We Are Quota


Quota International of Grand Rapids is a group of dedicated volunteers working together to provide service and funding to the deaf and hard of hearing in West Michigan. While service is our formal mission, we place a high priority on having fun, networking and learning, too. We have meetings once a month and also work in smaller groups to accomplish big things. Quota members include professionals at all levels of their careers – from new graduates to key community leaders to retirees.

If you are looking for:

  • An opportunity to volunteer and help the deaf and hard of hearing in our community;
  • An intimate, welcoming group where you can make a real impact;
  • An easy way to meet new friends and make valuable network connections;
  • A fun environment where we know your time is important…

Give Quota a try. We’d love to have you join us!   We Share:

  • We provide equipment for people who are deaf and hard of hearing
  • We promote healthy hearing through distribution of ear plugs throughout the community
  • We provide scholarships to college students who are deaf/hard of hearing or who are studying in that field at GRCC
  • We provide gifts to deaf foster adults each holiday season

We Grow:

  • We learn from monthly programs on current topics of interest
  • We learn through partnerships with organizations like Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services and the Hearing Loss Association
  • We share information on this website
  • We develop leadership skills through committee and board positions

We Have FUN!!

What We Do.

Dedicated volunteers working together to support the needs of people who are deaf and hard of hearing. We serve the community:

  • Fund classroom loop systems for Mary Free Bed YMCA and other public venues
  • Fund equipment for people who are deaf and hard of hearing
  • Collect used hearing aids to make reconditioned equipment available to others
  • Distribute ear plugs to promote healthy hearing
  • Fund sign language interpreters
  • Provide scholarships for GRCC students who are hard of hearing or studying in that field
  • Collaborate with our Advisory Council to focus on local needs in the community, including schools, hospitals, audiologists and local service agencies

Quota, Our History

Quota International

Founded in 1919 by Wanda Frey Joiner of Buffalo, New York, Quota International was the first International women’s service organization. Today Quota’s membership includes men as well as women, and unifies 7,000 Quotarians in North America, the South Pacific, Europe, Southeast Asia and the Caribbean in the mission of service.

Quota International of Grand Rapids

Quota International of Grand Rapids was organized on April 17, 1945. The Application for Membership in Quota International was granted to the Grand Rapids Club on September 20, 1945.

With the motto of “we share,” Quotarians dedicate their efforts primarily to the service of deaf, hard of hearing and speech-impaired individuals. A secondary service mission is assistance to disadvantaged women and children. Serving others, developing friendships and promoting international understanding are values shared by all Quota members. Quota strives to serve local and global communities with an emphasis on hearing health, while providing members with opportunities for personal and professional growth, click here to read more.