The Places You’ll See

Your first stop on this Treasure Hunt is to find the following items on this Quota Blog and leave a comment there.

Quota Cares Walk – 5 pts

You can get at this from Quota Cares, or Sharing & Caring, or Walk; tell us about your walking experience!

Pat & Dumplings – 5 pts

Filed under notes from China; send greetings to our pal Pat

How Loud is “Too Loud”? – 5 pts

When was the last time you watched fireworks or went to a concert? Leave your answer as a comment in the post that answers this question.

Lia Sophia Fundraiser – 5 pts

Find this event notice and RSVP with a comment on the post – yes or no, let us hear from you.

Cool Cats Terrarium Project – 5 pts

Send a message to our Cool Cat friends.

Birthday Greetings – 5 pts

Find out who’s having a birthday in October or November and send them a greeting by comment on the Blog.

Your Choice – 5 pts

Here we ask you to find other items that interest you and leave comments. Leave as many comments as you wish, score 5 points for the first 4.

Maximum points for Comments = 50


Submit Content – 20 pts per entry; 5 pts for tagging

By now, you’ve been able to follow the “treasure map” to finding all sorts of interesting Quota information. How does it get there? Nice people like you!

And it’s not hard at all. Just write up your content and post it. Get more instructions at the Quota meeting or call Emily or Maureen. Then put it in a category and tag it with keywords. 20 points for submitting & categorizing, 5 extra points for “tagging”.

Maximum points for Content, Categories & Tags = 250

Track your points by clicking on our Points Tracker.   Complete all comments and submissions by 11/30/09 and post your point total in a comment to the Points Tracker post by 12/1/09.


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    Emily says

    Maureen, FANTASTIC JOB!!!! You linked the Points Tracker to this post. I am very impressed! Kim was the first to post, and you were the first to post links to other posts! Great Job Quotarians! Let’s keep it up! I’m so happy to see the blog getting used!!!

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