Getting to Know… Pam H.

Pamela H. has been a member of Quota for seven years! She enjoys chocolate and popcorn while watching her favorite movie, “Pretty Woman”.

Pam was asked if she has ever wanted to change one thing about her kids? She said she would like her son to be more organized.  It has been an ongoing discussion since elementary school.  He is 20 now. (editor’s note: this was his age at the time of questioning, sources suggest he may be closer to 22.)

Pam’s routine in getting up in the morning is… do a load of laundry, pick up the house, turn on QVC and have some coffee.

Pam was asked, which would be better? Being a good cook or a good artist. She likes food so being a good cook is more important.

What if Pam were granted three wishes?

  1. She would wish good health for her son.
  2. She would wish for enough money that she could set up a foundation to help to those who need it.
  3. Peace

And finally, Pam was asked, what was her favorite April Fool’s day prank pulled on her? It wasn’t for April Fools but a teacher in high school told her that they were going to get smoked turkey legs at the Thanksgiving assembly.  She believed him.  (Again, she likes food and she is guliable.)

Thanks Pam for sharing a little bit about yourself!

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