Summer Fun!

Join us for our annual gathering at Joyce’s. She is providing the food and drink. All you need to provide is yourself! Come out and enjoy the summer and casual conversation. Catch up with all our traveler’s or share what’s been going on in your life. See you there!

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Protected: May 2011 Regular Meeting Minutes

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President’s Message June 2011

Lazy Pride


The weekend of May 20-22 has come and gone leaving behind it a smashing success of a conference and making me feel like the ‘laziest leader’ in the universe.


Our Grand Rapids club showed the District a fun, inspirational, and productive time while I wanted to do more to help.  From my lazy vantage point, though, I watched as the product of months of hard work was brought into fruition.   Kim Savoie is to be highly commended for her leadership in choosing a very good hotel and creating a dressing room that Audrey Hepburn would have LOVED, dahling.  Sarah and her crew made registration easy, efficient, and quick with a well-organized and very welcoming welcome table.


Fun night was just that.   Several attendees in boas, wigs, and sunglasses went from Audrey’s to Wimpy’s, Sean Connery’s, Elvis Presley’s, Carol Burnette’s, Lucille Ball’s, and Mae West’s dressing rooms where they were given only clues about who the absent occupants were.  They had to make their best guesses while they drank wine, mimosas, and champagne and munched on Twinkies (in various forms), quiches, fruit parfaits, and star-shaped canapés among other delicious treats from the stars.  Whew!  Kath Slagal wins my prize for the best accent as Mae West’s lovely maid.


All adjourned to the Hollandwood walk of fame where they could see their very own star so beautifully handcrafted by Maureen, Emily, and Kathy F.  All members of the district were treated to a great video of Emily’s pink transformation then prizes were given for correct identification of the stars.


Betty Weston, our outgoing governor, directed an interesting, punctual, and well-organized Saturday for us ending with a very fun banquet/auction evening.


Sunday was equally well designed and organized.  We left with new officers to lead our district, a glimpse of the future with our next international President, Laura Lahman, and a great excitement about the notion of Junior Quota clubs.


More detailed reviews of the conference will be coming to meetings, but in the meantime, I want to congratulate all who were involved in the planning and hard work that went into the weekend including Cathy Kaiser, Pam Howland, and Kath Slagal.   In the hotel it was frequently heard that Grand Rapids always “raises the bar” and shows how it should be done.


As for this lazy leader, I want to say how proud I am to be a part of Quota International of Grand Rapids and to thank all who made our club proud at the District 20 conference.



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