What will they think of next?

Below is an article on new technology being developed for deaf and hard of hearing individuals. (You can also click the link here.)

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Researchers have developed a novel computer system that enables deaf people to translate gestures used in sign language into text. Using the new technology, people who are deaf or hard of hearing can simply type words and sentences using a keyboard and read those typed to them, researchers said. Researchers Microsoft Asia and the Institute of Computing Technology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in this latest effort turned to Microsoft’s Kinect device. They showcased the software that has been developed for the Kinect that successfully translates American Sign Language (ASL) into text, Phys.Org reported.
The system operates in two modes: The first, called simply Translation Mode, translates physical hand or body movements into text or speech. The second, called Communication Mode, allows a person speaking in ASL to communicate with someone else who is communicating in typed English. The system uses an Avatar to translate text coming from someone typing text on a keyboard, then converts their response to text and sends it back to the other person. The demonstration by researchers showed that the system is capable of translating sentences, not just words, a significant step forward.
The researchers stressed that their system is still a work in progress but hope to eventually create a system that is fully functional and reasonably inexpensive. Researchers said that would mean a Kinect based communication system that operates entirely with hand gestures and spoken words – all in real time. Also, it would allow for conversion to other sign language dialects as well.
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2013 Duck Walk

Please join us for our 4th Annual Walk. This is a fun way to share with your friends, neighbors and family who Quota is and what we do. To sign up, please visit our home page.


You can donate via debit/credit card at the Walk! We’ll have a Square available. Forget the checkbook, we’ll take plastic. Don’t forget to collect checks or cash from neighbors and friends (checks can be made out to “Quota Grand Rapids Charitable Foundation” and will be 100% tax deductible).

This will be held at Millennium Park (1415 Maynard SW). Click here for a map.

The walk and fun activities for ALL ages will be from 1:00-3:00pm. There are raffle prizes, games, face painting AND MUCH MORE!

Click the link for the brochure and more information: 2013 Duck Walk Brochure

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2013 November Member meeting

Join us one week before Thanksgiving. We’ll talk turkey. Or not. Be sure to check back to find out what shenanigans we’ll be participating in… you know. Like turkey bowling. Or a special program like the great tv show, “What Not To Wear” presented by our own Sue Scharf. Sue will make each and every one of us look “mah-va-lous”, help us make the best out of our boring wardrobes, define our shapes (let’s face it, we’re all a fruit) and help us not look old. (These statements have not been confirmed or denied, or even certified by an official Quotarian.)

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2013 October Member meeting

Don’t be spooked this month, just be sure to attend our October meeting. We’ll have guest, Lia Peterson from Seasoned Home based out of Holland. We’ll also be promoting our upcoming book fair at Barnes & Noble.

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2013 September Member meeting

Join us for our September meeting. We’ll be recovering from our Duck Walk and we’ll hear from Kimberly Downey, President at Complete Investigations. Do your own digging to see what you can learn about her company before she tells us at our meeting. See you there!

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2013 August Member meeting

Join us as we meet with our District 20 Governor, Yvonne Babe. She is a huge fan of baseball, so wear your favorite team’s colors or your favorite baseball cap! Be sure to come hear what news she has to share from our sister clubs in Michigan and International!

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A gift for “our” children

For those of you who aren’t on our email list, here’s a link to an article about one of our member’s granddaughter.

Or maybe you are on our email list, but didn’t read the article. Be sure to do so. It’s very touching and shows how we can all make a difference!

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Here’s what you missed…

High tea.

Delicate sandwiches.

A crisp summer salad.

Fancy hats.

Ladies ready for tea.

Lady Emily

Lady Gwen

Lady Sue and Lady Elaine

Delicious cookies.

A surprise shower for Rachael.

A baby gift fit for a Duck Walk.

And a lot of fun.

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President’s Message July 2013

Better late than never…

Recently I was reminded of the powerful impact of small kindnesses.  Truly, we have only a cursory awareness of the lasting impact and potential influence of our words and actions.

Today, take that extra five minutes to write a note of appreciation to the person who expressed encouraging thoughts when you were going through a hard time.  Try to tamp down your natural impatience when you have to change your plans to give someone a ride or pick up something because the other person is unable to deliver it.

Spend some time talking to a young person about their plans for the future.  Express your faith in their abilities.  When an older person talks about the way things used to be, agree that maybe there are some good qualities lacking in today’s world, namely an overall ability to recognize blessings.

Hold off getting right to your agenda in order to compliment the other party on their look or a character trait.  When you’re pushing the shopping cart through the grocery store, look everyone you pass in the eye and give them a smile.  Spend the time to call someone you haven’t seen at church, work, a meeting, book club, or exercise class for a while, just to say you’re thinking about them.  It’ll take about 10-15 minutes, but makes a lifetime of difference.

You know what?  I guarantee that these things you give out will come back to you multiplied.


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