Protected: November 2010 Business Meeting Minutes

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Protected: October Business Meeting Minutes

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Quota International Quick Update

Quota Quick Update – 12 November 2010


1.  Connect with President Gwenn!

2. New Quota Branch Forms in Louisiana

3. Who’s Your Club’s Volunteer of the Year?

4.  An Inspirational TV Show

5. Reminder…


1.  Connect with President Gwenn!

International President Gwenn Jackson has published a new president’s message on celebrating New Quota Deliveries. She has also blogged about her recent visit with Past International President Sally Pahigian and her 3rd Listening Tour stop in Colorado where she led discussion groups in three 9th District communities.  To read Gwenn’s latest message, go to A link to Gwenn’s Blog is located on that page or click Check back for updates throughout the Quota year.


2. New Quota Branch Forms in Louisiana
Congratulations to members of the Ruston , Louisiana club and their new Union Parish branch, launched in October 2010. To view a listing of Quota’s newest clubs and branches, go to and click New Clubs and Branches under Quota Express,


3.  Who’s Your Club’s Volunteer of the Year?

The We Share Foundation invites every Quota International club to recognize an outstanding member who is dedicated to serving others. Work with your club to select one member as Volunteer of the Year who embodies the true spirit of volunteerism that makes the world a better place. The deadline for entries is January 15, 2011.

Each club’s Volunteer of the Year will receive a personalized letter from Quota International ’s President. In addition, each club’s honoree will be featured on Quota’s Web site for worldwide recognition, and all entries will be prominently displayed at Convention 2012. There is no charge to participate in this program. To print an entry form, click here. To meet 2010 Volunteers of the Year, go to and click Volunteer of the Year,


4.   An Inspirational TV Show

Did you happen to see Extreme Makeover Home Edition on October 31? They built a new dorm for the Oregon School for the Deaf, created a permanent haunted house for them to use as a fund-raiser, and worked with a foundation to fit all of the kids with new hearing aids. It’s an hour-long TV program we thought Quota members would enjoy. To view it, click this link, .


5.   Reminder…

November 30 is the deadline for receipt of 2011 international board member nomination forms.


Occasional QUOTA QUICK UPDATES are sent to members with e-mail addresses in the Quota International membership database. At no time is e-mail information sold or loaned to other organizations. To delete, change, or add an e-mail address in this database, please contact

This QUOTA QUICK UPDATE was written by Christy Herz , Foundation and Convention Manager / / 202.331.9694.

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Can a Kid Take a Wheelchair on the Beach?

And if not, what’s the alternative???

Hear about an innovative hand-cranked wheelchair that is built to travel in rough, rural areas where a conventional wheelchair will not work or last.  (Like sand.  Or countries without sidewalks and roads.)

Join Quota on November 18 at 5:30 to hear from Keith Laidler, Board President of non-profit “P.E.T. MI – Holland”  (Personalized Energy Transport).  Learn  how this creative and colorful innovation is making a difference.

Find out how a group of dedicated volunteers in Holland, MI is giving the gift of mobility to children in all over the globe…..India, Congo,  Haiti.

Thursday, November 18, 2010 – 5:30 pm
Radisson – 270 Ann Street NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49504

Invite a guest, make reservations by leaving a comment here, RSVP on Facebook, or email or phone to Emily.

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Help us Celebrate “SILENT NOON”

Christmas Luncheon and Party with our friends at DHHS (Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services)

Some of our DHHS deaf friends live in adult foster care (and others don’t).
This is a chance to show all of them some Quota love for Christmas!!

You can FEEL the real meaning of sharing.  Celebrate the Joys of True Friendship!!

You can help in one or more ways:

  • Provide gift or gifts; take all or part of a list (click here for DHHS Clients Xmas list)
  • Attend lunch – Tuesday 12/7 at 12:00 at DHHS, 44th & Kalamazoo
  • Provide baked goods or candy or other goodies to include in gift bags
  • Donate Cash to defray cost of lunch

Leave a comment if you would like to help and we’ll get you the details.

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It is so exciting to see everyone energized and participating in all the fundraisers.

The Service Committee can’t wait to distribute all the funds raised.

Our quarterly Service Committee meeting to review all the requests received so far will be 4:30 pm November 18, 2010 at the Radisson just prior to our regular meeting.

The next service project is the Santa Claus Parade November 20, 2010.  Sue Scharf is chairing this project.  So, get out your mittens and scarves and get ready to walk and hand out ear plugs.  Maureen just put out a notice on facebook about this so check it out.

Then, to get you in the Holiday spirit, plan on attending the Christmas luncheon at DHHS December 7, 2010 at noon.  You’ll be able to enjoy the company of DHHS’s Adult Foster Care Clients as you have lunch and watch them open all the presents provided by their Quota friends.  Maureen Martin is chairing this project and will be sending detailed information in the weeks to come.

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Getting to Know… Anna Moore

Anna Moore has been a member of Quota for eighteen years! She enjoys eating her favorite snack of nuts while watching her favorite movie, “To Kill A Mockingbird”.

Anna Moore was asked is she has ever wondered why women open their mouths when applying mascara? No, she says, she has never wondered about this.

The wildest and craziest thing she has ever done has been to go skinny dipping in Lake Michigan!

Anna Moore was asked which is better? Meeting her favorite celebrity or going someplace she has always wanted to visit? She chose going someplace, she is not into celebrities.

What if everyone forgot Anna Moore’s birthday? She says, then she wouldn’t be a year older!

What is Anna Moore’s favorite game show that she would like to be on? Jeopardy, if she was smarter!

Thank you Anna Moore for sharing a little bit about yourself.

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President’s Message – November 2010

With the very successful Walk behind us, we are looking forward to the Shopping Extravaganza November 13th. Click this link

Quota Flyer Oct 22 version

to view the flyer. Be sure to email this to all of your friends! Let’s make this another successful fundraiser! And while we’re doing that, we can check off those holiday shopping lists!! I can’t think of a better way to spend my money or a chilly November Saturday. Also remember to sign up to help out at the event. We need your help to make this run smoothly. If you have any questions, contact Peggy.

We will also be walking in the Santa Parade. More details to come but we’ll need your participation in handing out earplugs.

In the midst of the busy holiday season, don’t forget to spread the word about our Barnes & Noble Book Fair Fundraiser. We will have flyer and coupons with our special number, at the November meeting. They will also be emailed out. This can be sent to EVERYONE you know. They may shop at ANY Barnes & Noble and as long as they use our special number, we get the credit. They can even shop online!! The dates to shop at B & N are January 8-13, 2011. Be sure you send a coupon out with your Christmas cards. We need everyone to help support our Book Fair!! If you have any questions, please contact Kim.

Let’s end 2010 with fun shopping and lots of new friends!


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