Getting to Know You… Pam G. QoY 2010

Pam G. joined Quota in 2008. Her favorite snack is popcorn which she enjoys while watching “Thomas Crown Affair”.

Pam was asked is she has ever had something wrapped in her freezer and couldn’t figure out what it was? She said no.

Pam finished the following sentence: Just for the fun of it, before she dies she would like to…   Travel the world and hike mountains

Pam was asked: which would be better? Never having your computer crash again or never having your car break down again?  Pam thought this was a tough choice but chose her car, since her computer is not backed up.

What if what if aliens offered Pam a ride in their spaceship?  She thinks that would be “Cool!”

What is a phrase Pam over-uses? “I guess…”

Thanks to Pam G. for sharing a little bit about yourself and CONGRATULATIONS to our 2010 Quotarian of the Year!!!

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