JQ Cooking Class



Quota invites our Junior Quota to learn about fruits and vegetables. We will learn different cutting skills and we will learn how to make salsa, tacos and other yummy dishes.

If you are interested in attending, please contact Kath Slagal or Emily Uebbing for more information (both can be reached by emailing


What is Junior Quota?

A group of young people having fun and doing service projects with a Quota club

What is the goal of a Junior Quota Club?

Your goal will be to have fun, learn new things and to work together to help other people in the community.

What is the requirement of Junior Quota members?

Attend one Quota club meeting a year – that will be the picnic

Attend and help at three or more of the six activities each year

Will this cost money?

No. The only thing you need to do is to attend the activities.

When will we meet?

Junior Quota will meet six times a year. We will meet for:

1) Cooking Class — at any time during the year, usually on a Saturday

2) Camp — at any time during the year, usually on a Saturday

3) Santa Parade — the Saturday before Thanksgiving (unconfirmed)

4) Picnic with Quota — sometime in May or June

5) Barnes & Noble Fundraiser – (date to be determined)

6) Quota Cares Walk — September


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    Go Cooks!!!

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