Service Committee Update- February 2010

The Service Committee awarded grants to DHHS in January totaling $1,033.45 to purchase hearing equipment for nine individuals.

We have elected to send this year’s Quota International Club to Club donation of $500 to the Quota Club of Mandaue, The Philippines, to assist in funding a vocational training program for hearing impaired students. There are some great photos of these kids on the QI website!

Kath Slagal is putting the finishing touches on the Quota Legacy Scholarship to be awarded through Grand Rapids Community College. We are still determining the amount, and requirements for students to receive the grant. We hope to make this available yet this fiscal year.

We have received requests from DHHS for hearing equipment for three individuals totaling $610.75, and as the committee approves these, we will request a check.

We are planning to determine upcoming projects by hosting an informal and fun sign up session at the next meeting on February 18.  “Who Wants to be a Quillionaire” will solicit input from members regarding which projects they support and which projects they personally would like to implement.

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