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QUOTA QUICK UPDATE – 23 February 2009

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President Toddy Silkman announced that at its February 2009 meeting, the Board of Directors approved the move of District 41 clubs in the Philippines into West Area. This decision is effective immediately. West Area is the third Quota area to enjoy membership of Quotarians from multiple countries. The other two areas which offer this special international benefit include the South Pacific Area ( Australia , Fiji , and New Zealand ) and South Area (Aruba, Curaçao, the Netherlands , Sint Maarten, Sint Eustatius , Suriname , and the United States ).

Other decisions made at the 2009 Mid-term Board Meeting will be discussed by President Toddy Silkman in her March 2009 Web message and highlighted in the March 2009 Leadership e-Alert, which goes to all club presidents and district leaders worldwide.



Congratulations go to the high bidders on 83 auction items in our Q-MART 2009 shopping extravaganza, which ended February 13. The auction was fun for all who participated and had outstanding results! U.S.$9,500 was raised for Quota International ‘s Wanda Frey Joiner Development Fund. Thanks go to all of our generous donors, who made our fourth on-line silent auction the success that it was. We are truly grateful to each of you for choosing to support Quota International , and our Wanda Frey Joiner Development Fund, in this special way. To view the list of winning bidders, log onto and click the Q-Mart 2009 On-line Silent Auction results button.



Please share this message with your fellow club members! Learning to take great photos could not only be an award-winning experience for you or your club, it could help your club obtain great publicity in your community!

The We Share Foundation sponsors an annual International Photography Contest to highlight your Quota International service work. While the deadline to enter your photos isn’t until October, now’s the time to be taking photos, while your service projects are in full gear! Share your local service with the world by taking snapshots of Quotarians in action, making a difference in the lives of those in need, or pictures of people you or your club serve through Quota. The White House Photo Office has judged the contest for eight years, and winners are awarded meaningful prizes! Be sure your image is taken in high resolution so it is able to be published—set your digital camera at its highest resolution setting.  When the time comes, digital files (at least 300 dpi) may be submitted by e-mail or on disk. Color prints on photographic paper are also accepted.  Follow these tried and true tips for taking award-winning pictures:

1. Keep Your Camera Ready! You never know when you’ll need it.

2. Get Close. As a general rule, the closer the picture, the better it will be. But keep in as much of the background as necessary to make a picture interesting.

3. Keep people busy. Nothing is so bland as a bunch of people standing in a row holding a certificate. Quotarians are hard workers, so let’s see you in action!

4. Use a simple background. Quotarians should be busy, but the background shouldn’t. Move to an uncluttered place if necessary.

5. Place the subject off center. Centered shots can be great, but off-center can be eye-catching.

6. Include foreground in scenic shots. Elements in the foreground offer depth and dimension.

7. Look for good lighting.You may be surprised to learn that overcast days are great for taking pictures of people because the lighting is flattering to faces. Bright sunshine can make harsh shadows, so beware!

8. Hold the camera steady!

9. Use your flash!

A few more words about photographing Quota service projects:

· Practice using the camera before the event, then critique your photos. Make any needed changes in your style. Too close? Too far away? Not enough light? Blurry?

· Bring extra camera batteries to events (and extra film, if you are using film).  And consider one-time-use cameras for members to share during the event for some other perspectives.

· Look for a great “title shot” of the event – maybe gathering members around a banner.

· Try to find flattering angles for people, then move in as close as possible. For groups, have people squeeze together; forget the legs and shoot from the waist up!

· Don’t make your friends look into the sun, which causes shadows on faces. Indoors, open the shades to enhance lighting and reduce pupil size, which reduces “red eye.”

· Compose table photos carefully to get faces, not glassware with people in the background.

· Avoid reflective backgrounds or take the shot at an angle to reduce glare.

· Watch for good candid moments.


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