 2010

As was mentioned last month, a grant review cycle has been established which will enable the Club to more effectively evaluate and maximize the use of funds for all the service requests received.  All written requests and application form, if applicable, are to be submitted by the following quarterly deadlines:  May 1, August 1, November 1 and February 1. The Service Committee will then review the requests at their quarterly meeting and issue a response shortly thereafter.

Recently, grants in the amount of $309.85 were disbursed to DHHS for individuals in need of hearing assisted equipment.

In order to accommodate those that wish to send service requests electronically, an e-mail address has been set up.  Please send to:

Quota International of Grand Rapids has traditionally provided an annual gift for camperships to the Indian Trails Camp in memory of Quotarian, Norma Raby.  Norma was an International President of our worldwide organization.

Recently, a letter was received from the Executive Director of Indian Trails Camp thanking Quota and letting us know that our support is having an incredible impact on many lives.

What a nice reminder of what a difference Quota makes.

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Service Committee Update – July 2010

The Service Committee and Project Leaders met July 7, 2010 to coordinate projects and events for the year.  The following is a recap of the projects and their Leaders.

  • GROD Shawnee Park Courtyard Garden – Cathy Kaiser
  • Metro Health Hearing Kits – Jan Gauthier
  • Healthy Hearing Ear Plug Distribution – Sue Scharf
  • DHHS Coordinator – Maureen Martin
  • GROD Cool Cats – Emily Uebbing
  • Healthy Hearing Awareness Presentations – Sue Scharf
  • Quota Legacy Scholarship – Kath Slagal
  • Grant Program – Service Committee
  • Community Service – Service Committee
  • International – World Service – Service Committee

Ideas were given for each project and some dates were established for events that are already known.  Once the Project Leaders meet with their committees and organize each event, they will post final dates and details on the blog.

The Communications Committee will coordinate photo ops for certain events with Pam Howland assisting with taking photos when funds are disbursed under the grant program.

A new grant procedure is being implemented.  Submission deadline dates will be established and the Service Committee will review all requests on a quarterly basis and will respond after the quarterly meeting.  Maureen Martin will make everyone aware of the deadline dates.

As you can see, we have a lot of exciting service events happening this year and we are off to a great start!

Thank you all for your input and help!

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