Regular Meeting

Our Annual Membership Event has been postponed. We are still holding our regular meeting. If you haven’t done so, RSVP ASAP to Pam G. We are still meeting at Centennial. We will be finished by 7pm. See you there!

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Martha’s birthday

Happy Birthday Martha!

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Lisa’s birthday

Happy Birthday Lisa!

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Diana’s birthday

Happy Birthday Diana!

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Barnes & Noble Book Fair

Join us at the Barnes & Noble at River Town Crossings Mall on January 7th, 2012. Any purchase you make helps our fundraiser. Be sure to use our Bookfair id #10493278. Give that number when you’re checking out.

We have lots of fun activities planned, so bring the kids, bring the neighbors, bring the neighbors with their kids! We’ll have live entertainment from the Cool Cats, Paws with a Cause will stop by, you can learn sign language, and more!

Can’t make it? Shop online or at any Barnes & Noble between the 7th-11th and use our id #10493278. We still get the credit!

Whether you’re using a gift card or buying a cup of coffee, any and all purchases count, #10493278 (take it with you)

Here’s the Bookfair Flyer with the vouchers. Be sure to print them out to give to your friends and family. See you there!

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“Hear”‘s an interesting fact


 the number of competing

sounds it takes to

confuse the female ear.


Heard Mentality

You’re at a party when someone calls your name from across the room. You look around in confusion, trying to pinpoint the source. For help, try asking the guy next to you. A study in the journal Cortex found that women are less adept than men at zeroing in on discrete sounds in noisy environments. Next time you need to hear above the hubbub, tune in to these tips from Bruce Vircks, Au.D., President of the Academy of Doctors of Audiology:

  • Stand close to a wall – the center of a room is generally the loudest spot.
  • At seated functions, choose a high-back chair to block unwanted sounds from behind.
  • In conversation, try positioning yourself next to the speaker so her voice goes directly to your ear. If that’s not possible, move to a well-lit area. Watching a speaker’s lips can provide clues to what she’s saying, even if the racket persists.
taken from BH&G, December 2011, pg. 190
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Central Area Meeting Newsletter

Click to here to read the newsletter from our Central Area Director, Judy Walthers. You may have received the newsletter via email!

Q.I. has been given our new email address, as suggested by Judy.

She also mentions the changes being proposed. If you missed those, click here. Don’t forget to read President Chris’ message (you can find a link to it on Q.I.’s website).

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2011 DHHS lunch with the Tuesday Group

Pat, Diane, Kathy and I joined Debbie and the Tuesday Group for our annual Christmas luncheon. We served lunch; fruit salad, pasta salad and a variety of sandwiches and wraps.

Everyone waits to be dismissed to go through the serving line.

Diane and Kathy are ready to serve lunch!

There was plenty of food and fun for everyone!

Then it was time to hand out the presents. We always welcome guests and we’re always prepared with a few extra gifts. Everyone who was there, received something.

As always, our Quotarians are generous and the recipients were pleased with their gifts.

I will continue to say what a blessing and true joy it is to watch them open their presents and be so thankful for the small things. They ask for gifts that mean the world to them, but are often times everyday items that you and I take for granted. We are their family at Christmas.

If you want to experience the real meaning of Christmas, put it on your calendar to come next year. You won’t be disappointed and it will lift your spirits to that true Christmas joy.

Merry Christmas!!

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2011 DHHS Holiday party/lunch

Join us as we spread the holiday cheer at DHHS.

The fun begins at noon at the DHHS building located at Kalamazoo and 44th street.

If you signed up to be a “Santa” for one of our foster friends, please bring your gift or get it to Debbie before the 13th.


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December 2011 President’s Message

Another Santa Claus Parade has passed me by.  I was so hoping to make it this year, but my mother just keeps having birthdays (91 and going strong!) so I am always out of town.  I saw the video that Kathy sent to Robin and thought it was just great—good, long exposure!  I just want to know one thing:  if I don’t get to the parade for the next few years, can I still wear a Quota Cares t-shirt?  Thank you to all of you who braved the cold to be there and represent our club. You all looked  happy.  I was gratified to know that we had a wonderful showing of Delta Zeta friends and a new volunteer, Jrang Ho, from Viet Nam.

The end of November and post-Thanksgiving panic has already set in for me way too soon.  As I review the year of 2011, I think about all that we have accomplished and how Quota does really care.  We have worked hard this year to “make a difference” and along the way, we did it without overusing the word ‘service’.  Some may worry that the word connotes things which may be off-putting or negative; at the least, it does not necessarily attract people to a cause.  I understand and agree although I want to defend that word in another light.

 As I rush around buying gifts, looking for bargains, wrapping paper, and ribbon, I ask myself about giving at Christmas time.  Did Charles Dickens start a secular celebration movement when he wrote the A Christmas Carol?  The widely popular story which has come to be a part of Christmas the world over was a call to family togetherness, festive games and music, and gifting.  Some have criticized Dickens for the effect he had on the celebration of Christmas.  His overarching message to me, though, is one of love and generosity.  We want to show each other that we care. 

Last year a friend of mine who has always been more than generous in her gifting told me that her gift to me would be one of “service”.  I was a bit taken back and wondered what that might mean.  I was planning our annual neighborhood Christmas party and my friend showed up one day to help me prepare.  We cleaned, cooked, and decorated together.  I was touched and will never forget what a true gift that was.  Not only did she help me a great deal but doing these things together was the real bonus for me.  What she considered service was more than that to me—it was her sharing herself with me in the name of service. 

That is what we do in Quota and that is why my holiday wish for you is to continue to share the service of Quota, all of us together.  Happy Holidays to all.  Pat

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