Getting to Know… Anna Moore

Anna Moore has been a member of Quota for eighteen years! She enjoys eating her favorite snack of nuts while watching her favorite movie, “To Kill A Mockingbird”.

Anna Moore was asked is she has ever wondered why women open their mouths when applying mascara? No, she says, she has never wondered about this.

The wildest and craziest thing she has ever done has been to go skinny dipping in Lake Michigan!

Anna Moore was asked which is better? Meeting her favorite celebrity or going someplace she has always wanted to visit? She chose going someplace, she is not into celebrities.

What if everyone forgot Anna Moore’s birthday? She says, then she wouldn’t be a year older!

What is Anna Moore’s favorite game show that she would like to be on? Jeopardy, if she was smarter!

Thank you Anna Moore for sharing a little bit about yourself.

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