Quotarians in the news!

Grand Rapids Quotarians are popping up in news everywhere. In case you have missed any of the special recognitions, check them out below!

Here is Kathy F. in the spotlight talking about her new post-retirement career.

Pat had this article written about her accolades as Volunteer of the Year through Quota International’s We Share Foundation. It was also announced in the Grand Rapids Business Journal.

Maureen was selected to receive the Kathryn Homan award at District 20 Conference last weekend in Traverse City!

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May 2013 President’s Message (with the photo)

Quota International is all about you. Yes, it’s about service for the deaf and hard-of-hearing and disadvantaged women and children, but you are the instrument Quota uses to accomplish that mission.

Knowing how important you are to the big picture, Quota has developed so many resources you can use to see what we do, see how you fit, and see the result. If you’ve never gone to the Quota International website, here is the address for members:

While you’re there you can check your membership record; update your address, change your email address, sign up to receive the Quota Quick Update in your inbox, or just get general information about Quota. What if you’re not getting email updates? Maybe they don’t have your email address. At the very least, you can contact them at and let them know you don’t receive anything. You’ll find that contact information on the website.

There are development manuals, training resources, tools for your committee, awards that our club can compete in and receive recognition for, and usually a poll (a fun, fast, and easy way to voice your opinion).

The International President, Laura Lahman, has a message posted here. Currently, she is introducing our new executive director, Barbara Schreiber.

Did you know that we have a Friendship Club? What is that, you ask? The Friendship Club Program matches your club with another club in Quota’s worldwide network so that your members may benefit by linking with another community, sharing ideas, and making friends across the globe. Grand Rapids’ friendship club is Opotiki, New Zealand. When I was at the International Convention in July 2012, the women in this club specifically sought me out. I had sisters in New Zealand and didn’t even know it!! Here are our smiling faces.

There are neat things for sale that have Q’s on them. Click here to check it out.

I would suggest you visit the site often. The first time, just explore. Quota is International, after all. Consider it traveling the world as you look over all the special events and opportunities that are there. It’s a good feeling to know that you’re part of something bigger, but that without you, it just wouldn’t happen.

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