a note from Ginny

Ginny sent a card to the club thanking us for the flowers we sent. The card reads: (outside) “For A Special Friendship… (inside) To My Caring Friends I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate our friendship and I’m glad we have each other to always count on. -Thanks a million”

She included the following letter:

“I walked outside to feed my dog (Sandy) and there on the table on my porch was a gorgeous plant from Eastern Floral.

The big blue and white container held a plant with big green leaves and delicate white flowers called Cyclamen. Beautiful! You made me feel like the queen of the show. Quota friends really do care. Thank you and thank you again.

My agenda does not include losing my balance over nothing and injuring my hip again. See you soon and I hope with out a cane which I put down and can’t find most of the time.”


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