President’s Message – February 2011

The beginning of a new month. This time I’m prepared. I’ve been giving a lot of thought to what I can write about. There has been so much going on, and we will stay fairly busy until the summer, I could probably write several pages. However, I have decided to see how many of you read the blog and check in regularly. Back when we had the newsletter, it seemed that more people knew what was going on and saw the President’s Message every month. I have received very little feedback or comments on my messages, let alone the blog. For those of you who are regulars: pay attention!!

Our February “guest speaker” will be Cathy K. She is going to talk about what it’s been like for her to go through chemotherapy and how she has dealt with breast cancer. I can’t think of a better person to talk about this because Cathy is always upbeat, positive and has a smile on her face. To support her at our February meeting wear pink! For those who don’t, there will be a red apple!!

I had challenged the membership, back in September (click here) to bring guests to our meetings. The challenge was sixteen guests in the five regular meetings that remained. OR 25 guests at the January Membership event. So far we have had two guests (both brought by Peggy) attend regular meetings and one is in the process of joining. While I truly thought this challenge could be met, I am willing to lower the number. You have the February and March meeting; if we can get seven guests total between the two meetings, you can still dye my hair. If two more people join, you can dye my hair. Remember the hot button topics (click here to read about those again) and start looking for your guests!

Betty has informed the club President’s that the week of February 14th-20th is “Random Acts of Kindness Week”. If you do anything during this time, share that either with her or me and let’s see if we can’t make a difference in one person’s day!

It’s a difficult thing to start a new habit, but if you haven’t been checking the blog regularly try to make it part of your routine. You never know when something exciting or random might appear! Stay in the know and get your information here. Until next month, stay warm and continue to share the principles of Quota!!



  1. REPLY
    Kim says

    Okay, I pay attention to the blog, but I won’t be at the February meeting so I’m going to miss Cathy speaking. I’m sad about that but sort of happy because I have no pink to wear and don’t want to pay a red apple fine!

  2. REPLY
    Barbara Griffin says

    One idea to help us pay more attention to the blog vs. the newsletter might be to send out an email once a month (maybe after you’ve updated your president’s remarks) to the membership with the blog link and reminder to check for the newest info. Maybe Robin could set it up as an automatic thing on a particular day each month. Just a thought…

  3. REPLY
    Robin Keith says

    I like Barbara’s idea and would be happy to do that if our Communication’s Chair agrees. It ties right into Emily’s thoughts about habits. It’s hard to make checking the blog a habit sometimes…

    Great great great that Cathy will be our speaker. How generous of her to offer!

    And finally, I checked the PO Box this weekend and we have a new member application. Peggy thinks one of her guests will be completing an application, too. That should count towards getting Emily a new hair do!

  4. REPLY
    Kathy Freeman says

    I think the reminder idea is terrific and hope to be able to attend on 2/17, but might have a work conflict. However, I’m going to wear pink whether I can be there or not!

  5. REPLY
    Emily says

    I am not trying to get out of it, but when I wrote this, I was already counting Kirsten K. (Peggy’s guest). There seem to be a couple of others who may join, so let’s wait and see what happens. There’s still a month and a half to go!!!

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