Quota Cares about the Cool Cats

Cathy, Jan and Emily visited the Cool Cats on Wednesday. This group of students is part of the Grand Rapids Oral Deaf program. Quota supports this group through skiing lessons (look for more on that in the future), they have supported Quota by helping our Courtyard Gardening project. They are an inspiring group of middle school-aged boys and girls. They are not only getting their “schooling” but they are also learning everyday skills that the hearing world takes for granted. These eleven students have big hearts and are eager to share.

Jan and Cathy listen to Cindy (teacher of the Cool Cats) tell stories of what the Cool Cats have done.

These Cool Cats, whose motto is, “I have a dream”, work on various projects throughout the year. This year they are working making quilts and learning woodworking skills by making corn hole games. They sell these items and use half of the proceeds to give to a charity of their choice. The other half of the proceeds goes towards something for themselves. Like paying the way for one of their friends to join them on their skiing lessons.

The girls work on the quilts. They are currently working on a quilt for a baby boy.

They tie the floss in knots to hold the batting in place and to give the quilt a “finished” detail.

They also learn how to sew perfect squares on the sewing machine.

Here they are showcasing all of the quilts they have completed.

The boys are working on the boards for a bean bag toss game.

They use a jig to get the corners square.

One of the boys sands down the edges of the board.

The Cool Cats are an inspiration. Jan, Cathy and Emily left amazed at the focus, camaraderie and what big hearts the Cool Cats possess. Make sure you come back and visit to see more of the Cool Cats!


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    Cindy Cafmeyer says

    Wow! The Cool Cats loved seeing themselves featured on the computer screen! Thanks for making us feel so special!

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