Quota Quick Update from Q.I.

Quota Quick Update – 25 February 2011


1.  Explore Quota’s New Web Site

2.  What’s New on the Web?

3. Quota Welcomes Two New Clubs and One New Branch

4.  Quotarians Responds to Australia Flood Disaster


1.  Explore Quota’s New Web Site

This month we celebrated the organization’s 92nd birthday month with the unveiling of Quota’s brand new Web site AND the publication of the inaugural issue of the new online The Quotarian magazine. We hope you have logged on to to see Quota’s new, more contemporary look and take advantage of the many wonderful innovative features the site offers. Have you seen…

  • …our new video, “Change the World?” It showcases Quota service and is set to Carrie Underwoods’ hit song, “Change the World,” and you can request a FREE copy to show at recruitment and community education events.

  • …our poll asking you to rate online Quota’s new Web site? Go to the bottom of the Member Center page to place your vote and see how your response compares to your fellow Quota members. Check back to provide your feedback on various Quota issues as our poll question will change from time to time.

You will also find a new search box, the ability to translate the site in other languages, and the ability for every member to check her or his membership record. The ability to check your donations record as well is coming soon!


2. What’s New on the Web?

  • International President Gwenn Jackson added new entries to her blog this week including “Treasures and Chests.” You won’t want to miss this one as well as “Listening Tour Trip #5.” Go to and click “President’s Message and Blog,” under Quota Express News,
  • Our Creating the Quota of Tomorrow semi-annual status report has been added to the strategic initiatives section of our Web site. To read about accomplishments and expenditures thus far in our three-year plan for Quota’s future, go to the About Quota tab on and click “Strategic Initiatives,” then “Creating the Quota of Tomorrow —February 2011 Semi-Annual Status Report,”


3.   Quota Welcomes Two New Clubs and One New Branch
Quota International of Makati (33 members) and Quota International of Pilar (24 members) both chartered on Quota’s 92nd birthday in Manila, Philippines. Also on February 6, the Townsville Silver Q branch was launched by QI of Townsville in Queensland, Australia. Congratulations and a warm welcome goes to our new members! To view the listing of Quota’s newest clubs and branches, go to and click “New Clubs and Branches” under Quota Express News,


4.   Quotarians Responds to Australia Flood Disaster

We have had an amazing response to our appeal for relief donations after the devastating Queensland floods in December and January. We are proud to report that Aus.$53,451 has been donated by Quotarians from around the world and Aus.$17,000 has already been distributed. Your contributions are being used specifically to assist special education schools and centers for the disabled that were completely inundated—they have lost teaching resources, library books, musical instruments, sporting equipment, and more.  The special needs children who attend these schools require specific equipment and resources for their education, which is often expensive and specialized. South Pacific Area Liaison Beris Pritchard is working with the Education Coordinator for Special Schools throughout Queensland, and we thank her for the speedy delivery of funds to the schools, so they can get operating as quickly as possible. A full 100% of your donations are going straight to the schools. Thank you for your support made in true Quota fashion!


Occasional QUOTA QUICK UPDATES are sent to members with e-mail addresses in the Quota International membership database. At no time is e-mail information sold or loaned to other organizations. To delete, change, or add an e-mail address in this database, please contact

This QUOTA QUICK UPDATE was written by Christy Herz, Foundation and Convention Manager / / 202.331.9694.

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EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it!

Quota International has launched a new website!! Check it out by clicking this link: Quota International

Each member of Quota has a new (separate) log in pin. You can still access Q.I.’s website without your pin. This new pin allows fellow club members the ability to check and update your own membership record and check your own donations record. In order to log in to this feature the first time, every Quota member will need her or his own individual Quota International Member Identification Number. Club presidents were given those and asked to distribute the numbers belonging to their own club members. You will be receiving an email in the next couple of days with that information. This is only for Q.I.’s website.

Be sure to check it out!

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Fundraising update

This is the Y.T.D. report on fund raising success of our Club for the last year:

Budget              Money Raised

2nd Annual Quota Cares Walk                        $1,500.00        $2,525.00

The Shopping Extravaganza                           $   500.00        $   884.00

Barnes & Noble Book Fair                                $   500.00        $1,033.00

Conference Sales

United Way                                                                              $   500.00

Koezee’s                                                         $1,000.00            $1,250.00

$3,500.00        $6192.00

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Getting to Know You…

It’s time we got to know Sarah!! She’s the last, but not least Getting to Know you!!

Sarah has been in Quota for 14 years. She enjoys snacking on anything with chocolate, especially coffee ice cream with chocolate topping while watching her favorite movie, “Somewhere In Time”.

Sarah was asked if she ever had her name mentioned in a book? She doesn’t think so, but if we find it, let her know!

The weirdest food Sarah has ever eaten was ostrich. She says it wasn’t bad, it tasted like flank steak. The funniest thing was that it was at a restaurant called the Versailles Inn (Ohio), however, in Ohio the name of the restaurant was pronounced “ver-sales”! So much for her French! Go figure!!

Sarah was asked which would be better? Sitting in front of a nice, warm fireplace or taking a long drive along the ocean? Sarah chose the warm fireplace – this is Michigan. However, she thinks our Lake Michigan shoreline is fantastic!

Sarah would put a Valentine heart into a time capsule to represent her. (This is a completely random coincidence!!)

Sarah was asked, what if you could peek into any place in the world right now? She said, she’d do it!

And Sarah’s last question: what is her favorite board game? By jove, she says, it’s Balderdash!

Thanks Sarah for sharing a little bit about yourself, and thank you to everyone for participating in this fun three year journey!!

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DHHS is offering Sign Language Classes

If you or anyone you know is interested in taking sign language classes, DHHS is offering ASL 1 through 4 at two locations!  Please spread the word.  Registration is available until the first night of class.  Call 616-732-7358 (v) to reserve your spot.

Click this link for the Flyer: American Sign Language Class Registration Form 2011.


Katie A. Prins, MBA

Executive Director

Grand Rapids Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services

4328 Kalamazoo Ave S.E.

Grand Rapids, MI 49508

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President’s Message – February 2011

The beginning of a new month. This time I’m prepared. I’ve been giving a lot of thought to what I can write about. There has been so much going on, and we will stay fairly busy until the summer, I could probably write several pages. However, I have decided to see how many of you read the blog and check in regularly. Back when we had the newsletter, it seemed that more people knew what was going on and saw the President’s Message every month. I have received very little feedback or comments on my messages, let alone the blog. For those of you who are regulars: pay attention!!

Our February “guest speaker” will be Cathy K. She is going to talk about what it’s been like for her to go through chemotherapy and how she has dealt with breast cancer. I can’t think of a better person to talk about this because Cathy is always upbeat, positive and has a smile on her face. To support her at our February meeting wear pink! For those who don’t, there will be a red apple!!

I had challenged the membership, back in September (click here) to bring guests to our meetings. The challenge was sixteen guests in the five regular meetings that remained. OR 25 guests at the January Membership event. So far we have had two guests (both brought by Peggy) attend regular meetings and one is in the process of joining. While I truly thought this challenge could be met, I am willing to lower the number. You have the February and March meeting; if we can get seven guests total between the two meetings, you can still dye my hair. If two more people join, you can dye my hair. Remember the hot button topics (click here to read about those again) and start looking for your guests!

Betty has informed the club President’s that the week of February 14th-20th is “Random Acts of Kindness Week”. If you do anything during this time, share that either with her or me and let’s see if we can’t make a difference in one person’s day!

It’s a difficult thing to start a new habit, but if you haven’t been checking the blog regularly try to make it part of your routine. You never know when something exciting or random might appear! Stay in the know and get your information here. Until next month, stay warm and continue to share the principles of Quota!!


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