October 2014 Minutes

These minutes are published to help you remember what we discussed or to keep you informed if you missed the meeting!


Quota International of Grand Rapids

Membership Meeting, October 16, 2014, 5:30 pm

Sunnybrook Country Club, Grandville, MI

Present: Sandi Aten, Peggy Bishop, Lisa Braendle, Pat Cook, Kathy Freeman, Sarah Glover, Martha Herman, Pam Howland, Cathy Kaiser, Maureen Martin, Rachael Owsinski, Gwen Powers, Kim Savoie, Kathleen Slagal, Emily Uebbing.

15 members and 1 guest attended.

1. Call to order: 6:15 pm by President Martha Herman. Quota Collect

2. Consent Agenda: September meeting minutes were approved as sent.

3. Recognition of Guests:Bobbi Bach, interpreter for our guest attended for a short time until we determined that Kiara Garrison would not be able to join us.

4. Updates and news

Amazon Smile – Maureen shared information about this super secret portal. When you sign into Amazon via Amazon Smile to make an online purchase, 0.5% of your purchase will be sent to Quota of GR. A link to the site will be sent to club members.

Barnes and Noble Lisa updated us on the Book Fair coming on November 8, 10 am – 6 pm. Save the date notices, vouchers, and a template to email to friends/family have all been sent to members. This event is also listed on the blog. Chef Del will be there, along with Pause With a Cause, Hearing Screening, Children’s Finger Printing, Mrs. Claus and Johnathan Rand, young adult author. Please sign up for a volunteer slot via Kath S. Wear your logo clothing on the date. Lisa will send weekly updates to get the excitement going, and an agenda of the day’s activities. (Lisa thanks everyone for concern over her Mom’s recent surgery.)

Thank you letters from agencies and service – Kathy F gave update on service activities: $1,000 sent to Indian Trails; $1,250 to DHHS for partial funding of 5 hearing aids; $90 for pilot caps for GROD; $100 for pilot caps for Northview; $500 scholarship at GRCC; $450 to Quota World Service; $1,000 to GROD for classroom supplies: $100 to each of 7 classrooms, $100 to the audiologist, $50 to each Teacher Consultant; $1,000 to MRS (Michigan Rehabilitation Services) Kent County and $1,000 to MRS Ottawa County; these funds will leverage federal match monies so that each $1000 contribution becomes $3,700 for MRS clients. Deb Buckley is working on the Christmas party for DHHS clients on December 9 at noon. It will be a potluck this year. We served coffee at the Farmers market this past summer and are on the schedule for 2015 – the first Saturday of the month for great awareness building.

New Membership Packets – Martha announced that Diane and Membership Committee updated the new member packets and Martha will send to members. Lisa requested that we have Membership packets at all events, especially the Book Fair. Ashlee Dowley has sent in her membership application and will be installed soon.

People Unlimited – Pam announced our club’s new membership in Cynthia D’Amour’s People Power Unlimited program. All members are encouraged to register and attend her online events and learning opportunities (live and archived), focused on making our club stronger.

Advisory Council – Martha reported on the first meeting of the Advisory Council held at DHHS with hearing related agencies and community members. We drafted a list of unmet needs so that we can coordinate with each other. Next meeting is Nov 6, 3:30 – 5:00 at DHHS.

Koeze Nut Sale – Maureen distributed new Koeze catalogs and order formsfor holiday and year round orders. Funds from these sales go into the General Fund to help will club operations.

Make a Difference Day – “Hear for Good” Martha announced that October 25 we’ll launch this campaign to compete in the Make A Difference Day. We will be collecting used hearing aids at various sites around the community and give them to DHHS where there will be refurbished and distributed to hard of hearing folks who can’t afford new aids. This can reduce the cost by 90%. Martha will distribute boxes with plastic bags for collection. If you have locations to suggest, let Martha know (churches, senior facilities, etc.)This campaign will be written up and submitted to the Make A Difference Day organizers (USA Today). If our event is selected, Quota wins $10,000. We’ll call it recycling hearing aids. Press release is scheduled to go out Monday.

Strategic Planning – Cathy updated the group on the Board’s Strategic Planning initiative. We have held two discussions to identify Key Issues and Strengths/Weaknesses, Opportunities/Threats, Definition of Success – in order to provide input for setting the future direction of our club. All are welcome to participate in the next meeting after the Board meeting on Nov 17. The group concurred that we need to let people know what Quota is and what we are doing to make a difference.

Very Special Guest – Kiara Garrison – our GRCC Scholarship recipient who was planning to join us and share her story. While she was unable to join us, her delightful thank you note let us know that she is 21 years old, has 3.5 years in at GRCC, and is focused on completing her degree – Special Ed Teacher for Deaf elementary students.

Other – Emily reminded us all to Read the Blog! And if you have information to share send it to her. One suggestion is: A Who We Help category on the Blog would be great. Our most recent brochure is on the Blog! Gwen is considering offering treasures from her Mother’s jewelry collection for a fundraising auction. Ginny Ebers sent along a “Hello!”

Martha adjourned the meeting at 7:45 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Cathy Kaiser, Recording Secretary

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