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We received a generous donation from ITC Holdings Corp. through their program, they raised $1225.00! This was given to our Charitable Foundation.

Here is the letter we sent to them ITC thank you

This may seem out of the blue, but through technology and our blog, ITC Holdings was able to find us and chose to support our cause. The blog is reaching out in ways that we had only imagined. Our reminder to you is to check back for updates and news. Then remember to share our blog with friends, family, coworkers and neighbors. We are making a difference!

Thank you!

Emily Uebbing, Blog Administator


As always, if you do not see something that should be posted on the blog, please contact Emily for assistance.

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IMPORTANT Update from Quota International

Quota Quick Update
5 July 2012
Important Update on Structure and Governance Proposal
The Quota International Board of Directors announced today that they have made some changes to the proposal for Quota’s future structure and governance system. Immediately reviewing results from member feedback provided at 2012 District Conferences just ended, the board:
  • Changed the regional assignment of some districts.
  • Will “Grandfather” existing club branches that don’t reach the 7-member minimum club charter number by December 31, 2012, thus permitting them to become a club. (This applies only to branches not located in a country where the law of the land requires a specific minimum number.)
  • Restricted the number of international board nominees from one Quota club to one per election.
  • Proposed a new ballot counting system to be used at international elections that would promote diversity on the board of directors and limit to three the maximum number of board members from one country.
The revised structure and governance proposal will be discussed at the Convention 2012 Town Meeting and voted on at the Bylaws session, both scheduled for Thursday, July 12, 2012.
Writer and Designer: Nancy Fitzpatrick, Deputy Executive Director
Occasional Quota Quick Updates are sent to members with e-mail addresses in the Quota International membership database. At no time is e-mail information sold or loaned. Delete, change, or add your e-mail address online or contact for assistance.
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2011-2012 Service Committee Annual Report

Click here to read the Service Committee Annual Report.

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2011-2012 Membership Committee Annual Report


2011 – 2012


The focus of the Membership Committee is to grow the Club membership while retaining existing members.


Our Annual Membership Dinner was to have been held January 19, 2012.  We  had a poor response this year from the members, passing on   names, so that we could invite  guests to our meeting.  Also, Centennial Country Club was closed for the winter months, however, they failed to notify us until just before the invitations were sent out, so we cancelled the dinner.  It was then voted on by the Board to move the Membership Dinner to later into  the year – September or October instead.


We have had two guest this year.  Rachel Owsinski, a friend of Emily Uebbing.  A membership packet was dropped of at her office in early March.


A previous member, Nicole Phillips, expressed interest in returning to the club.  Her reason for leaving was her inability to make the noon meetings downtown.


Both ladies brought their membership applications to the Installation Banquet at Cascade Country Club.  They will most likely become members (after being voted on by the committee) at the May or June meeting.


Membership Totals:

Lost due to resignation:  1

Gains due to new members:  2




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2011-2012 Communication Committee Annual Report

Communications Team – Annual Report

5/1/11 to 4/30/12


In 2011-12, the Communications Team operated fairly independently in the current year, as the chair was challenged by staff turnover at work.  Nonetheless, the committee members followed the planning that had been done the previous year, using:

  • The Club’s planned Service Activities and Fundraising Activities (determined at the 2011 “Who Wants to Be a Quillionaire?” meeting)
  • Editorial Calendar concept developed the previous year
  • Event communications tool

Individuals volunteered to publicize each event.


Communications team members each volunteered to coordinate the information distribution for a few of these events and activities:

  • Monthly membership meetings
  • Election of New Officers and Directors
  • Quota Cares Walk
  • Holiday Shopping Extravaganza
  • Santa Claus Parade:  Healthy Hearing earplug distribution
  • Holiday lunch for DHHS Friends
  • Quota Holiday Party
  • Barnes & Noble Book Fair
  • Installation of Officers/Annual Meeting
  • Shawnee Courtyard Gardening


We continued using the Event Communications Tool, which is a one-page sheet designed for each Communications Team member  to use with Event Chairs to gather all the relevant information about a given event, and to plan which of the following methods to use distribute information:

  • Our – blog maintained by Emily, used for all official communications, President’s message, monthly reports, events calendar, and a convenient place to have information readily available for general public and members.  Private information is password protected, general information is not.
  • Facebook:  Quota of GR has a Group page – Quota International of Grand Rapids — used to publicize events, post photos, invite friends and/or public to participate
  • GR Now:  Occasionally used to publicize monthly meetings, other public events; GR Now Events
  • Flyers:  Paper and electronic versions used to publicize events
  • Email distribution to members – used primarily for immediate communication, reminders, and forwarding of turn-key materials members can use to forward to friends (invitations, flyers, links to event sites)
  • Press Releases:  a media distribution list has been developed for sending press releases; press releases are used to publicize election of officers and directors, specific gifts (e.g. to Gallaudet student), quarterly funding cycle for requests from individuals and organizations




Kim Savoie was interviewed by Shelley Irwin on WGVU radio on January 4, 2012, promoting Quota and our Book Fair at Barnes and Noble.  Kim did a fantastic job sharing who we are!  Click on the link to listen to the interview:


Listen Now


Robin submitted our “Cool Cats Cooking” to the Publicity Contest held by Quota International .  It was a very good writeup, accompanied by pictures, and gave a great flavor of the service we’re doing with the Cool Cats.



Other activities throughout the year 2011-12:

  • Maintained the Roster:  roster updates for our padfolios were issued periodically as new members joined and as changes accumulated
  • Maintained the Brochure:  the brochure developed during 2010-11 was maintained during 1011-12 and distributed upon request
  • Publicized our Financial Aid:  information is published on the website for use by anyone wishing to apply for funds; instructions and quarterly due dates are posted on our website for  Individuals and Organizations to be able to apply for these funds; a page was added for GRCC Students to find out about our scholarship, and the GRCC Scholarship was written up on the blog
  • Sent hard-copy information to individuals without email or internet capability
  • Maintained web hosting and domain registration through DreamHost; updated our DreamHost blog software as new releases came out



Many thanks to the Communications Team:  Carol Karr, Robin Keith, Emily Uebbing.  They really made these communications happen!

Submitted by Chair:   Maureen Martin.

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President’s Message July 2012

You may be wondering why I chose  the key as a symbol during my presidency.  Over the last few months, I’ve noticed a recurring theme.  The notion that having a purpose is important, even life-defining.  I see it in movies, TV shows, speeches, even in obituaries such as Cathy’s mom’s.  I keep hearing that still, small voice saying we aren’t here to just take up space but to make ourselves useful in the bigger picture. And that in doing so, we don’t just give, we get as well.

Just as a small key can open a large door, we are “small” yet mighty for opening doors through Quota.  We open the door to expanding horizons for the  Cool Cats, we make a difference to the clients of Deaf and Hard of Hearing  Services, we impact people watching the Santa Claus Parade who may have never thought about how precious their hearing is to life, we ease life struggles  around the world through contributions to Hand-In-Hand World Service through  Quota International, and we share beauty with the young learners at Shawnee  Park Elementary School.

To be used for a purpose is a  privilege and a joy.  Benjamin Franklin  espoused “…the used key is always bright”.

My wish for Quotarians is that we are always used, so that we may stay bright.


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