Rules to Live By…

A few of us created these “rules” to share with our JQ and Members as we work together.

  1. Take a buddy with you! (Boys with boys, girls with girls.) No Quota member should ever find themselves alone with one of our JQ members and vice versa. No JQ should ever go anywhere during a Quota activity without taking a buddy and letting a Quota member know.
  2. Ask before you hug/touch someone. Not everyone is a “touchy/feely” person so respect them by asking first and if they say no, understand that it is their prerogative (and nothing against you).
  3. Try it first. Whether it’s a taste of something you have never tried before, or an activity, give it a try (a “no-thank you” bite) first.
  4. Have fun.
  5. Respect each other.


  1. REPLY
    Kim says

    Rules are great! I can play any game, as long as I know the rules! Rules make everyone feel comfortable. This is a good reminder of rules to live by.

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