Quota Happy Holidays!

Thanks to Peggy and Joe Bishop for hosting our annual Quota Club Holiday party last night. The weather cooperated and those of us who attended enjoyed a fun evening of good food, drink and friendship. It was great to have a guest there as well as an alumni. Thanks to those who were there and brought food to share. And for those of you who weren’t able to make it, we missed you!

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President’s Message for December, 2014

It’s really too bad we don’t celebrate the months as much as we do November and December.  We make special wishes to people…Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, etc. during these months but why don’t we wish people good things during the rest of the year?

Why don’t we share positive messages, revelations, and salutations of joy every day?

Perhaps because we get caught up in our own struggles.  Perhaps many fewer than most people.

We do, however, have tremendous gifts among us, ready to share and provide positive growth and opportunity.  Let’s do something good every month of the year, no matter what month or day.  The world is new all the time.  And we, together, can make a difference.

Soon, we will be embarking on new ideas and practices that are vital to our future.  Please be mindful that these are just some of the ideas we have brought together.  We are not perfect nor are we knowledgeable in every area of building the best Club.

Think of it this way by O. A. Battista….

“Mistakes can be anchors that drag you down, or stepping stones to greater levels of achievement.  Unless you take the proper attitude toward mistakes, however, you are doomed to lose much of the pleasure of your work.  No matter how successful you may appear to be on the outside, real and lasting satisfaction comes only from inside of you.  The most important point of all to remember about mistakes is this: No error becomes a mistake until you refuse to correct it.”

We make mistakes but only to teach us about new ways to think.  I believe this, sincerely.

Happy Every Day of the Year!!

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