2013 Quotarian of the Year

Drumroll please…

Pat was supposed to be here to present this award. Due to some travel logistics, she was unable to attend (it’s difficult to make the trip back from China). However, she wrote this beautiful speech to present the winner of the 2013 Quotarian of the Year:

She came to us with a big smile.  She came to us like a ball of energy.  She had resources that she was anxious to share and she had unique knowledge that she was anxious to impart.  She raised her hand and signed her name to volunteer requests as thought they were going out of style.  We all wondered if she was real or just a figment of our wishful thinking.

Then, we wondered how long would this enthusiasm last.  Surely, not too long, but she proved us wrong there.  She comes to each and every meeting or event with ideas and plans.  She was an impetus for our Junior Quota initiative with her camp plans that evolved into a big hit with and two great experiences for the young hearing impaired people in our midst.  She jumped right in to our first conference with her ever present positive attitude.  She joined the walk committee and took off with the Duck theme.  And now, she is on her way to a position of leadership. It may be safe to say that she will be our first and only juggling club President.

Cathy Kaiser, we thank you for bringing to us your friend Martha.

Martha Herman, we thank you for sharing yourself and we happily honor you with our 2013 Quotarian of the Year award.


  1. REPLY
    Martha Herman says

    Thank you, everyone, for a wonderful surprise and honor of being the Q of the Y. (Good thing we know what that means!)
    I am truly grateful for this award.
    Now let’s go get busy and raise some money!! We’ve got a lot of people to serve!!!

  2. REPLY
    Gwen Powers says

    There is no one that desires the honor more than you!

  3. REPLY
    Pat Cook says

    Emily, thank you so much for “delivering”this–I know you did it just right!!!

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