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Getting to know you… Renee

Getting to Know…..

Renee! She joined two years ago in January. Her favorite snack is ice cream.

Renee doesn’t really have a favorite movie, but she does enjoy watching movies, she just can’t pick one.

Renee was asked if she has ever wondered why there are interstate highways in Hawaii? Her answer was no, she never thought about it. But that’s an interesting point.

Renee was asked which animal her personality most resembles. She said definitely a dog, but not in a bad way. Just that she likes to hang out with family and be interactive.

Which would be worse for Renee? Getting caught picking your nose on national television or having your pants fall down on national television? If her pants fell down would they edit it out? If not edited, she would choose to be caught picking her nose.

Her last question was: what if you could change the shape of your body instantly. She replied, “Yahoo!”

Thank you, Renee for sharing with us!

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Christmas lunch with our Foster Friends

Tuesday the 16th, Members of Quota had the chance to spread some Christmas cheer with DHHS. The two groups met at the Old Country Buffet in Roger’s Plaza. The two groups ate lunch together. One Quotarian noted how quiet the lunch was. All of the guests from DHHS were busy signing away. When everyone was sufficiently stuffed from the extensive buffet, gifts brought from Quota members were handed out to our friends from DHHS.

Deb explains to both groups that when she calls out a name, that person should raise their hand. They will then be handed their gift. They are to wait and open them on her signal. Everyone has to wait and open them together!

Everyone eagerly awaits as all of the presents are handed out. There are a few who try to peek, but the Quota elves did a good job of wrapping up all of those presents.

Then on Deb’s signal, everyone tore into their packages!

This gentleman was very excited to receive his own, brand new pillow!

This is the gentleman who asked for scrap booking supplies and thanked us many times for the fantastic supplies he received!

This woman was very excited about her sweater. It will definitely keep her warm on these cold winter days!

This young woman is working hard to get her new bracelets apart. But we didn’t have any scissors, so she moved on to her next present.

To see their faces as they showed their excitement at these gifts was truly the reason for the season. Thank you to DHHS and Deb for organizing this lunch! What a wonderful way to share the Christmas spirit!

Merry Christmas!

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for the New Year

relax in a bath with a few drops of essential oil

relax in a bath with a few drops of essential oil

Aromatherapy is the ancient therapeutic art of blending essential oils or extracts distilled from aromatic flowers, plants, herbs, and fruit for medicinal purposes. It has been part of the medicinal practices of the world’s greatest civilizations, including those of ancient Egypt and Rome, for thousands of year.

Here’s how aromatherapy works. Our sense of smell is our primordial link to our brains. When we inhale a scent, neurotransmitters in our brains trigger the production of biochemical secretions that affect our moods, feelings, and emotions. When an aromatic essential oil permeates our skin through the bath or a massage, the oil penetrates the epidermis, stimulates our sophisticated lymph duct system, and enters the bloodstream, eventually delivering well-being to our frazzled minds.

You can use aromatherapy in many different ways. A body or facial massage will make you feel new. Alternatively, you may want to infuse the air surrounding you with fragrance. You can place a few drops of essential oil (choosing the oil according to your need) in a ceramic diffuser or potpourri pot that is warmed by a candle. You can drop a mixture of essential oils in a tub of hot water for a personalized bath or sprinkle oil on a cotton handkerchief and pull it out as needed, breathing in fully, deeply and slowly to encourage relaxation during the day. You can also burn incense when you meditate or light a scented candle in your bedroom as you read and relax at  night.

Basil – use to stimulate the brain

Rosemary – use to activate memory

Peppermint – use to provide mental clarity and sharpness

Sage – use to act as a tonic for mental fatigue and strain

Thanks to Jan for this article!

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Evening Meeting

Join us for our first meeting of the new year! Note: this is our only meeting in January.

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Getting to know you… Jan

Jan has been in Quota for four years. She is currently the President of the GR club.

Jan’s favorite snack is trail mix.

She has two favorite movies. Her favorite classic movie is “Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid” and her favorite comedy is: “Little Miss Sunshine”.

Jan was asked if she ever had something embarrassing happen to her at work: she was flying in a small airplane with the President and Board Members of the company and she threw up.

Jan says the thing that bugs her most about movies and television is that there is no imagination.

When asked which would be worse: typing a long, detailed list of numbers or reading several chapters from a technical manual? Jan’s answer was reading the technical manual; she could make a game out of the typing so it wouldn’t be boring.

She was asked to share her proudest accomplishment; she said that no one thing stands out. Teaching and developing staff and other and seeing them grow and use their talents to succeed has always been rewarding for her.

Jan’s favorite fairy tale is Jack & the Beanstalk, because Jack was brave and adventurous.

Thank you Jan for sharing these little facts about yourself!

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