March 2013 President’s Message

I’m excited about some upcoming events at Quota.

First, I’m looking forward to this month’s membership meeting. It’s Quota Cares Month and the Grand Rapids club has decided to provide gift bags to the clients of Sisters In Support through DA Blodgett Homes. Last year we had a fun time creating bags for Kids Food Basket and I think the Program/Hospitality Team has chosen well to continue our hands-on service at the regular membership meeting and they’ve identified a project that we can relate to and have fun with.

Even if you can’t contribute to the items we’re collecting, be sure to come to the meeting to help put together the gift bags. It’ll be a great time for a great cause!

I’m also looking forward to the District 20 Conference. For all we know, this will be the last District 20 Conference in history. Does that have significance? I think it does. The District Conferences help us to know that we are not isolated. That there are others outside of our community who feel the same way we do; who see the same needs in their community that we do, and who know that although they are just one, they can come together with others and make a difference.

The District Conference is in Traverse City this year. It’s a great way to meet new people and re-visit with those you haven’t seen in a while. And it’s a good way to recharge your batteries. The last time we were in Traverse City, they were great hosts, we had a good time and learned helpful tips to bring back to GR.

Sharing and Caring. That’s what Quota is all about. I’ll see you at these two events!

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March 2013 President’s message

Please pardon the delay in our posting of the March President’s message. We will have it posted on here soon. In the meantime, think spring… Especially since as I type this it is snowing. Alas, it is the last day of winter.

I have seen the signs that indicate spring: my tulips are (were) peeking out of the ground. I have (had) crocus that are blooming. I have smelled skunk. (Did anyone else know that was a sign of spring?) I haven’t seen any robins yet, unless you count our Quotarian… ha!

-Emily, blog editor

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