Getting to Know… Pat

Pat recently returned from China! She has been a member of Quota for five years! She enjoys snacking on Muesli bars while watching her favorite movie, “Mostly Martha”.

Pat was asked if she has ever gone without food for 24 hours or more?  She never has.

The most useless gift she has ever received was…   ‘Evening in Paris’ perfume.

Pat was asked; which would be better? Having the ability to make valuable things with her hands or owning a merchant ship that travels the world?  Pat chose to have the ability. She wisely adds –a ship can sink.

What if her nose grew longer each time she lied?  She replied she can’t even imagine–gravity wouldn’t help!

Pat’s favorite language to hear spoken? She says Italian.

Thanks to Pat for sharing a little bit about herself! We welcome her back and hope to hear many fun stories about her two years abroad!

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