drumroll please

Final results from the Quota International of Grand Rapids Barnes and Noble book fair are in!

Thanks to all for your help and support!
From in-store sales   $963.84
from Nook sales       $  57.75
from online sales      $  11.71
Grand Total              $1,033.30
Great job Kim!! You put a lot of work into this and because of all your hard work it was a great book fair!!
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an interesting article

Thanks to Robin for sharing this article on a deaf lawyer! Click here to read the article.

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Q.I. Update

January 20, 2011












March is Quota Cares Month! Now is the time to plan your club’s special project. See #5 below for details.



“Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all of your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement.”—Golda Meir




The Quota International Board of Directors will meet in Washington, D.C., U.S.A., from February 4 to 6, 2011. Any major news or decisions made at the board meeting will be reported by President Gwenn in her first President’s Web message published after the board meeting and in the March issue of the LEADERSHIP e-ALERT.


Since the last issue of the LEADERSHIP e-ALERT was sent to you, Quota International welcomed one new club and one new branch:

The Central Coast Branch of Quota International of Santa Maria, California, U.S.A.
Launched November 2010

Quota International of Mackay’s Rural North, Queensland, Australia.

Chartered December 12, 2010


Three former White House photographers and a Pulitzer-nominated photojournalist have completed judging of the We Share Foundation’s 2010 International Photography Contest. We proudly announce the winners:

-Grand Prize: Quota International of Taree, New South Wales, Australia

-Second Prize: Quota International of Cebu, the Philippines

-Third Prize: Quota International of Cebu, the Philippines

The Grand Prize photo will be published in the upcoming Quotarian magazine, to be published online in February, and all three winning photos will be published on the Quota International Web site.


Based on dues statements received as of December 31, 2010, Quota International has 5,950 members located in 269 clubs. This number will be adjusted as lost members in 2010 are reported on dues statements due in January. Club membership statistics are updated on a monthly basis and published on Quota’s Web site under the “For Clubs” link,


Quota leaders appreciate the generous gifts donated since the start of the current Quota year (May 1 – December 31, 2010):

-Wanda Frey Joiner: U.S.$54,397 (66% of our U.S.$82,000 goal)

-We Share Foundation: U.S.$28,700 (57% of our U.S.$50,000 goal)

-Friend of Quota: U.S.$18,635 (85% of our U.S.$22,000 goal)


Stay connected with International President Gwenn Jackson through her blog. Read her posts since the start of 2011, “A typical Quota meeting,” and “A schedule for the new year” at


Attention all clubs (outside of Quota’s South Pacific Area): January 31, 2011, is the final postmark date for the payment of club dues without payment of a late fee.



We are excited to report that Quota International will be celebrating the organization’s 92nd birthday month with a very special gift: the unveiling of Quota’s brand new Web site AND the publication of the inaugural issue of the new online Quotarian magazine. Our Home page will be sporting a new, more contemporary look and so many wonderful new features that we know you and your club members will enjoy.

In our November 2010 LEADERSHIP e-ALERT, we reported on some of the new features you could look forward to including a new search box, the ability to translate the site in other languages, the ability for every member to check her or his membership and donations record, and a new password protected Club President Center—just for you!  (We will e-mail the password you will need to enter that site closer to our launch date.)

Here now are a few other great features we know you will enjoy:

  • A new CLUB SALES MARKETPLACE where your club can advertise at no charge the merchandise you sell to raise club administrative or service funds. You will have the ability to upload an optional photo, so you might want to start taking your photos now!
  • A new QUOTA YOU TUBE CHANNEL, where clubs worldwide can post videos. (Have a video NOW that you would like to have posted when our site goes live?  E-mail it to
  • Special software that will permit you to read THE QUOTARIAN online in the same way you read a print publication—as a two-page spread with easy to use features to turn pages, enlarge or reduce the size of your copy, and print pages for sharing.
  • A MEMBER SURVEY that will change from time to time asking for your feedback on various Quota issues. Our first survey will get your feedback on the new site, and you’ll get to see how your response compares to your fellow Quota members.

Watch for our announcement next month for the official launch date!



All 2011 Board of Director elections will be held via mail ballot. To view a list of candidates, visit and click the “Quota Headlines” link, Detailed voting information, the 2011 NOMINEE BROCHURE, and ballots will be mailed to all voting delegates no later than March 15, 2011. Because there is only one candidate running for the offices of President-elect, Central Area Director, and East Area Director, there will be no mail ballot election held for these positions, and the nominee will be declared the winner at the time that mail ballots for other elections are counted. Completed mail ballots must be received at the QI Office by May 15, 2011. Ballots received after this date will be disqualified.



Quota International celebrates Quota Cares Month every year, and we invite your club to be a part of this exciting global event by planning a newsworthy service project in your Quota community in March. Doing so can pay dividends for your club through new members, increased fund-raising opportunities, and the ability to touch more lives that can benefit from the caring Quotarians worldwide are known for. Is your club in the market for a new project to plan? Consider new ideas from past winning clubs! Visit and click the “Quota Cares Month” link to read all winning Quota Cares Month projects since the program began and to print a Quota Cares Month Planning Kit. The deadline for submitting your club’s Quota Cares Month Success form (for the Quota Cares Month International Competition) is April 15, 2011.



At 2009 district conferences, discussions led by international representatives enabled participants to assess the status and success of their district as well as identify areas for future improvement. In March 2010 we provided district strategic feedback reports (containing the results of the 2009 strategic roundtable discussions) to all governors. The feedback was provided as a tool for governors to use in moving their district forward in the way that is most important to district members as a whole. We have recommended that all governors make time to discuss your district’s results at your upcoming conference if they were not discussed at last year’s meeting. If you would like a copy of your district’s report, please contact Christy Herz at



*Help for your club. All Quota members have FREE access to a wonderful resource that will permit you to network with other club leaders while you participate in dynamic Webinars that will help you lead your club with success! If you attended Convention 2010, then you met Service Club Dynamo Cynthia D’Amour, President of PeoplePower Unlimited. Cynthia offers a special Web site for service club leaders, and your participation on her site is free! To learn more, click here:

In case you missed them, notes from two of Cynthia’s recent Webinars, “What Younger Members Want from Your Chapter” and “Boost Your Leadership Confidence” are attached to this e-mail. Below is a list of FREE Webinars that Cynthia will be leading January thru March. All Webinars are 30 minutes, running from 1:00 – 1:30 pm, Eastern Time in the United States. All Webinars are archived for 45 days in case you are not available when it is live. Share this list with all club members and leaders so everyone can learn!

January 28 –  How to Plan an Amazing Board Retreat

February 3 – Attract More Potential Members to Your Chapter

February 9 – Creating Member Value with Virtual Team Meetings

February 15 – Break the Cycle of Doing Too Much

February 24 – How to Turn Around Your Struggling Chapter

March 1 – Dealing with Negative People Who Drag Your Chapter Down

March 16 – Make Being Involved More Fun

March 30 – Make Fundraising More Attractive to Your Members

*Club/leadership development coming soon to a city near you. Just announced for 2011, Cynthia D’Amour’s Lazy Leader Road Show! Later this year Cynthia’s D’Amour will be bringing a half-day program to 20 cities across America. The focus: How to create a surplus of volunteers – Lazy Leader style. Below are the cities the Road Show will be coming to. Plan now to send your club’s incoming 2011-2012 officers and any interested members. See the attached flyer for details.

Grand Rapids, MI        Sacramento, CA           Portland, OR

Dallas, TX                   Cleveland, OH             Baltimore, MD

Denver, CO                 Raleigh/Durham, NC   St. Louis, MO

Tampa, FL                   Philadelphia, PA          Pittsburgh, PA

Washington, DC          Indianapolis, IN           Minneapolis, MN

Chicago, IL                  Atlanta, GA                 Phoenix, AZ

Milwaukee, WI            Seattle, WA



U.S. Quota clubs: Interested in hosting an arts event for deaf members of your community? Contact The Little Theatre of the Deaf for information about adding your community to their national tour of “Stories in My Pocket” and “Stories in My Pocket, Too.” Both performed in sign language and the spoken word, these productions are filled with stories, poems, and signing fun.

The audience chooses the stories, game-show style, from large colorful pockets on the stage.

What will be in the yellow pocket—Signing Fun, Fables, Poems, or Improvisation?  Included is a Learn and Study Together Guide providing material about the performance, exercises, and sign language lessons for everyone. Contact Betty Beekman, Tour Director, National Theatre of the Deaf, (860) 236-4193-Telephone or

U.S. Quota clubs: The Gannett Foundation’s Community Grant Program supports non-profit activities in the communities in which Gannett does business. To see a list of communities eligible and to learn more, click here:



In the “For Clubs” section of, “Administration and Operations” has been updated with three new pieces of information for U.S. clubs.

  • Incorporating your club. Quota International’s attorney and Board of Directors strongly recommend that all Quota clubs in the United States incorporate and adopt a conflict of interest policy. If your club is already incorporated you should also adopt a conflict of interest policy. Details on how to do both may be found at
  • Establish a Charitable Foundation. As U.S. Quota clubs have been designated 501(c)(4) organizations by the IRS, Quota clubs may wish to set up a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation for your service activities. Details may be found at
  • Club President’s Guide. The Club President’s Guide addendum for U.S. clubs has been updated on-line with changes to the sections about incorporating and establishing a foundation. To view and print the new addendum, go to:*********************************


A 12-month Quota International calendar is published on Click the “Quota Calendar” link on the home page,


*January 31—Last day of grace period for payment of non-SPA club dues and Advance Convention Fee


*February 1—New member forms/payments due at QI Office

*February 4-6—Board of Directors Meeting; Washington, D.C., U.S.A.

*February 6—Founders Day: Quota International’s 92nd Birthday


*March—Quota Cares Month—Carry out your club’s special project!

*March—Next issue of the Leadership e-Alert mailed/e-mailed

*March 1—New member forms/payments due at QI Office

*March 15—Governance mailing sent to all voting delegates


*April—District Conferences and Quota Training Seminars begin

*April 1—New member forms/payments due at QI Office

*April 15—Postmark deadline for Quota Cares Month competition forms

*April 30 – Last day of Quota International 2010-2011 fiscal year


*District Conferences/Quota Training Seminars underway

*May 1—New member forms/payments due at QI

*May 15—All International election mail ballots must be received by this date to be counted. (The 2011 President-elect, Central Area, and East Area Director nominees are unopposed; therefore no election will be held for these positions.)


The LEADERSHIP e-ALERT is sent to all club presidents six times a year: January, March, May, September, October, and November. Board members, district leaders, past international presidents, and current Friends of Quota receive courtesy copies of all issues. At no time is e-mail information sold or loaned to other organizations. To delete, change, or add an e-mail address in this database, please contact To change an address if you are receiving this e-communication via mail, please report it to Kyle Edwards, QI 1420 21st Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20036.

The QUOTA LEADERSHIP e-ALERT is written by Christy Herz

Foundation and Convention Manager / / 202.331.9694.

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Turn it down!

Turn down the volume on your iPod while you read this:

One in five adolescents now suffers from hearing loss – a 30% jump from two decades ago. The loss is mild, but it means more teens are hearing only about as well as a typical 40- to 60- year old.

Playing music too loud is partly to blame, experts believe. To avoid damage to your hearing, keep these numbers in mind:

  • 60 You can listen all day if you keep the volume at 60% of the max.
  • 80 for 90 You can boost the volume to 80% for 90 minutes a day.
  • 100 If you want to crank up the volume as high as it’ll go, keep it short – just five minutes a day.

If your ears ring or “feel full” after listening, the volume was too high

taken from Reader’s Digest, November 2010

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more photos from Pat’s overseas adventure

Pat shared some more photos from her travels. She was thinking recently about what it must be like in the Philippines right now and wondered if maybe this could go in the blog to warm up our Quota Club members.

She went to visit her Quota friend, Evelyn in March. Not only did Evelyn show Pat around Leganes, which is the school that we have sent Club-to-club money to, but Evelyn even took Pat to a luncheon held by the Iloilo Club. It was great fun and the members were, of course, lovely.

Pat’s photos

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a big thank you

Hello Quotarians,

I want to take this opportunity to thank those that participated in our First Cool Cats Cooking Class.

Maureen and I acted as facilitators and were assisted by Chef’s Pat Cook, Pam Howland, Pam Goebel, Joe Bishop, Elaine Carr and  Emily and Bill Uebbing,

Our students from Shawnee Park School included, Amy, Anna, Nicole, Martel, C. J., Summer, and Grace.  The students worked in groups to make Chili, Chicken Noodle Soup, Irish Soda Bread, Cake Brownies and No Bake Chocolate Cookies.  All came through with flying colors.

We were also fortunate to have Cindy Cafmeyer the Cool Cats teacher in attendance.  She was such a wonderful help to us, and of course a great influence on the lives of the Cool Cats.

After preparing the food, we all gathered and had lunch, sampling all the wonderful things we had made.

Each student went home with an apron, a set of measuring spoons and cups as well as receiving a Certificate of Graduation.

We had such a good time, and hope to do it again, if the students are willing.

I need to add an additional thank you to Maureen Martin and Pam Howland for helping me in preparing for the class.

Kathleen E. Slagal,
Head Chef!!!

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Quota Quick Update

Devastating Floods are Impacting Queensland

You can help Quota members in Australia with relief efforts.

2011 has not started well in Queensland, Australia, with 50% of the state under water (an area the size of Germany and France combined) and many towns including the Quota city of Bundaberg, submerged and evacuated. The devastation is of epic proportions.

Quota’s own 34th District in central Queensland is taking the lead in relief efforts on behalf of Quota International. Quota clubs and members who would like to make a donation to help evacuated families in the flood areas may contribute no later than March 1. 100% of the donated funds will go to the relief effort (see donating instructions below). 34th District Governor Karen Binstead will consult with Quota clubs in Bundaberg and Gladstone as to how the funds should be best distributed to families in need in the communities of Bundaberg, Rockhampton, Emerald, and Theodore.

South Pacific Area Liaison Beris Pritchard, who lives in Queensland, wrote earlier this week about the flooding, “Bundaberg is the only city affected where we have a Quota club, and as far as I’m aware, only one club member had the lower level of her home submerged, but their business of storage sheds and transport trucks has been destroyed.”  Read much more detail from Beris about the overwhelming devastation on Click “Quota Headlines” under Quota Express,

To donate from outside the South Pacific Area, please send a check payable to We Share Foundation by March 1 to:

Quota International

1420 21st Street, NW

Washington DC  20036


100% of your donation will be forwarded to District 34 for direct flood relief.

South Pacific Area clubs and members should follow instructions for donating directly to the 34th District sent to SPA club presidents this week. All donations must be sent by March 1. Contact your club president or SPA Liaison Beris Pritchard at with questions.


Occasional QUOTA QUICK UPDATES are sent to members with e-mail addresses in the Quota International membership database. At no time is e-mail information sold or loaned to other organizations. To delete, change, or add an e-mail address in this database, please contact

This QUOTA QUICK UPDATE is written by Christy Herz / / 202.331.9694

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President’s Message – January 2011

Happy New Year!

Yes, it’s a little ways into the month, I was waiting to post until after the book fair. Hopefully we had lots of visitors to our website who saw that and did some shopping! I hope you were able to stop by either online or at Rivertown Mall on Saturday to support the fundraiser! We had a good crowd there in the late morning to watch the Cool Cats sing and dance. Don’t forget, you can still shop until the 13th! Continue to use our number 10337434.

With the new year under way, we have lots to look forward to in 2011. January 20th is our Annual Membership Renewal Meeting. If you have a guest to invite please contact Elaine for an invitation. Remember, if there are twenty-five guests present at the meeting (excluding the speaker), you will get to dye my hair any color you choose!! (Yes, it will be permanent!) The challenge was twenty-five total at the Membership meeting, or sixteen guests at the regular business meetings. You can still make that happen, we’ve had two guests, both from Peggy. Only fourteen more guests to bring to the February and March meetings. If every member invited someone, you would go far beyond that goal!!

Several Quotarians are going to be teaching the Cool Cats some hands-on cooking skills at Kath’s house Saturday, January 15th. This is the first attempt at something like this. We know it’s going to be huge success and we hope to be able to do it again.

In February our club will be hosting International President Gwenn Jackson on her Listening Tour. Maureen and Pat are in charge of this event but we will need everyone’s help to make it a success. Look for more information on how you can help or contact Maureen or Pat.

Last, but certainly not least, it is that time of year for a Nomination Committee to be formed to select the slate of Officers for the next term. We are in need of two volunteers who are willing to serve on this Committee. This is not a time consuming committee, the Officers have to be chosen by March 1st and then voted on at the March meeting. That means your time commitment is only through the month of March. Please consider joining this committee and being a part of Quota’s future. Contact Emily if you are interested.

2011 is off to a great start! Please continue to help make Quota successful this year.

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