Quota Quick update

Did you receive an email from Quota International? Check out their website for updates, information and more! Also, be sure to read what President Chris blogged about! It’s as easy as clicking here.

Plus, Quota is issuing a “Q-pon”!!! Want to check it out? Click here.

Be sure to stay updated with our blog and Q.I.’s. Information is added weekly to our blog. Have something you want to share? Contact Emily and she will post it right here! Don’t forget to check back soon for some photos of the 2012 Cool Cats skiing adventures!

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Making a difference

I thought you all might be interested in seeing how we can make a difference.  This is a note I received from Teri, Carlos’ teacher consultant:

Carlos had a great time.  That was the first time in his life roasting marshmallows.  He had such a big smile on his face telling me about the scavenger hunt and the fire and what not.  It is so heartwarming to see how these things make him so happy!

Thanks for all you do for Carlos and the others.

(Carlos is in the foreground in the aqua shirt, eating his dinner)

In addition, I saw Cindy today and she described his reaction to seeing marshmallows roasted over a fire:  it was more than just a smile–he was incredulous.
Carlos is a wonderful young man who is, as yet, undiscovered.  I’m so glad we are able to include him in our activities as I know he has much to offer the world around him.
Thank you, camp counselors.



Thanks to Martha and Cathy for all of their hard work creating a “Camp” for the Cool Cats (and friends, we had four other students from the G.R.O.D. program: Brija and Megi DeMeester who go to Eastside Christian, Zedin Kujovic goes to FH Central, and Christopher goes to FH Eastern)!! Thank you to Pat for hosting and taking the photos and to Diane, Maureen, Kathy and Heather who all came out to be Quota Counselors!!

Here are a few pictures from Winter Camp.


Grace and Amy learn about tree bark that they found on the Scavenger Hunt


Martel and Brija work together on the Scavenger Hunt

The group gathers around the fire to keep warm and to cook hobo dinners

Summer shows off the prize she won (from the Scavenger Hunt)

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Looking for a Scholarship?

Did you know Quota International of Grand Rapids has a Legacy Scholarship available to students at GRCC (Grand Rapids Community College)? You can find out more about it and read the names of our Legacy Members by clicking here.

This scholarship criteria is:

  • for students taking 6 or more credit hours
  • student must be hard of hearing, deaf or pursuing an education to assist the deaf or hard of hearing
  • for a recipient whom will be chosen by the college
  • requiring the Student to maintain a 3.0 GPA
  • paid directly to the college for cost of the class

Quota will receive notification of the award and name of recipient. If the scholarship is not awarded after two years, the gift will be put on hold until such time it is awarded, whereupon the scholarship gift will be resumed.

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Winter Camp

            Please join us for an experience you won’t forget!!

      Learn how to:

  • Build a fire
  • Cook a meal over an open fire (dinner provided)
  • Identify small animal footprints
  • Snowshoe
  • Go on a scavenger hunt
  • Other exciting activities of camp life

      When:  February 11, 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

      Where: 9531 Conservation NE, Ada (Pat Cook’s house)

      Who:  Cool Cats, their parents and Quota Club members

      RSVP to:  Pat Cook by February 8 (616) 676-2062

Please dress appropriately

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February 2012 President’s Message

February President’s Message

Crash!  I watched in horror as the beautiful plate my grandmother hand painted 100 years ago and my mother lovingly protected and saved for me for most of those years fell to the floor, propelled by my very own hand.  It was the first thing Monday morning and I thought Oh! What bad luck—it’s going to be a horrible week!  Then I calmed myself and realized that I was the one who put the plate too close to the phone and I was the one who decided I had to grab the phone as fast as possible without judging the proximity of the plate.  Then, I stopped to consider the concept of luck.  By definition, it is “a seemingly chance happening of events which affect one”.  Another definition could be “fate”.

Last week I was fortunate enough to be the substitute teacher for the Cool Cats at CA Frost.  At the end of the first day, Julie Swanson, a teacher and long-time friend/colleague looked at the kids and asked me, “Aren’t we lucky?”  My answer was a definite “Yes!”  What might follow that would be, “Aren’t we, as Quotarians, lucky to be able to share and, hopefully, help this group of wonderful young people?” Again, the answer would be “Oh, yes!” 

Is it luck?  We make choices in our lives.  We have chosen to share and make a difference.  We have chosen how to share by joining Quota.  We have chosen with whom we share.  We can thank Emily for making a connection with Cindy, Julie, and the Cool Cats.  Emily chose us and then she chose the Cool Cats.  We, as a group, have dedicated time and energy, but we receive so much in return.  Would you say we are ‘lucky’ choosers?

Of course, the Cool Cats are not the only recipients of our financial support, but they have become a focus of our need to make a difference and then see that difference in them through our activities together.  Not only do we need them, but are lucky enough to be able to learn so much from them.

February is a month when hearts abound to remind us of love.  We all have love to give and are lucky when we find someone to take it.  Fortunately, our ‘luck’ started when we chose to join Quota.

Happy loving February everyone!  You could be lucky enough to be at the Winter Camp on Feb. 11.


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