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That’s usually how the new season starts off. Reminding us of what we forgot had happened on our favorite tv show.

After Convention, I would like to ask you if you remember what it’s like to have the Quota Enthusiasm? If you’ve been to Conference, an Area Meeting or a Quota International Convention; do you remember what it’s like to be refueled by the spirit? You get to see familiar faces and feel the energy created by fellow Quotarians. I know that in every organization, group, or program that I have been a part of; when there has been an annual training I have gone. It is the “pick-me-up”, my re-charge, my refueling, it’s what I need to be energized again!

We are an organization committed to Sharing. Let’s share Quota! The service we provide changes lives. We lighten the burden of others and we enrich and change our own lives.

“Believe in the Quota of tomorrow Be a part of the Solution Today” -Cynthia D’Amour

A lot of our general session was dedicated to a “Charge Into the Future” Leadership Training. We are an organization that is offering so much, we just need to find out what others are looking for! Here are a few examples as you talk to friends:

Find out what they are interested in. They aren’t going to care why you joined Quota, they want to know what’s in it for them.

  • Are they looking for Personal/Professional Development? We offer that when we have speakers
  • Are they looking to make a Difference? We do that through our fun service projects
  • Are they looking to meet new people/get out of the house/have fun? We do that with our fundraisers and our meetings, and we even set aside time for social gatherings.

If you want to know more about the Leadership Training, I will be publishing another post soon based solely on that topic.

Convention 2010 – Vancouver

Friday evening started off with the Silent Auction/Reception. Then we moved into the gorgeous Pacific Ballroom for the “Q-lympics” Opening Ceremonies. Each Area wore a different color, Central Area was dressed in purple. The flags were presented and we heard from Rosemary Hannie, 2009-2010 International President. We had some interesting entertainment from several PIP’s (Past International President’s) and then participated in the first ever “Quorrling” Championship. Think Curling, only with a Quota twist. Laundry baskets, brooms and pool noodles were involved.

Saturday morning came early with our General Session. We had all the usual rules of Convention presented (Collects and Objects, the Memorial Presentation, Credentials Reports, Convention Rules, the Program, and the Nominees), we heard from the two nominees for Treasurer. Laura Lee Lahman (Coral Springs-Parkland, Florida) and Maureen Taylor (Penticton, British Columbia). We also heard about the Friendship Clubs. President Elect, Gwen Jackson, gave a Development and Growth Presentation.  Our coffee break was sponsored by District 20 (Michigan, USA-that’s us!) After the coffee break we went back in and heard the Treasurer’s Report and the Executive Director’s Report. Our afternoon session was dedicated to our guest speaker and leadership trainer, Cynthia D’Amour of People Power Unlimited based in Ann Arbor, MI (you can visit her website by clicking here).

Sunday began with the International Officer Election. Then we moved into the General Session and dove right into the Bylaws. Five Bylaws were presented and all five passed. District 20 submitted the third proposed Bylaw.

Article XIV: Club Section 7A. Club Meetings

Reads at Present: 7a.     Regular Meetings. Each member club shall hold at least fifteen meetings during its fiscal year.

Proposed change: 7.     Club Meetings. Each member club shall hold sufficient meetings to conduct its official business.

I have the rationale if you would like to read it, please contact me (I’m not retyping all of that). This Bylaw change was passed unanimously and without discussion. Quota is moving forward!

We were encouraged to meet with our Friendship Club, and I had the pleasure of meeting Florence, from Opotiki, New Zealand, our Friendship Club. We enjoyed lunch together. If you would like to send our Friendship club a letter, let me know by the end of August and I’ll put a package together.

The afternoon session was again dedicated to our guest speaker and more leadership training. At the end of the day, we broke off into separate rooms and held Area Meetings.

Monday morning we were invited to Convention July 13th-16th, 2012 in Honolulu Hawaii. We all practiced our hula. While giving a workshop on Publicity, President Elect Gwen Jackson was interrupted by a rowdy group of women in costume. They were all wearing a decorated bra (over their clothes of course), and proved the point that publicity is very important. One of the Australian Clubs bought bras and held a decorating contest to help raise breast cancer awareness. After getting approval to hang the bras on a fence in a very prominent spot, the city then said the club needed special approval for signs. Dragging this out as long as they possibly could without breaking any laws, the Quotarians soon agreed to take down any signs, leaving the bras in place, all the while attracting lots of attention from the media, locally and internationally!! (Click here for the link to the article in the 2006 Quotarian, page 16, which just so happens to have a picture of our own Kath Slagal celebrating Q.I. G.R.’s 60 years!)

Along with the publicity workshop, we also had a workshop on the Generation Gaps. The explanations left me with several Aha! moments. You can look for those in my leadership blog. We ended the session with our Service-on-Site presentation, and the Club-to-Club Service presentation, which served a big impact on who we are globally and the difference we make in so many lives around the world. It was amazing and very touching. District 18 ended the session by singing the song that they sing at the end of each of their meetings. (It was simply called “District 18 Song”, I have a copy if anyone would like to see it, but don’t ask me to sing!)

That evening we held our installation Banquet , and President Rosemary Hannie was led to the PIP table, after installing President Gwen Jackson, President Elect Christine Tracey-Patte, and Treasurer Laura Lahman. Area Directors finishing their two year term are: Linda Morton Central Area Director, Kathleen Shermann East A. D., and Karen Murphy South Pacific A. D. Newly elected Directors were: Marie Dobson-Dunlop Canada A. D., Sheila Morris South A.D., and Vicki Conable West A. D.

Again, I have all reports, Bylaw changes, Awards, Service Project Reports, etc. If you would like to see any of these, please let me know. I am happy to share.

It was very exciting to be a part of a Quota that is moving forward.

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Protected: March Business Meeting Minutes – 2010

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Getting to Know… Pat

Pat recently returned from China! She has been a member of Quota for five years! She enjoys snacking on Muesli bars while watching her favorite movie, “Mostly Martha”.

Pat was asked if she has ever gone without food for 24 hours or more?  She never has.

The most useless gift she has ever received was…   ‘Evening in Paris’ perfume.

Pat was asked; which would be better? Having the ability to make valuable things with her hands or owning a merchant ship that travels the world?  Pat chose to have the ability. She wisely adds –a ship can sink.

What if her nose grew longer each time she lied?  She replied she can’t even imagine–gravity wouldn’t help!

Pat’s favorite language to hear spoken? She says Italian.

Thanks to Pat for sharing a little bit about herself! We welcome her back and hope to hear many fun stories about her two years abroad!

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Service Committee Update – July 2010

The Service Committee and Project Leaders met July 7, 2010 to coordinate projects and events for the year.  The following is a recap of the projects and their Leaders.

  • GROD Shawnee Park Courtyard Garden – Cathy Kaiser
  • Metro Health Hearing Kits – Jan Gauthier
  • Healthy Hearing Ear Plug Distribution – Sue Scharf
  • DHHS Coordinator – Maureen Martin
  • GROD Cool Cats – Emily Uebbing
  • Healthy Hearing Awareness Presentations – Sue Scharf
  • Quota Legacy Scholarship – Kath Slagal
  • Grant Program – Service Committee
  • Community Service – Service Committee
  • International – World Service – Service Committee

Ideas were given for each project and some dates were established for events that are already known.  Once the Project Leaders meet with their committees and organize each event, they will post final dates and details on the blog.

The Communications Committee will coordinate photo ops for certain events with Pam Howland assisting with taking photos when funds are disbursed under the grant program.

A new grant procedure is being implemented.  Submission deadline dates will be established and the Service Committee will review all requests on a quarterly basis and will respond after the quarterly meeting.  Maureen Martin will make everyone aware of the deadline dates.

As you can see, we have a lot of exciting service events happening this year and we are off to a great start!

Thank you all for your input and help!

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Protected: Final Minutes – May Meeting 2010

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to be continued…

President’s Message – July 2010

Summer is in full swing and our favorite tv shows have long been forgotten as they ended with their usual season finale drama. They hope to keep us in suspense for the summer; wondering, questioning, and waiting impatiently for the new season to start. That is what the big-wigs in tv hope for anyway. But how many of us soon forget as we get outside in the sunshine, spending time grilling, and enjoying all the other fun activities that summer brings?

Summer brings Quotarians the chance to relax and catch up. Business is set aside for a few months while we picnic with the Cool Cats and are welcomed at Joyce’s. This year it also brings the International Convention. I am looking forward to attending and representing our club. If you have any questions or information you would like me to bring back, please let me know by Thursday, July 1st. I will post a post-Convention update so be sure to check back to find out what exciting information I bring back.

For now, I hope you all enjoy the summer. Happy 4th of July!! (Celebrate for me – I hope there are some fireworks in Vancouver?!) Remember this, “Hard work spotlights the character of people: Some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, and some don’t turn up at all.” -Sam Ewing, radio announcer. And as the story goes,

to be continued…

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