How to use your sense of hearing to recharge

Pleasant sounds have the ability to bring us instant stress relief. “White noise” sounds that come from nature sound machines or trickling mini-fountains create a blank slate for the human brain to relax. If you don’t have a sound machine, try listening to what’s closest in nature: leaves rusting, the wind blowing, rain falling or waves crashing. Turn on beautiful music while you do work. And smile. This will ease up the strain on your middle-ear muscles, which in turn softens low-frequency noises such as traffic or ambient conversation.

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Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services – MayFest 2015 – Deadline to purchase tickets

Quota International of Grand Rapids is pleased to be one of the sponsors for MayFest, a fundraiser for DHHS. The event will be held on Saturday, May 16, from 6-9 pm, at the West Michigan Caterer. Join us for a silent auction and beer and wine tasting.

Thursday, May 14 is the deadline to purchase tickets to MayFest 2015 at the reduced price of $28. Afterwards, the price will increase to $38. (You can also purchase tickets at the door.) Contact Dave at 616.732.7358 or by email at to purchase tickets.



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Quota’s Hear for Good project hits the news!

Thanks to President Martha and Nancy from DHHS, Quota’s Hear for Good project made the news this week. Watch the Fox 17 interview by clicking here.

Hear For Good is a service project of Quota International of Grand Rapids in which Club members are collecting used hearing aids. The hearing aids will be sent to Starkey, Inc., a leading manufacturer of hearing devices, to be refurbished and reprogrammed for points toward the purchase of new, lower cost hearing aids which Quota will donate to deaf and hard of hearing persons in need. Donation boxes are being placed throughout West Michigan businesses including nursing homes, audiologist offices, funeral homes, etc.

Let us know if you would like a donation box for your business, church or organization. If you would like more information about Quota or would like to volunteer to make a difference in people’s lives, please email us at

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President’s Message for May, 2015

Here we are, ready to tackle our spirit and put it to work. During the next few Club meetings we will be fine tuning the plan and including people who haven’t experienced Quota.

At the May Club meeting, we will be asking for help with the Duck Walk. There are 3 groups and 3 tables of leaders, each with their own mission. The Involvement Team, led by Pam and Sarah, will begin to collect names of volunteers who will be assigned specific tasks for the walk, e.g., greeters, registrars, security persons, etc. The Communications Team, led by Rachael and Cathy K., will begin to create a plan for marketing the Duck Walk, designing messages for posting on Facebook, writing press releases, etc. The Activities Team, led by Kathy F. and Sue, will be identifying specific jobs that need to be accomplished by members and volunteers, establishing a time line for completion of activities, e.g. when do press releases go out, how often do we post on Facebook, etc. At each meeting we will share our information, give suggestions on improvements and grow our message to the community.

We will need everyone’s help, ideas and connections to be successful. We know most of this through our history. Now it’s time for action.

As we proceed through the year, we will work on our fundraisers, and find new opportunities, people and stories about how we can help the deaf and hard of hearing. And it will include fun, laughter and new visions for our future.

We currently have plans to donate some of our funds over the next 3 to 5 years to the new Mary Free Bed/YMCA building on the E. Beltline. We have committed to fund a loop system in two rooms, the kitchen and a classroom. This building is the first of its kind in the U.S., and we are a part of it. Sue S. has been very passionate about this project, and we are happy to be a part of it as well.

Additionally, I want to thank the Gavel Club for a wonderful ceremony. Pam, you stole the show with the Roast to Robin and Peggy!  Everything was meaningful and encouraging.

“There are few experiences in life more exhilarating than being part of a successful collaboration. Being part of creating something larger than our individual self touches our souls, connects us to people, and brings a deep sense of satisfaction. You can do it, you can be it, you can have it.”  (Author unknown)

Let’s get moving!!

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