Getting to know you…

What color are you?

We had an exercise at the September meeting where we had sheets of paper (color-coded) that described one of four colors. As you read through each color you had to decide which one fit you best. In case you forgot or weren’t there, here it is again.

When you find yourself with a person who seems to be competitive, risk-taking and impulsive, you may well be talking to someone whose primary color is RED. REDs are spontaneous, love to get attention, may dress boldly or daringly and will be action-oriented. It’s hard for them to sit still very long and it will help to get to the point quickly.

You may want to acknowledge and appreciate the fact that they are willing to spend the time with you and listen to what you are presenting. Emphasize the action in what you are proposing. Go directly to the summation and then go back and fill in whatever details may be absolutely necessary. Going on and on about something will cause the RED to leave – either physically or mentally.

Humor, clever expressions, even puns will be good communicating tools.

Talk about immediate benefits. Make the outcome of a decision clear and vibrant. You will keep the RED’s attention by talking about adventures, new ideas, exciting stories, sports and creative approaches.

Your first impression may be that RED is rather bored or nonchalant. As your conversation begins they may not participate much, but as they see value in what you’re saying you’ll sense a very authentic enthusiasm and interest. And if there is a sense of urgency, the interest will be further heightened.

RED’s seek action, immediate results and participation. They tend to be implosive, competitive and enjoy physical activity. They welcome the opportunity to be “on stage”.

If you want to sell an idea to a RED, make it entertaining, playful, experimental and FUN. Talk about the immediate benefits.


When you’re with someone whose dominant color is YELLOW you will get an impression of the industriousness, respect for the work ethic and a serious concern for rules, policies and traditions. The YELLOW will usually be quite conservative, eager to maintain the status quo. YELLOWs are proud to be reliable, responsible and helpful.

To establish a good communication link it will help to be a part of an establishment or an organizational structure. Be very clear and direct. Use precise terminology and businesslike approach. The YELLOW wants to be sure that what you are saying is right, proper, and according to the rules.

Discuss past successes, how your idea has been validated over the years. Relate your proposal to the bottom line.

References and referrals will be impressive to the YELLOW personality, with all the appropriate formalities. Be sure you have organized your thoughts and present them in orderly fashion. And, by all means, keep the appointment you’ve made and be on time.

YELLOWs will want to think things though to be sure they are doing the right thing. Is it honest? Will it provide status and respect? Does it support our policies and mission? Is the idea financially sound and feasible on the basis of established procedure?

Avoid abstractions and generalities until the solid foundation has been presented. Rules and guidelines help. And be sure to reaffirm the wisdom of YELLOW’s decision once it’s been made.


When you encounter someone who is filled with questions, wants to know more about almost everything, chances are you’re with a GREEN personality. The GREEN will have a seemingly insatiable curiosity.

They may seem cool or aloof, emotionally arms-length. But if you will move from the heart to the brain you’ll find a stimulating conversationalist. The GREEN may be skeptical. “Why?” is the important question. Spends a lot of time reading, mostly technical information (or Science Fiction). This person will be focused on the future, on the possibilities, on the vision. Quite content to be on their own, do things their own way and proceed independently toward the solving of a problem.

Talk about theories, models, paradigms and you’ll keep the GREEN’s attention. Suggest the possibility of a learning experience, an advance in knowledge or wisdom. Above all, be logical and factual. Be ready to validate and prove your assertions. The “global” implications will be important to a GREEN personality. If possible, show how you can help the person further develop knowledge and understanding.

Never mind the “small talk” or idle conversation. Discuss concepts, abstractions, new ideas and plans that will impact the future. Offer a logical solution to clear problems and puzzles. Challenge the GREEN to help find the solution. Be creative, innovative, not outlandish. Things need to make sense.

You may find yourself in a debate – friendly, but be ready to defend your position. The GREEN personality will have questions and must respect you before trusting your answers. Convey the “driving force” or theory which underlies your ideas and proposal. This thinking person will want to consider, interpret, and probe. That’s the fun in life.

You’ll establish rapport by appreciating the GREEN’s competence. Show how your idea meshes with their vision. Show a model or discuss the philosophical appeal.

Remember – GREENs want to be sure that anything they do makes sense!


BLUEs are very flexible, adaptable – almost chameleon-like in their ability to adjust to a group or a situation. That makes them a little more difficult to identify.

Friendship and acceptance is very important to the BLUE personality. They are not inclined to compete, but are very good at encouraging others to do so. Empathy comes easily, and whether you have a success or a tragedy, the BLUE will share your emotions sympathetically.

Here is a person who wants to make the world a better place, may be involved in causes, and easily and enthusiastically verbalizes convictions.

An interactive, “Let’s Win” climate is a natural for the BLUE. Working things out, resolving conflicts, and finding a way we can cooperate are second nature. Warmth, caring, nurturing, and openness will establish a rapport with this person.

The BLUE is authentic and unique – whatever you do that acknowledges those attributes will create a bond. Eye contact is important. Keep an open body posture. Physical touch will usually be accepted and reciprocated as a signal of a valued relationship.

BLUEs tend to be good with words and may dramatize their ideas and opinions. There’s no reluctance to talk about personal issues or relationships and the conversation may well get rather emotional.

It will be important for your ideas to be people-related and that they will make a difference. If that is clear, you will have a good listener who responds to your appreciation with appreciation.

There may be laughter, anger, or even tears. If your ideas will help people, bring out their best, and develop cooperation, teamwork, and self-esteem, the BLUE will hang on your every word. Conflicts or rejection will turn off the switches. Maintain a positive, warm, open atmosphere that encourages a rich exchange of opinions and ideas.


Great. That was a lot of information. What am I supposed to do with that?

It helps to talk about this in a group setting. We sat down in groups according to our color. Each color has strengths that they can bring to the group at large. Each color also has expectations and will be comfortable doing a specific task. For instance, yellows may prefer behind-the-scene tasks while reds want the spotlight. It is not only important for you to know which color you are, but to know the other colors and know that to be successful we need to understand and embrace each other’s differences.

We hope that you will use this as a tool in a committee, for a fund raiser, at an event and in the group as a whole. We are all unique and we all bring something to Quota that is valuable.


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Getting to know… Lisa

She’s one of our newest members, let’s get to know Lisa!


Name two accomplishments you are most proud of:

Married for over 26 years and raising 2 great kids and earning my degree from Davenport University

Where do you work?

Robert C. Shaver Co. in Wyoming

Name a guilty pleasure!


A favorite pastime


Favorite color

Hunter green

If you could choose any job in the world, what would you rather do?

Write a novel

Pet peeve


Why did you join Quota?

At Elaine’s recommendation, help the community and network with other business women

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Getting to Know You…

It’s time we got to know Sarah!! She’s the last, but not least Getting to Know you!!

Sarah has been in Quota for 14 years. She enjoys snacking on anything with chocolate, especially coffee ice cream with chocolate topping while watching her favorite movie, “Somewhere In Time”.

Sarah was asked if she ever had her name mentioned in a book? She doesn’t think so, but if we find it, let her know!

The weirdest food Sarah has ever eaten was ostrich. She says it wasn’t bad, it tasted like flank steak. The funniest thing was that it was at a restaurant called the Versailles Inn (Ohio), however, in Ohio the name of the restaurant was pronounced “ver-sales”! So much for her French! Go figure!!

Sarah was asked which would be better? Sitting in front of a nice, warm fireplace or taking a long drive along the ocean? Sarah chose the warm fireplace – this is Michigan. However, she thinks our Lake Michigan shoreline is fantastic!

Sarah would put a Valentine heart into a time capsule to represent her. (This is a completely random coincidence!!)

Sarah was asked, what if you could peek into any place in the world right now? She said, she’d do it!

And Sarah’s last question: what is her favorite board game? By jove, she says, it’s Balderdash!

Thanks Sarah for sharing a little bit about yourself, and thank you to everyone for participating in this fun three year journey!!

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Getting to Know… Anna Moore

Anna Moore has been a member of Quota for eighteen years! She enjoys eating her favorite snack of nuts while watching her favorite movie, “To Kill A Mockingbird”.

Anna Moore was asked is she has ever wondered why women open their mouths when applying mascara? No, she says, she has never wondered about this.

The wildest and craziest thing she has ever done has been to go skinny dipping in Lake Michigan!

Anna Moore was asked which is better? Meeting her favorite celebrity or going someplace she has always wanted to visit? She chose going someplace, she is not into celebrities.

What if everyone forgot Anna Moore’s birthday? She says, then she wouldn’t be a year older!

What is Anna Moore’s favorite game show that she would like to be on? Jeopardy, if she was smarter!

Thank you Anna Moore for sharing a little bit about yourself.

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Getting to Know… Robin

Robin has been a member of Quota for 23 years!! Her favorite snack is 94% Fat Free Popcorn (followed closely by Cheetos). She enjoys either of these snacks while watching her favorite movie, “Sleepless in Seattle”.

Robin was asked if she has ever stood up for something she thought was right? She said, yes with work decisions particularly.

Things Robin prefers to do alone include scrapbooking.

Robin was asked which would be better? Receiving an unexpected apology or an unexpected discount on a purchase? Robin chose an unexpected apology.

If Robin could be any cartoon character she would be Super Woman!

Robin’s favorite cd is anything by Carrie Underwood.

Thank you Robin, for sharing a little bit about yourself!!

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Getting to Know… Pam H.

Pamela H. has been a member of Quota for seven years! She enjoys chocolate and popcorn while watching her favorite movie, “Pretty Woman”.

Pam was asked if she has ever wanted to change one thing about her kids? She said she would like her son to be more organized.  It has been an ongoing discussion since elementary school.  He is 20 now. (editor’s note: this was his age at the time of questioning, sources suggest he may be closer to 22.)

Pam’s routine in getting up in the morning is… do a load of laundry, pick up the house, turn on QVC and have some coffee.

Pam was asked, which would be better? Being a good cook or a good artist. She likes food so being a good cook is more important.

What if Pam were granted three wishes?

  1. She would wish good health for her son.
  2. She would wish for enough money that she could set up a foundation to help to those who need it.
  3. Peace

And finally, Pam was asked, what was her favorite April Fool’s day prank pulled on her? It wasn’t for April Fools but a teacher in high school told her that they were going to get smoked turkey legs at the Thanksgiving assembly.  She believed him.  (Again, she likes food and she is guliable.)

Thanks Pam for sharing a little bit about yourself!

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Getting to Know… Pat

Pat recently returned from China! She has been a member of Quota for five years! She enjoys snacking on Muesli bars while watching her favorite movie, “Mostly Martha”.

Pat was asked if she has ever gone without food for 24 hours or more?  She never has.

The most useless gift she has ever received was…   ‘Evening in Paris’ perfume.

Pat was asked; which would be better? Having the ability to make valuable things with her hands or owning a merchant ship that travels the world?  Pat chose to have the ability. She wisely adds –a ship can sink.

What if her nose grew longer each time she lied?  She replied she can’t even imagine–gravity wouldn’t help!

Pat’s favorite language to hear spoken? She says Italian.

Thanks to Pat for sharing a little bit about herself! We welcome her back and hope to hear many fun stories about her two years abroad!

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Getting to Know… Melissa

Melissa is celebrating her fifth year in Quota this year! Her favorite snack is popcorn which she enjoys while she’s watching her favorite movie: “Ice Castles”.

Melissa was asked if she has ever run in a marathon, she has not.

The one thing her grandparents taught her was… Live life to its fullest.

She was asked: which would be better? Listening to a riveting story on the radio or watching a lame story on TV. Melissa chose listening to the radio.

What if Melissa could fly?  Her reply: Not in this lifetime

What is her favorite bad movie? Batman

Thanks Melissa for sharing a little bit about yourself!

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Getting to Know… Maureen

Getting to know… Maureen. She has been a member of Quota for 29 years!! Her favorite snack is chips and cheese and a whole list of others. Maureen’s favorite movie is “The Shawshank Redemption”. She says she just loves the story of the bond that develops between the Tim Robbins character and the Morgan Freeman character.

Maureen was asked is she has ever wondered how scientists measure the size of the universe? When she looks up at the stars, what does she think about? Maureen thinks, “How in the world did they come up with those constellations?” She thinks about the ancient astronomers first drawing those dotted lines………and how for hundreds and thousands of years people have been looking up at that sky…

The kind of person who brings out the best in Maureen is… A balance of talker and listener.  A person who’s got an opinion but isn’t inflexible.  A person with enthusiasm and a positive outlook.

Which would be better? Winning one of those magazine publisher’s sweepstakes on TV or being recognized as a national hero? Maureen would prefer to win the sweepstakes, thank you!  When can she pick up her check?

What if a friend telephoned when Maureen was watching her favorite television program? She’d take the call.

Who’s Maureen’s favorite news anchor? She used to love Peter Jennings.  She was very saddened by his death.  Now she likes Jim Lehrer.

Thanks Maureen for sharing a little bit about yourself!!

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Getting to Know You… Pam G. QoY 2010

Pam G. joined Quota in 2008. Her favorite snack is popcorn which she enjoys while watching “Thomas Crown Affair”.

Pam was asked is she has ever had something wrapped in her freezer and couldn’t figure out what it was? She said no.

Pam finished the following sentence: Just for the fun of it, before she dies she would like to…   Travel the world and hike mountains

Pam was asked: which would be better? Never having your computer crash again or never having your car break down again?  Pam thought this was a tough choice but chose her car, since her computer is not backed up.

What if what if aliens offered Pam a ride in their spaceship?  She thinks that would be “Cool!”

What is a phrase Pam over-uses? “I guess…”

Thanks to Pam G. for sharing a little bit about yourself and CONGRATULATIONS to our 2010 Quotarian of the Year!!!

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