May 2012 Minutes

Quota Business Meeting

May 17, 2012



Present: Peggy Bishop, Anna Moore Butzner, Ginny Ebers, Kathy Freeman, Jan Gauthier, Sarah Glover, Pam Goebel, Barbara Griffin, Martha Herman, Pam Howland, Robin Keith, Maureen Martin, Gwen Powers, Kim Savoie, Sue Scharf, Kathy Slagal, Joyce Snyder, Emily Uebbing


The meeting was called to order by President Kim Savoie at 6:10 p.m.


Consent Agenda

The financial reports were moved from the Consent to the Active Agenda. The remainder of the Consent Agenda was approved.


Active Agenda: It was noted that the year-end financial reports cannot be included on today’s Consent Agenda since they have not yet been reviewed and approved by the Board. This will happen at the June Board meeting.


Guests:  Rachael Owsinski (present); It was noted that Rachael will be installed at our business meeting on June 21, 2012.


Travel Raffle: Kim introduced a new concept for our Travel Raffle. When traveling, Quotarians are encouraged to bring something back from their trip to donate to the travel raffle. The item will be placed in the new locked box Kim provided which the Club agreed would add an element of mystery and fun to the raffle. Tickets are purchased for $1 each for a chance to win the prize. Proceeds will go to our General Fund for operating expenses. This month Kim brought back a gift from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.


Red Apple:  Kim explained that the Red Apple is a voluntary fine donated by Quotarians for sharing a personal or professional announcement, a funny story, etc. At our business meeting on June 21 we will ask for suggestions for a new name for the Red Apple fund. Voting will take place via the “applause-o-meter.”


May/June Birthdays:

Maureen Martin – May 7                                  Sarah Glover – June 9

Diane Friar – May 12                                       Carol Karr – June 17

Eleanor Roberts – May 29



Lisa Braendle’s father-in-law recently passed away after a long illness; her brother is also very ill. Due to these pressing family maters, Lisa is not able to be as active as she would like. Please consider sending Lisa a card to let her know we are thinking about her during this difficult time.


District 20’s annual conference is this weekend, May 18-20, in Kalamazoo. Three Quotarians are attending (Kim Savoie, Emily Uebbing and Maureen Martin.) Yvonne Babe is incoming Lt. Governor and sent a message to our Club saying she is looking forward to working with us in the coming year.


Kim Savoie distributed an interesting article on team-oriented work styles.


Junior Quota/Cool Cats Picnic: We will host a picnic for members of our Junior Quota Club/Cool Cats on the deck of Centennial Country Club at our business meeting on Thursday, June 21. At this meeting we will give them gifts to help keep them occupied during the summer. We ask that volunteers who select a name limit the value of the gifts to $15 so it is fair for everyone. Emily distributed a sign up sheet.


It was announced that Quota will host a summer camp for the Cool Cats at Pat Cook’s home. The date will be confirmed soon but it will likely be either Saturday, August 4 or Saturday, August 11. Helpers will be sought as we draw nearer to the date of the event.


Quota International of Grand Rapids Blog: Pictures of our new leadership team are now posted on the blog. Kim will be using the blog more extensively to share news, publish minutes, etc. Every Quotarian is encouraged to check the blog on a regular basis. It was suggested the Quotarians consider setting a reminder in their calendars.


Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services: DHHS is hosting a lunch and learn program on Friday, May 18 from noon-1:00 p.m. The subject of the lunch and learn will be how to communicate with a deaf person.


Barnes & Noble Book Fair: Emily Uebbing announced that Pam Howland has agreed to co-chair this fundraiser with her. The event will be moved to the store at Woodland Mall and a date will be announced soon. It will likely be on a Saturday in November.


Show Me The $$: Pam Howland and Martha Herman led the club in a few rousing games of bingo. Prizes were won by Rachael Owsinski, Pam Goble, Sarah Glover and Kim Savoie.


The 50/50 Raffle was then held. Robin Keith sold the most number of tickets (and was given a beautiful tiara.) Martha Herman sold the next highest number of tickets and earned a bling ring.


We raised a total of $1,600 in ticket sales. The winner of the raffle was Teresa Kaulback (Martha Herman’s niece) and she won $800.00. The Club made $800.00 on this fundraiser and our goal was $700. Peggy Bishop noted that the Club will need to send the winner a 1099 since the prize was valued at over $600.


Kim Savoie adjourned the meeting at 7:05 p.m.


Submitted by:


Robin L. Keith

Recording Secretary





Upcoming Events

Friday-Sunday, May 18-20     District 20 Conference in Kalamazoo

Thursday, June 7                       Board Meeting @ Stifel Nicolaus

Thursday, June 21                      Business Meeting @ Centennial Country Club

Junior Quota/Cool Cats Summer Send Off

Thursday, July 19                       Summer Gathering @ Joyce Snyder’s house

Thursday, August 2                    Board Meeting @ Stifel Nicolaus

Thursday, August 16                  Business Meeting—Who Wants To Be A Quillionaire?—Choosing our service projects and fundraisers for the coming fiscal year

Sunday, September 16               Quota Cares Walk @ Riverside Park


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