Picnic with our new Junior Quota Members (gift ideas & list of students)

We have asked the Cool Cats and several other students to join together to form a JQ!!  We have invited all of them (there are eighteen students) to join us at our June meeting (click here to see the invitation). This will be a picnic at Centennial.

As we have in the past few years; we will be providing them with summer activities. They often are lonely and bored during summer vacation. We want to support their continued education and to give them fun and exciting activities to keep them stimulated!

Below is the sign-up sheet. Thank you to everyone who volunteered!! We are only looking to spend $15.00 to keep it fair to everyone. Kim will be bringing fun extras for all of the students.

If you need more suggestions for gift ideas, please contact me. We just ask that you remember their reading level is around 1st-2nd grade, so age-appropriate items may not be the best gift. If you aren’t sure, ask me!

Please let me know who you would like to sign up for by June 7th.

Gift ideas:

  • year subscription to National Geographics for Kids is ($15.00)
  • seed starter indoor kit w/ a variety of seeds that could be split up & given to each
  • any type of word search activity book

Click here for more gift ideas.

Names of students:                                Names of Quotarians:


Christopher *(boy)                                                          Kathy F.

Zedin * (girl)                                                                         Pam G.

Almina * (girl)                                                                      Pat

Brija * (girl)                                                                            Martha

Megi * (girl)                                                                            Diane

Carlos *(boy)                                                                          Sue

Allison * (girl)                                                                         Peggy

Marsalais (boy)                                                                        Kath S.

Martel  (boy)                                                                            Kathy F.

Nicole  (girl)                                                                            Robin

Summer (girl)                                                                          Anna Moore

Anastasia (girl)                                                                        Sarah

CJ (boy)                                                                                  Emily

Quoc Viet (boy, into guitars)                                                  Cathy

Sanel (boy, into cars)                                                              Maureen

Grace (girl)                                                                              Pam H.

Anna (girl)                                                                               Elaine

Amy (girl)                                                                               Rachael

*denotes new “members” of JQ (are not part of the Cool Cats classroom, but are mainstreamed. May have attended school with the Cool Cats).

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Picnic with our new JQ

Quota is having a

picnic with Junior



Quota invites you to meet our new JQ and to join us for our annual picnic!


RSVP by June 7, 2012 to:

Emily Uebbing



Who: Quota members, the Cool Cats, Junior Quota members, family members, and teachers.

What: A summer picnic

When: June 21, 2012 5pm – 7pm

Where: Centennial Country Club, 3361 Charlevoix Dr. SE Grand Rapids, 49546


We will play games, eat dinner and get to know our new Junior Quota members all in the name of summer!!! You don’t want to miss this!!

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Drum Roll Please…

What a wonderful Thursday night celebrating Quota’s 50/50 raffle!


There was bling everywhere from the walls to the shawls celebrating our successful fundraising efforts.  During the counting of the tickets, the members thoroughly enjoyed a rousing game of Bingo with special, unique, one-of-a-kind prizes.

Bingo card

Really outstanding prizes were awarded to Robin


for selling the most tickets and second place went to Martha.


The drum roll started and our waitress, Barb, at Centennial Country Club, had the honor of selecting the winning ticket.  Silence loomed the room and the name was called…

The winner is Teresa Kaulback of Grand Rapids, the niece of one of the members!  Congratulations, Teresa!!

Thank you to Pam H. and her committee for a terrific event!

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More ideas for JQ gifts

Thanks to Kim for finding this list from last year; here are more ideas for the JQ members for the picnic. You will see specific gift suggestions, but likely any of the students will enjoy these ideas.


“Little House” Series, 2nd-3rd grade chapter books



Jogging log book (she has participated in the 5/3 Bank Run)



How-To craft books/supplies (especially interested in flowers)



Cross-stitch set, 1,000 piece puzzle



2nd-3rd grade chapter books, craft book/supplies, photo album



2nd-3rd grade chapter books, craft book/supplies



(no puzzle)









1,000 piece puzzle



*Ideas for all of them:

-Any nature books, they have recently discussed stars/planets in class so books on those topics

-Any type of craft kit (available at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby)

-Magazine Subscriptions (National Geographic Kids, Stone Soup, YES, Zoobooks, Owlkids, Our Little Earth, Ranger Rick, etc.)

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Installation Ceremony

Join us as we Install our new Board for the 2013-2014 year. If you haven’t received your invitation, please click here to view it. PLEASE NOTE: rsvp is due by April 8th.

The new slate of Officers will be:

President: Kim

President Elect: Martha

Recording Secretary: Cathy K.

Treasurer (General Fund): Maureen

Directors (2-Year Terms): Sandi, Robin, Barbara, and Emily

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March Annual Meeting

Join us for our very important election of Officers for the 2013-2014 year. More information to come.

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February Membership Meeting

Join us for our February membership meeting. Want to know what we’ll be doing?

So do we!

Can you spell Quillionaire?

Neither can we!

Join us to see what else we have up our sleeves.

It will be a fun surprise. Bring a friend, let them experience a night of ???

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January Meeting

Many of us know kibbles and bits about Paws with a Cause, however, their program has a wide scope of participants.

Not only of the furry kind, but also the human kind who range in age from the young to those of many years.

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Holiday Party

Join us as we gather to celebrate the holidays. We’ll collect gifts for our “Adopted” foster adults from DHHS. If you did not receive an invitation via email, please email Sarah. Don’t have her email address? Call (616) 322-6974.

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November Meeting

Stuff yourselves like a turkey at our November meeting.

Then, move over Martha! Join us for a wonderful demonstration on holiday decorating by Melissa of id9 Design Center of Holland.

RSVP to Sarah by November 10th, and don’t forget to BRING A GUEST!

Social Time 5:30pm

Dinner 6:00pm Program to follow

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