March President’s Message

It’s March and the only resemblance to a lion’s roar is a bit of rain. What happened to winter?  Well, we were fortunate enough to have one lovely day of winter on February 11th.  We can thank our camp counselors, Martha, Cathy, Diane, and Maureen for an outstanding experience for 11 hearing impaired teens.   The date was just the right one and the weather perfect – it snowed just for us and just enough to make it a real winter camp.  I must say that when we had to cancel in August, then again in October, I was skeptical and worried about the kids even wanting to come, much less enjoy themselves, in the cold.  Well, worry is my middle name and I guess in August I would have worried about mosquitoes, heat, etc.  I soon realized that the enthusiasm of the people in charge and a little faith go a long way to deter worrisome thoughts.  I really don’t think it could have been better.  The kids all had a great time and wanted to know when the next event will be.  There was a camp fire, a scavenger hunt, a first aid kit-making lesson, a most interesting animal presentation, a camp fire meal, roasted marshmallows, and camaraderie.  All involved can tell those who were not there about what went on (or click here) and what a great time the kids had, but, I think I speak for all when I say that I could never describe the attitudes and smiles of the young people there.  Well-done!

Also, in February, I traveled to Cannonsburg to watch four hearing impaired skiers.  We helped pay for their lessons so I wanted to make sure our money was “well-spent” and snap a few pictures while I was there.  Again, I cannot describe nor was I able to photograph the feeling of euphoria I saw displayed on those beautiful faces as they came speeding down the hill screaming and waving to me.  Those were moments I could only record in my memory. 

I recount these experiences because they are affirmations of why we do what we do in Quota and how we are truly making a difference.  We are not doing it alone—we are doing it together.  Whether or not everyone can attend every activity, we have to know that what we so joyously work for has it rewards for the givers and receivers alike.

Our March service project will be to prepare supplies for Kids’ Food Basket, a program that is “attacking childhood hunger” by serving 4,800 nutritious evening meals daily to disadvantaged children.  I visited the site this week and became enthusiastic about this project.  I hope you can come to help decorate bags, donate food, and listen to our guest speaker, a representative of KFB.  I think you’ll be glad you did.  See you then. 

Happy March!