Getting to Know You…

It’s time we got to know Sarah!! She’s the last, but not least Getting to Know you!!

Sarah has been in Quota for 14 years. She enjoys snacking on anything with chocolate, especially coffee ice cream with chocolate topping while watching her favorite movie, “Somewhere In Time”.

Sarah was asked if she ever had her name mentioned in a book? She doesn’t think so, but if we find it, let her know!

The weirdest food Sarah has ever eaten was ostrich. She says it wasn’t bad, it tasted like flank steak. The funniest thing was that it was at a restaurant called the Versailles Inn (Ohio), however, in Ohio the name of the restaurant was pronounced “ver-sales”! So much for her French! Go figure!!

Sarah was asked which would be better? Sitting in front of a nice, warm fireplace or taking a long drive along the ocean? Sarah chose the warm fireplace – this is Michigan. However, she thinks our Lake Michigan shoreline is fantastic!

Sarah would put a Valentine heart into a time capsule to represent her. (This is a completely random coincidence!!)

Sarah was asked, what if you could peek into any place in the world right now? She said, she’d do it!

And Sarah’s last question: what is her favorite board game? By jove, she says, it’s Balderdash!

Thanks Sarah for sharing a little bit about yourself, and thank you to everyone for participating in this fun three year journey!!

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